Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 4 – Episode 6 – Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror

Chuck – Season 4 – Episode 6

Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror

The episode begins two weeks ago, in Volkoff Industries, where we see a doctor sneaking around. The doctor uses a toxin that is very Scarecrow in Batman, making the man exposes see things that seem like they’re out of a horror movie. It turns out he’s presenting the toxin to Mary Bartowski.

Important Moments/Plot Summary:
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski
The episode then picks up where the last episode left off, with Chuck getting the phone call from his mother. She tells him to meet her in Griffith Park, but to come alone and not tell anyone. Of course, he (smartly) told Sarah.

At the meeting, it turns out that Mary is deep undercover in Volkoff industries. When Sarah says there isn’t a record of her in the CIA database, Mary says that it was expunged. Sarah points out how convenient that is. Mary is there because of the toxin and wants Chuck to pose as an arms dealer so that the CIA gets the toxin. It also turns out that Mary knows about the Intersect. Mary tells Chuck to just tell General Beckman that he flashed on the arms dealer.
Chuck presents his mother’s plan to General Beckman who approves it. As soon as she hangs up, Casey says he smells a rat. Then Chuck tells him they found his mother. Casey is not convinced that she’s on their side.

As Chuck is leaving the Buy More, his mother pulls up and tells him to get in the car. When he won’t she forces him at gunpoint. As they are driving, she tells Chuck that she knew he was wearing a vest when she shot him. Volkoff was tapped into the feed and now he thinks that Charles Carmichael is dead.

Casey still doesn’t trust Mary Bartowski (understandably) and tells Sarah he knows someone who specializes in expunged documents. Sarah offers to back him up, but he says he’s got someone.

Casey gets the documents and Mary’s story checks out. Except for one tiny detail – Project Isis ended 20 years ago when Frost went rogue.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:
Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, Linda Hamilton
Sarah gets into position to watch the meeting between Chuck and his mom. Mary comes up behind her and pulls a gun on her. Sarah observes how good she is, and then drops her binocular to pull her own gun on Mary. Chuck then comes up and finds them both holding guns on each other. Mary isn’t happy that Chuck brought someone. He tells Mary that Sarah is his girlfriend and he’s entitled to have some mother issues.

Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck Bartowski, Sarah WalkerChuck goes to meet with the arms dealer. Sarah poses as the hostess. Right after the arms dealer shows up, Chuck’s mother walks up behind him and joins the meeting. She blows Chuck’s cover, and then shoots Chuck point blank in the chest. Luckily, he’s wearing a vest.

Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Robert EnglundSarah opens the device and it starts a timer. They have masks and get the doctor, who has no mask, to turn it off. He deactivates it and Sarah walks out of the room with both gas masks in her hand. The timer suddenly turns back on and counts down from 15 very fast and detonates, exposing Chuck. He hits the lockdown button so Sarah doesn’t get exposed and then starts freaking out. The doctor wants Chuck to get him out of there and says then he’ll give him the antidote, but when he says he’s going to kill Frost, Chuck locks them both in a different room.

The doctor takes Chuck into the Aisle of Terror that Jeff and Lester built. Even though the doctor had control of his fears, the images they put on the screen get through and terrify the doctor.

Casey and Sarah show up at the restaurant where Mary is supposed to meet Chuck and Ellie, and they kidnap Mary.

Best Moments:
Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker
When Sarah kidnaps Mary, she tells Chuck, “I’m protecting your blind spot,” the thing Chuck had asked her to do from the start.

Funniest/Most Awkward Moments:

When the CIA shows up for Chuck, he’s sitting in a storage unit next to the doctor, who is unconscious and has been injected with the chemical weapon.

Jeff and Lester have decorated the Buy More with a ‘fun house’ and they used a psychological program to upload images that can cause terror in people – old people, public showers, interspecies relations, and babies in costume.

One of the pictures that Jeff and Lester included was “man feet”.

Casey brings Morgan on his mission and Morgan thinks he’s there as a spy, but he’s really the bait. Casey was using him as a magnet for the bad guy.

Sad Moment:

Mary leaves again right before the agents show up. I hate that Chuck keeps believing everything she says. It doesn’t even matter if it’s true in the end, it’s cruel of Mary to do to Chuck. It would be better to never say anything kind at all.

Ellie, not to mention Chuck, is disappointed by their mother yet again, and as a result of all the lies.


This episode is really about the line Chuck said in the last episode, about Sarah, Ellie, Awesome, Morgan, and Casey being his family. Everyone in the episode is trying to protect their family from pain. Chuck wants so badly to get his mother back, but she isn’t the person Chuck thinks she is and it’s a continuous blind spot for him. In the same way that Chuck is trying to be there for Ellie while she is disappointed by their mother, Sarah is trying to be there for Chuck when he is disappointed by his mother. Even Casey is trying to protect everyone. In a twisted way, so is Mary.

Character Development:

Mary Bartowski is kind of crazy. She is far too back and forth in her personality, able to compartmentalize her emotions to the point of a sociopath.

Notable Guests Stars:

Linda Hamilton as Mary Bartowski.

Morgan Fairchild is back as Dr. Honey Woodcomb.

Robert Englund as Dr. Stanley Wheelwright

Overall Episode Rating:

This episode was really good. The plot flowed well, and it brought up new questions every time it answered them.

Three and a half/Four Stars

Best Lines:

“Ellie’s put out dessert. If you don’t come in soon, I’m going to eat yours and blame it on Morgan.” – Sarah

“You’re calling me old?” – Mary
“Not old, just slow.” – Sarah

“I don’t know how to say this exactly, but please don’t kill each other.” – Chuck

“I could stay at the W!” – Ellie

“My heart hurts.” – Chuck
“I know, I can’t believe your mom betrayed you like that.” – Sarah
“No, my heart actually hurts. She shot me in the heart area.” – Chuck

“Two fugitives and a dangerous weapon on the loose. Go team.” – Casey

“Mom, you hit one pothole and this ride gets very messy, very quick.” – Chuck

“Unsavory character, but I think he can get what we need.” – Casey

“Here, babies love dictionaries. Let’s see if they have an encyclopedia.” – Honey Woodcomb

“This is exactly why I don’t see scary movies and I stick mainly to the PG-13 region.” – Chuck

“I’m protecting your blind spot.” – Sarah

Behind the Scenes:

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