Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 4 – Episode 1 – Chuck Versus the Anniversary

zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah WalkerZachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah WalkerChuck Season 4 – Episode 1

Chuck Versus the Anniversary

This episode hits a much lighter note after the very dark season three finale.

This episode opens with a flashback to Chuck’s mom reading him a bedtime story before going away on a trip. The episode then goes back to present day where Chuck is asking Morgan for help finding his mom.

Also, while this has no real importance, Chuck and Morgan mispronounce ‘Tangier’ throughout the episode. I wonder if that is the script or the actors?

Important Moments/Plot Summary:

Chuck doesn’t want to tell Sarah or Casey about his search for his mother because he’s concerned they will try to stop him.

Sarah and Casey leave on an official spy mission, while Chuck and Morgan leave for their unofficial spy mission. They really travel to quite a few places until they end up in a secret office back in Los Angeles. According to Chuck, it was his mother’s safe house, where she got all of her spy missions when he was a kid. Unfortunately, the safe is empty and all they find is an old Chinese take out menu. The camera pans up and we see a camera in the ceiling. Someone is watching him and we see that it’s…Chuck’s mom!
Sarah Walker, Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck
Meanwhile, Sarah and Casey are on a mission in Hong Kong where the man they are after uses an EMP and shuts down the power in the entire city. Sarah punches him, though, and they get what they came for.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Olivia Munn
When Chuck can’t get a job, Morgan says there’s always the Buy More. Apparently, it’s already been rebuilt. Chuck goes in to talk to the store manager who is facing away from him. They turn around and the store manager is…General Beckman, wearing a Buy More nametag that reads ‘Diane’. She says that he still works there, probably explaining all of his weird interview experiences.

General Beckman then gives Chuck a tour of the new Buy More, complete with a red button to go to DEFCON One. The store is now a complete CIA facility with access to pretty much anything they would ever need access to.

When Chuck lands in Castle, Casey makes him look at their mission materials so he will flash, which he does.
Chuck Bartowski, Zachary Levi
Chuck and Morgan go to the lot where the repo man took the car to get it back. The repo man shoots at them. They tell him they only want a menu. He is a little confused but then asks if it’s a good place and demands the menu so Chuck and Morgan run away.

Back in the safe house, they are looking at the menu and Morgan says he’s never heard of some of the foods. Chuck asks which ones, and when Morgan says Shimera, Chuck flashes. It’s a navigation system for spies. Chuck realizes it’s a menu for ordering weapons, not Chinese food. They decide to call the number. A disguised voice answers. They are part of Volkoff Industries.
Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Chuck
While Sarah and Casey are flying for their next mission, gas is released that knocks them out. They wake up tied to chairs in Russia.

Chuck flashes on the plans for the building, which is a former KGB facility. Chuck says he knows where the server is and suggests they just run really fast. They end up in a really old computer lab from the 60s, where Morgan pulls an EMP out of the closet.
To get ‘Chuck’ to stop sexting, Sarah texts him that they’re in Volkoff SB4. Morgan then realizes that she wasn’t really sexting and tells Chuck that she’s in trouble. Chuck says they will save them.

The Russian bad guys pull guns on Casey and Sarah and say they are going to shoot them, but it’s a feint. They tell Sarah and Casey that they aren’t the two agents they’re looking for. In the past six months, two agents have gotten closer to Volkoff Enterprises than any other spy. He describes them as ghosts that expertly use public transportation to avoid being tracked. He then shows them pictures of Chuck and Morgan and asks, “Who are these master spies?” Sarah and Casey both reply, “No idea.”

Chuck asks Sarah and Casey to help him look for his mother and they agree. Sarah points out that he will have to rejoin the agency. They all agree not to tell General Beckman.

Sarah gives Chuck the information she found in the CIA database, which shows that she was captured and didn’t just leave.
Linda Hamilton, Chuck
The Russian bad guy tells Chuck’s mom that her family is looking for her. She asks him if he told Volkoff and he says no. She says that’s good and then kicks ass, taking out all the bad guys. In heels.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Sarah and Casey parachute off a skyscraper in Hong Kong.

One of the guards is looking at Sarah’s selfie and smirking so she kicks him and knocks him out, then tries to get the phone with her foot.

