Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 2 – The Kids Are Alright

Supernatural – Season 3 – Episode 2

The Kids are Alright (also known as the one with the creepy children)

The episode opens with a little girl getting dropped off with her mom, where she tells her that she doesn’t ever want to go back to her father’s house because he’s mean and there are monsters there.

Important Moments:

Back at Dad’s house, he’s working in the garage when the table saw turns on by itself. DON’T GO NEAR IT! But of course he goes and stares at it and when it goes on again he goes back and then he gets pushed backwards onto the table saw in one of the grosser deaths of the show.
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
Sam is on the phone with Bobby, still working on the translation for something for Dean’s situation.

Dean brings the table saw case to Sam, and when he questions it, Dean tells Sam that there is also Lisa in Indiana, and Sam relents.

Dean shows up at Lisa’s house and she is a bit taken aback to see him. She tells him that she’s having a party for her son, Ben, who is eight, making Dean wonder if the boy is his. Lisa later tells him that he’s not.

Katie’s mom tells Lisa that she’s worried about Katie and concerned that Katie isn’t really her daughter, as if she’s a clone or possessed or something. As Katie and her mom are leaving, Dean asks about it. Lisa tells him there has been a lot of bad luck in the neighborhood lately.

Ruby mentions something to Sam about their mom’s friends and when she realizes Sam really has no idea what she’s talking about, she tells him to look into it and then contact her.

Dean calls Sam and tells him there have been a lot of accidents in the neighborhood, people falling off ladders, that kind of thing.

Katie is staring at her mother, and then her reflection in the mirror shows her skin all disgusting.

Sam finds information about changelings, who can perfectly imitate children. There was one in all of the victim’s houses. The changelings feed on the back of their mother’s necks. After a few days, the mothers die. Dean wants to stop at Lisa’s to check on Ben, and he tries to get her to leave town. Ben comes to the door, too, and tells Lisa to make Dean go away. Dean then realizes that Ben has been taken and Lisa is with a changeling. Dean checks Ben’s window and realizes it isn’t blood on the windows, but red dirt from an empty house that is being built in the neighborhood.

Dean tells Lisa the truth after they bring Ben back and he says that’s why he never mentioned his job. She tells Dean that he’s welcome to stay if he wants to. He looks like he does want to, but he knows that he can’t.
Katie Cassidy, Ruby, Supernatural
The episode ends with Sam impersonating all kinds of officials on the phone to get information on their mom’s friends. Sam finds out that they’re all dead. He then contacts Ruby and demands to know who she is. Ruby reveals that she’s a demon. Sam then becomes distrustful, and Ruby says she wants to help him for her own reasons. Ruby also tells him that she can help him save Dean.

Best Moments:
Katie Cassidy, Ruby, Supernatural
Sam is working in a diner, when Ruby just suddenly shows up across from him at his table. They have a conversation that is really humorous as Sam tries to find out why Ruby is following him.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
Dean talks to Ben, and he’s good with kids. This has been evident in past episodes, but it’s interesting because you wouldn’t initially think of Dean as being good with kids. He tells Ben to beat up the kid that is picking on him. Then the camera cuts to Dean laughing. Lisa saw it, though, and comes over to yell at Ben. Dean and Ben both sit on the bench looking like scolded children. After Ben leaves with his mom, he runs back to give Dean a hug.

Action Moments:

Katie’s mom seems to be right about her. She freaks out and then locks herself in her bedroom. Katie starts knocking on the bedroom door, demanding to be let in. When she tells Katie to wait a minute, Katie starts banging on the door incredibly hard for a little girl.
Katie’s mom locks Katie in the car on a hill facing a river and then puts the car in neutral and gets out. The creepiest part is that Katie just looks at her as the car is going down the hill into the water, when she is old enough to climb out of the car. Oh, and when her mom gets home, Katie is already there, still asking for ice cream.

Sam and Dean go to the empty house to look for the missing kids. Dean finds them all locked in cages. The real estate agent comes up behind Sam and gets mad at him for trespassing. At the same time, Dean finds the actual real estate agent in one of the cages. Dean starts freeing all the kids but while Sam is getting the last one, the adult changeling attacks Sam.

Lisa realizes that the boy in her house isn’t Ben and she gets her keys to leave, but the other creepy kids are waiting right outside her front door.
Ben gets all the kids out of the basement while Sam and Dean are fighting with the changeling. Sam blow torches the adult changeling.

Funniest Moments:

Two women at Ben’s party are gossiping about Dean, ‘The Dean’, ‘Best night of my life, Dean’.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
Dean has a conversation with Ben and his resemblance to Dean personality-wise makes Dean wonder some more, and it’s also kind of hilarious.

Dean very smoothly, which is to say not, asks Lisa if Ben is his son.
Katie Cassidy, Ruby, Supernatural
Ruby’s conversation with Sam is funny. I love Ruby. She’s kind of kick-ass and has great one-liners.

Character Introduction:

This is the first episode with Lisa Braeden, Dean’s old sort of girlfriend.

Theme/Character Development:

This episode continues to build on the themes of Dean’s desire for a normal life and Sam’s desire to save Dean at any cost.

Notable Guest Stars:

Katie Cassidy is back as Ruby.

State of the Week:


This Week’s Episode – Top Character:

This week’s top character is Ben. He brought out a paternal side of Dean and he was pretty awesome in a tough situation while the brothers were fighting the changeling.

Best Lines:

“Hey, who’s that?” – Dean
“Nothing, just ordering pizza.” – Sam
“Dude, you do realize that you’re in a restaurant.” – Dean
“Yeah, oh yeah, I just felt like pizza.” – Sam
“Okay, Weirdy McWeirderson.” – Dean

“You’re not trying to ask me if he’s yours?” – Lisa
“No, of course not – he’s not, is he?” – Dean

“These are amazing. It’s like deep fried crack! Try some.” – Ruby

“Why are you following me?” – Sam
“I’m interested in you.” – Ruby
“Why?” – Sam
“Because you’re tall. I love a tall man. And then there’s the whole anti-Christ thing.” – Ruby

“Something is wrong with the kids in this town.” – Dean

“You’re a demon.” – Sam
“Don’t be such a racist.” – Ruby

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