Anna Kendrick Covers Nylon

Anna KendrickAnna Kendrick, who stars in the new film Into the Woods, covers the February 2015 issue of Nylon, where she discusses how she became such a Twitter phenomenon.

On Twitter: “I don’t give a fuck. Twitter is only 140 characters. There’s really not that much I could reveal, then regret later. Of course, me being me, the tweets I want to take back are the ones that I think could’ve been punchier or more concise.

On her crush on Ryan Gosling: “Thank God I’ve never been in a room with him! I don’t feel embarrassed, though. I’m sure he has a sense of humor. But I’d probably feel like I’d have to address [the tweet], and I’d end up saying something to make it much, much worse.”
Anna Kendrick
On her type of guy: “The great torture from my teen years into my mid-20s was trying to get attention from guys who were not interested in me – like, at all. So I’m happy that now my type is a nice guy who likes me back.

On going through puberty: “I was a very late bloomer. I was the smallest in my class, always telling myself, ‘I’m never getting boobs!’ I remember being comforted by hearing that guys like small boobs and big boobs. They like any boobs! At the time I was like, ‘That is excellent news!'”
Anna Kendrick
On self-doubt: “I would really hate to be one of the three people in the fucking world who are actually well rounded, because then you can’t relate to anybody else’s inner shit.

Nylon is on newsstands now.

Anna Kendrick Covers Marie Claire

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Anna Kendrick


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