Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 19 – Chuck Versus the Ring Part II

Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah WalkerChuck

Chuck Versus the Subway and Chuck Versus the Ring, Part II – Season 3 – Episode 19

This episode wraps up a lot while opening up an entirely new set of questions. It’s a favorite and it ends with the Buy More exploding!

Important Moments/Plot Summary:

Picking up where the last episode left off, Shaw opens the door to the van and tells them to uncuff themselves so that it will look like they are trying to escape when he kills them.
Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Chuck
After they all escape with the help of Awesome and Morgan, they are trying to figure out what to do. Chuck says they should be smart and do what Stephen would have done and disappear. Everyone is in agreement except for Ellie, who gets really upset and freaks out, refusing to live off the grid.

Ellie makes Chuck promise that he will quit being a spy after they get Shaw. Then Ellie, Awesome and Alex are sent off grid while Chuck, Sarah, Casey, and Morgan work to stop Shaw.

Back at Castle, Chuck manages to find General Beckman electronically and open a communication channel. She tells them that there is going to be a secret spy meeting and Shaw’s plan was to discredit her and take her place, basically, a coup d’état where the Ring would take over the C.I.A. General Beckman tells Chuck that the five elders will be there. He flashes on a bunch of Ring agents we’ve met in previous episodes and then has another staticky headache from the effects of the Intersect on his brain.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker
Chuck and Sarah go to the event disguised as members of the Russian delegation. (Why does Sarah just have a wig while Chuck has a full-on disguise?)

After Sarah continues the mission without Chuck due to his Intersect setback, he calls Shaw on the phone from Shaw’s room to get him off the stage.

Later, Shaw walks into the Buy More and puts explosives around the store. He calls Sarah and says he will blow up the store unless she brings him Chuck.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski
In the last scene, Chuck gets a secret message from his father that sends him to the house he grew up in, where Stephen has a large underground secure room with information on everything about something (we don’t know what that something is yet).

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:
Awesome and Morgan are arguing about having a plan and Morgan sarcastically says he will just pull the spy manual out of the glove box. Then they realize they’re in Casey’s car and both realize, “Glove box!” at the same time. They open it and find a gun. Awesome then hits a button. He doesn’t know what he did and Morgan hits another button to try to unhit the first button. It causes a small missile to lock on a target and then it shoots and hits the van that Chuck, Sarah, and Casey are being held in.

Chuck sees Shaw waking up and flashes on how to fight him, but it goes all staticky and he gets a sudden headache. Sarah ushers him into the car and they drive away as Shaw starts shooting at them.
Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski
Chuck runs into Justin in the hall and flashes and then beats him with his cane. The flash effects knock him over and Sarah finishes the job.

Chuck Bartowski, Zachary Levi, Brandon Routh, ShawSarah tells Shaw that Chuck isn’t coming because he’s incapacitated from the Intersect, but just then Chuck walks in, looking fine. He flashes before fighting Shaw and it’s clear he really isn’t fine. Chuck is almost unconscious and has a flashback to when he was a child and he accidentally uploaded an early version of the Intersect into his head. He has actually been an Intersect all along, even before Bryce e-mailed it to him. Chuck gets back up and beats Shaw but won’t kill him. Sarah comes up behind Shaw and hits him over the head with a metal pole, hard, and knocks him unconscious. She then gets the Governor and gives it back to Chuck.

CIA agents are all over the Buy More, looking for the detonator Shaw had set up previously. Morgan finds it and picks it up, but then drops it, setting it off with 12 seconds on the timer, causing everyone to have to run out of the Buy More before it explodes. No more Buy More.

Saddest Moment:

The flash Chuck has when he wants the Governor back from Shaw causes him so much pain that he’s laying on the floor and just says to Sarah, “Help me.”

Best Moments:
Chuck Bartowski
The moment when Chuck and Ellie are reunited and have a big hug. They then have a conversation about their relationship where Chuck tells Ellie that their father wasn’t crazy.

After Chuck has another headache from the flash, he tells Sarah the full problems he’s suffering from the Intersect.

Chuck tricks Shaw into confessing on camera.

ChuckCasey gives Alex the most awkward hug ever and it’s fantastic.

Funniest/Most Awkward Moments:

Casey finds Alex’s phone number on Morgan and is not happy about it.

Morgan calls Casey with his touch screen phone and has to use his face to dial. Casey asks Morgan if he’s near a fire alarm and upon finding out that he’s tied to a chair, Casey orders Morgan to break his thumbs.

Notable Guests Stars:

Scott Bakula is back as Stephen Bartowski.

Brandon Routh is back as Daniel Shaw.

Best Lines:

“There’s nothing broken in this whole world that the two of you can’t fix if you work together.” – Stephen

“We are regular people, we live on planet Earth and my father was murdered today.” – Ellie

“Yeah, well you can thank my very convincing facial hair.” – Chuck

“I’m sorry, are you asking me to make the classic villain mistake of explaining my dastardly plot to you? You know what? I’d love to.” – Chuck

“Ring captured. That’s another check on my to-do list.” – Chuck

“Do it. Break your thumbs!” – Casey

“Sorry, I just had to reboot.” – Chuck

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