Jessica Chastain Covers InStyle

Jessica ChastainJessica Chastain covers the January 2015 issue of InStyle, where she discusses her focus on acting as a profession and the roles available for women.

On being serious about acting: “My favorite thing in the world is acting, and I want to be seen as a professional. I don’t have a lifestyle website. I’m not interested in the fame of being a personality. Some people are, and they love it, and that’s great for them. But the whole anxiety I had in 2011 was about not wanting to be in a room and have everyone stop and look.”

On Tree of Life changing her life: “I knew the second Brad signed on it was a game changer for my career. Then I was just scared that I was going to get fired. It wasn’t until after a week of shooting that I started to relax.”
Jessica Chastain
On the effects of fame on her life: “I’m sure if Angelina Jolie were sitting here, it would be a very different experience [being in a restaurant]. Because you would have 30 people who are not paying attention to their breakfast companions and are instead staring at her, and that definitely is an extreme. That, for me, would be terrible.

On the roles available to women: “There were two kinds of roles for women. You’re either the girlfriend, incredibly beautiful but not much going on, or the victim, like the weird neighbor. It’s like the two ideas of women that are talked about: the slut or the wife. And that’s not so interesting… As an audience member, I go to the movies a lot and I want to see women portrayed like the ones I know — women who are really intelligent and strong and vulnerable.”

On receiving a scholarship sponsored by Robin Williams: “I always thought in some way I would have a chance to pay him back. It was a very strange thing to have never met him. I didn’t want to be stalkerish, but then you always question yourself: Did I do enough? I’m hoping there’s a way to continue his legacy and keep the scholarship going.”
Jessica Chastain
On dating: “I made sure when I started that I was known for my work, not for whom I was dating. Acting is all about being open to another person, and to date an actor, it just confuses it, because how do you even know if it’s real?”

On her sister, who suffered from depression: “It completely changed the person I am. A movie, Oscars, a dress, if someone thinks I’m stupid… I realized nothing is that important.”

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Jessica Chastain


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