White Collar Wraps

Pictures From the last week of filming posted by the cast on Twitter, as well as a bunch of celebratory throwbacks.

Willie Garson posted a photo of himself and Matt Bomer on their last day of filming together on White Collar.

Last day picture of the crew
White Collar

The last day of Willie Garson & crew

Last scene with Willie Garson & Tim DeKay
White Collar

Last scene with Willie Garson & Tiffani Thiessen
White Collar

Willie Garson & Jeff Eastin
White Collar

Last scene in Neal’s apartment
White Collar

Marsha Thomason posted some links on her Instagram
White Collar

White Collar cast
White Collar

Another cast photo
White Collar

And another one
White Collar, Matt Bomer

Ross McCall posted a photo from the set
White Collar, Matt Bomer

As did Jeff King
White Collar, Matt Bomer

The Last Scene
White Collar, Matt Bomer

A photo from the Wrap party
White Collar, Matt Bomer

The season 6 cast wall, posted by Jeff King
White Collar

“Saying goodbye to White Collar – and Neal and Peter – after six successful seasons is incredibly difficult, but I couldn’t be prouder of what our entire team has accomplished over the last six years,” show creator Jeff Eastin said in a statement. “I’m grateful to FTVS and USA for giving the show a great home.”

USA Network president Chris McCumber added, “From its inception, White Collar captured a massive and loyal following, in large part due to the incredible on-screen chemistry between Matt and Tim, who deserve credit for one of the most brilliantly performed ‘bromances’ in all of television. The series also benefited from smart writing and an extraordinarily talented supporting cast, who helped it become a fan favorite crime drama for five straight years.”

Previous Matt Monday

White Collar Countdown

White Collar Countdown

Holiday Gifts For Matt Bomer & White Collar Fans

Holiday Gifts For Fans

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Matt Bomer, Neal Caffrey, White Collar


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