When they are all in the retro computer lab, the Russians tell them the security system is on and they will die. Chuck decides to let the file he was downloading go because it isn’t worth any of them dying. He sets off the EMP and kills all the power in the building. Then the screen goes black, only to be lit up by gunfire as Casey has way too much fun shooting a Russian rifle at the Russians, and we see Chuck and Morgan crouched under a desk.

Most Disturbing Moment:
Chuck Bartowski, Zachary Levi
Morgan tells Chuck about sexting. Someone make him stop talking.

Best Moments:
The old-fashioned 60s-type sequence where Chuck and Morgan travel the world.

Chuck and Morgan get caught and are held at gunpoint. The Russian bad guy holding Sarah and Casey tells the other bad guys to kill Chuck and Morgan and they just hear gun shots so Sarah and Casey think Chuck and Morgan are dead. The look on Casey’s face is amazing, and his reaction is just so Casey. The Russians are then ordered to kill Sarah and Casey but Chuck says something on the phone. He tells them ten men weren’t enough and sounds very intimidating. Casey tells the Russians they should run, which they do, trying to meet Chuck, guns drawn, but it’s too late and he’s gone.
Sarah Walker, Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck
“Where’s the getaway car?” Good question, Sarah. The picture of them all cramped on a public bus is priceless.

Ellie tells Chuck that she’s pregnant. She tells him how happy she is and he can’t bring himself to tell her that he’s a spy again.

Funniest/Most Awkward Moments:

The episode has a slow motion moment of Sarah applying lipstick right after Chuck says tells Morgan they aren’t in the opening of a T.V. show. Then Chuck comes into the room holding a gun like it was a missing book or something, asking Sarah if it’s the one she lost.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski
A repo man shows up to take their car.

Chuck goes for an interview and there is a montage of the weird things that have happened at every interview he’s been on throughout the day, including one interviewer who falls asleep, another who gets sick, and one who just leaves. Then the current interviewer is about to offer Chuck a job when the phone rings. When he gets off the phone, he suddenly says the job is filled.

Sarah tells Chuck that he doesn’t have to be a spy and he tells her that he just turned down General Beckman when she offered him a position. Sarah asks him how she took it and at that moment the floor opens and Chuck goes flying down a chute and lands in Castle. Yes, General Beckman was definitely responsible for the interview disasters.

Sarah tells Chuck they need to talk and that it might be awkward. She wants to ask about the picture. Chuck is confused. Sarah shows him the photo Morgan took of him earlier. Morgan wrote, ‘U LIKE?” with it.
Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Chuck
The montage of Sarah taking ‘sexy’ selfies. That is all.
Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Chuck
Sarah texts Chuck for help but he has Morgan get his phone. It’s Sarah and Morgan thinks she is sexting, so he keeps answering her texts as if that were the case and Sarah keeps getting really annoyed, especially when Morgan thinks SOS means ‘skin on skin’.

Notable Guests Stars:

Linda Hamilton as Mary Bartowski.

Olivia Munn as a CIA agent Greata.

Music Moment:

“Howlin’ For You” by the Black Keys plays while Sarah is taking her selfies on the plane.

Best Lines:

“Buddy, this is not the opening of a T.V. show. This is real life.” – Chuck

“Hey, Sarah, honey, is this the gun you were looking for.” – Chuck

“Ugh, I’m gonna be sick.” – Casey

“I know, Casey. You miss him, too.” – Sarah

“After the success of Operation Bartowski, the president made you a priority.” – General Beckman

“You’re out when I say you’re out.” – General Beckman

“You’re back. Discussion over and don’t think you’re going to find another job.” – General Beckman

“This is the mission that just won’t end.” – Sarah

“I like good Chinese. Hand it over.” – Repo Man

“Damn you! I love dumplings.” – Repo Man

“An offshoot of the Ring. The new Ring.” – Chuck

“Where are we?” – Sarah
“Desolation, frostbite. It must be Russia.” – Casey

“I’ve never run so fast in so many layers before.” – Morgan

“I’m gonna tear you limb from limb from limb.” – Casey

“Cut me free. I’ve got some Russians to kill.” – Casey

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