The Chuck Project: A Chuck Social Network

ChuckI’m helping to get the word out about a new Chuck website/project. The members of the Chuck fanzine Chuckaholics are starting a new Chuck site, intended to be a social network of sorts for Chuck fans to gather and interact. Rather than describe it myself, here is the vision as presented by Chuckaholics:

For a lot of us Chuck is more than just a television show…..
Welcome to our new website for all things Chuck. The Chuck Project is intended to run as a place where all Chuck fans can gather, discuss, and share information about the show we all love. Here you can stream, post, blog, create, participate in forums, comment, and like. You can communicate with other Chuck fans real time and share photos, videos, and music. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

We have started an Indigogo fund raising campaign. Proceeds from this campaign will go toward keeping the Chuck Project website up and running. Unfortunately websites do cost money to maintain. We are not charging a subscription or membership fee for anyone to enjoy and use the website. We are hoping that any Chuck fans on the site will help us keep it running with a small donation. If participation is good we may even create our own domain and perhaps personal email address or more.

To donate, go to the Indiegogo fundraising site at Chuck Project Funding.


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