Kristen Bell Helps Fight Malaria With ‘This Bag Saves Lives’

Kristen Bell, This Bag Saves Lives

This Bag Saves Lives by fighting malaria.

Kristen Bell, a founding partner of the for profit company, This Bar Saves Lives, is promoting their latest life-saving product, This Bag Saves Lives. The company, which has a ‘give back to the community’ concept similar to the popular Toms Band, where as Toms gives a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair purchased, This Bar Saves Lives donates a packet of life-saving food to a child in need for every granola bar sold.

The company is adding on to it’s cause, offering a new product, This Bag Saves Lives. For each bag, made of recycled and sustainable material, the company sells, malaria treatment will be provided to someone in need.

“Malaria is simple to eradicate, but it’s a devastating disease if you don’t have access to medical treatment,” Bell explained, in an interview with BabyCenter. “I think we were put on this planet to take care of the little guy. Parenting gave me a new level of purpose. The company was founded around the same time I got pregnant. Whether it was my eyes were open wider or my mommy hormones kicked in or I stopped being as selfish as I was in my 20s, whatever the reason, I became aware that children around the world have needs that were not being met. Not to say that I wasn’t aware of it before. But it started to really affect me… When looking at some of the statistics, it was terrifying.”

However, getting everything into place to do it well took some time.

“We wanted to do the bag a lot sooner,” she said. “What we learned was that when creating a product, do it responsibly and ethically. That takes a long time. The ban on plastic bags in L.A. was last June. The idea came well before that but it was what set it into motion. We also wanted something that was cool. It has our label. You can feel good about what you are using. I like that it is a little loud! I like that it is red. When I carry it, it’s something to be proud of.”

Bell plans to expand more in the future.

“I am thinking very far ahead,” she said. “We are currently focusing on both the give back element and the product that we are selling as being a little more in the necessity category, which is food. The bag is not a necessity, but you need it to carry stuff. I am trying to strategize on the want of the American consumer. I buy things that I want, not just what I need. I have fun doing it. I’d love if there was the give back aspect to a necklace that I purchased or a fedora or a sweater that I found. It is going to take a while to develop those. They will definitely be in development, if I say anything about it. I would like an entire line of… this.”

coffee-620x356The company has celebrity fans that want her to expand as well. Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars, took to her Twitter account: “Dear @TheCoffeeBean I want to see @thisbar at your locations so with every bar your customers buy, a hungry child eats too. Who’s with me!”

As fans supported her request, she added, “Glad you want to help! Keep tweeting @TheCoffeeBean and if you want to checkout @thisbar order them online. Every bar helps!!”

UPDATE: Kristen Bell has joined Bellisario in her campaign to get This Bar Saves Lives into Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Bell posted her support on Twitter, writing, “I want @TheCoffeeBean to carrying @thisbar in their stores. Coffee AND a life saving treat? YES PLS. RT or tell @TheCoffeeBean if u agree.”

Actress Nia Vandals has also been photographed enjoying a This Bar. Sarah Hyland, who plays Haley Dunphy on Modern Family, tweeted Bell a photograph of herself holding granola bars, saying, “Look what I made crafty get!” The granola bars are also carried at the country store owned by Steve Carrell.

One of Bell’s co-founder’s is actor Ryan Devlin, who was on Veronica Mars with her.

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