Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 4 – Episode 5 – Chuck Versus the Couch Lock

chuck-4x5Chuck – Season 4 – Episode 5

Chuck Versus the Couch Lock

The episode opens with a group doing something that looks possibly illegal, but then we see Casey is with them.

Important Moments/Plot Summary:
Casey being there doesn’t mean nothing illegal is going on, as one of the men, Packard, on Casey’s team points out that some of the gold would help them retire. The rest of his team turns on him, and then we are back in the Buy More. Casey was having a flashback.

Chuck is having no luck finding more information about his mother. Sarah then finds a photo of Casey’s old team, saying that they would have information on Volkoff. Chuck flashes and then sees that they used to work with Casey. Casey tells them that he had them court martialed and sent to Leavenworth, but they escaped.

Chuck suggests faking Casey’s death and staging a pretend funeral. Casey says they will come for his hand, as they need his fingerprints to get into the vault. They have all the details planned, so General Beckman approves the mission. That seemed almost too easy…

Then Beckman compliments Chuck on his ability to put Casey in harm’s way for the mission. She thinks it’s a compliment, but it makes Chuck worried that maybe the mission is too dangerous after all.
The drug being used to fake Casey’s death will make him appear dead, but that he will be very much awake.

Mackintosh is the first member of Casey’s old team to show up and he stabs him with an American flag pin, presumably to make sure he’s dead.
The second member of his old team shows up and puts a cigar out on his hand.

After all three team members show up at the funeral and kidnap Casey, the CIA finds his tracker on a cat. The team has brought Casey to some kind of warehouse where they are trying to figure out how to saw off his arm without damaging his hand.

The doorbell rings and they all leave. Casey is awake enough to get up. He takes out all three team members then dives head first out of the window, landing in a dumpster.

One of the members of Casey’s team walks into Casey’s house and says that they have his friends, meaning Chuck and Sarah, and that Casey has 24 hours to show up or he’ll have two more funerals to go to. The guy says Casey will know where to go.

Casey tells Morgan that they’re going to Iran, and since there’s no American presence, there will be no rescue.
Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker
Meanwhile, in Iran, Chuck and Sarah are chained up. Chuck asks if they’re going to kill them no matter what, he wants to know about one of Volkoff’s prisoners, Frost. Mackintosh tells him that Frost isn’t a prisoner, she’s their boss.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski
Chuck receives a phone call in the last scene, and it’s his mother.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:
Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker
The three-team members suddenly pull guns on all the CIA agents after the last team member shows up. They set off dynamite attached under Casey’s coffin and they escape with Casey.
Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker
Chuck and Sarah are in the warehouse where Casey was being held when they get the news that he’s been found, but then a beep goes off. Chuck has set off some sort of laser alarm. The alarm is attached to explosives. The alarm turns off, but Sarah didn’t disarm it. Suddenly, Mackintosh and Packard come up behind them with guns.
Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker
Casey and Morgan get a camera set up to see inside the area where Chuck and Sarah are being held. Casey tells Morgan to turn out the lights when he says the word security. They tell Casey to drop all his weapons, and when he says the word ‘security’, instead of the lights going off, the place starts filling up with water. Casey bluffs that there are special forces and Mackintosh just fires up the stairs, grazing Morgan, who then says that no one knows they’re there. Morgan then notices a wire and tells everyone to lift their feet as he shocks the bad guys, knocking himself unconscious in the process as he electrocutes himself as well.

Best Moments:

Morgan is delivering the eulogy for Casey and says a great word to describe Casey is forgiveness. Casey’s eye fly open in suspicion.

Casey’s vision goes blurry from the drugs so he can’t see his phone. He just dials the Nerd Herd. And Jeff answers.

Chuck decides he’s going to stop looking for his mother because he has a family already, and he endangered all the people who would never leave him to look for someone who already left.

Funniest/Most Awkward Moments:

Basically, Casey’s entire funeral is a funny moment.
Jeff and Lester pick Casey up from the dumpster and he’s just sitting in the back seat, immobile with sunglasses placed on his head.
Casey is on Morgan’s couch when Alex stops by. Morgan put a storm trooper helmet over Casey’s head.

Morgan calls Awesome for help with “Jeff” and his couch lock. Awesome tells Morgan to get “Jeff’s” heart rate up, so Morgan decides to anger him by telling him that he’s dating Alex. Casey’s eyes are pretty amazing.

Sad Moment:

The only people to show up for Casey’s funeral are the CIA agents.

Character Development:

I don’t know if it’s specifically character development, but the relationship between Casey and Morgan matures after Morgan acts bravely to save them in Iran.

Notable Guests Stars:
Eric Roberts guest stars as Packard
Zachary Levi
Joel David Moore, a real life friend of Zachary Levi, guest stars as Mackintosh

Overall Episode Rating:

On a four star scale, I give this episode three stars. I actually think I enjoyed it more on the first watch, but the parts with Casey’s funeral is so funny that I rated it a little higher. The episode does very little to forward much of the plot, with the exception of one sentence from a bad guy and then ending with a cliff-hanger when Chuck’s mom calls. The episode was mainly all just played for laughs, which is okay as long as it’s done well, which, for the most part, it was.

Three Stars

Best Lines:

“Be careful how you break the news. He might kill you accidentally.” – Chuck

“Where they escaped-” – Casey
“To the Los Angeles underground, where they survived as soldiers of fortune…” – Chuck

“I was the A-Team.” – Casey

“Do you find it kind of sad that the only people who showed up for Casey’s funeral are the agents that we planted here?” – Chuck

“Should we maybe move in before someone takes a blow torch to his face?” – Chuck

“Is he crying?” – Chuck

“Casey. Code red. I’ve been drugged. Don’t know how long I can stay conscious. Need extraction. In an alley, 4th and Hill. I’ll be in a dumpster.” – Casey
“Don’t worry, Casey. I know that dumpster.” – Jeff

“I told you, everyone needs to get their freak on sometime.” – Jeff
“What’s with the uniform, you think?” – Lester
“I’ve got one, too. Sometimes I like to feel official.” – Jeff

“Sarah, I’m kinda starting to think that my mom might be one of the bad guys.” – Chuck

“We’d be on a beach, earning 20 percent, unless we invested in real estate.” – Mackintosh

“I would have come unarmed, but I wasn’t sure what kind of security I’d run into. [pause]. I said, I would have come unarmed, but I wasn’t sure what kind of security I’d run into.” – Casey
“Yeah, we heard you the first time. We’re right here, pal.” – Packard

“We wake up in some of the best dumpsters in the city.” – Jeff

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Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker

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