Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 18 – Chuck Versus the Subway

Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, Yvonne Strahovski, Scott BakulaChuck

Chuck Versus the Subway – Season 3 – Episode 18

This episode is incredibly sad and is also Chuck at its best. It also has a bit of a Star Wars theme running throughout. Casey is Darth Vader, telling Alex he is her father, Morgan is Luke Skywalker, as Beckman tells him that he is their only hope. Stephen is Obi Wan, Chuck is Hans Solo and Sarah is Princess Leia, held by Shaw, which I guess makes him Jabba the Hut? I might not have thought this comparison through enough…

The episode opens with Chuck hovering over Stephen in Castle as Stephen works on building a governor for Chuck to control the effects of the Intersect on his brain.

Important Moments/Plot Summary:

Stephen tells Chuck that to protect his family and loved ones, there may come a time when Chuck needs to run. Chuck is basically horrified at the suggestion.

Awesome shows up at the Buy More. He’s worried because Ellie didn’t come home the night before. When Morgan tells him that Ellie is seeing someone else, Awesome doesn’t believe him, but Morgan plays the recording for him. Awesome is in shock and tries to call Ellie.

We then cut to Ellie still in the Ring office. She tells Justin that she wants to call her husband and he tells her that there is no signal in the office for security.

Casey is at the diner, where Alex, his daughter, works as a waitress and when she brings his order, we learn that Casey goes there every morning and orders the same thing.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski
Chuck and Sarah are at the farmer’s market when Chuck flashes on a voice that the Intersect identifies as Shaw. He looks frantically for him and sees a man with the right profile going down the subway stairs. He chases him and when he doesn’t see him, Chuck thinks he must be going crazy. Right then, Shaw knocks on the window from inside the subway to get his attention and then waves as the subway drives away.
Brandon Routh, Chuck
Chuck, Sarah and Casey go after Shaw, entering the Ring building where Ellie is. Chuck accidentally sets off an alarm. Casey and Sarah meet up and Casey says the upstairs floor was empty and something is wrong. Sarah then spots a government scanner on the wall. Sarah puts her hand on the scanner and is admitted. Realizing they are in a CIA building, not a Ring building, they go to find Chuck.

After bursting into the committee room where Beckman is testifying in regard to the Intersect project, Chuck is put into a room. Beckman comes in to talk to him and tells him that Ellie has been escorted home and that the committee is determining whether the Intersect is a liability.
Brandon Routh, Daniel Shaw, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Chuck
The committee determines that the Intersect is a dangerous liability. Chuck asks for evidence and wants to know who said that and Shaw walks in. Chuck and Sarah bring up all the things that he has done and Shaw says they are all true except for him trying to kill Sarah. He said that was part of a sanctioned action by the committee where he was acting as a double agent. He then says that Chuck is an American hero and that it isn’t his fault that his brain is deteriorating, and he then proceeds to read the doctor’s report aloud to the room, including Sarah, who now knows that Chuck lied about being fine. Shaw recommends that the Intersect program be aborted. General Beckman insists on going over the teams successful missions before a decision is made. As she is doing that, a picture on the screen makes Shaw flash. Chuck notices it and realizes that Shaw has an Intersect.

Casey realizes they have walked into a trap. Sarah wants to call Washington and tell them what’s going on, but Casey points out that most of Washington is in the committee room. The Ring has infiltrated the CIA. Casey wants to run to protect Alex, but Sarah won’t leave Chuck behind.
Ellie Bartowski, Sarah Lancaster, Chuck
Ellie gets home and Awesome is freaking out after Ellie tells him that she has a huge secret. When she tells him that Chuck is with the CIA, he is so relieved that she isn’t cheating on him and that she finally knows the truth that he accidentally says that Chuck has been with the CIA for years.

Casey goes to the diner to check on Alex, but Justin has apparently followed him and pulls a gun on him. Alex mistakes him for Casey’s friend and offers to seat them, oblivious.

While Chuck is lying in his holding cell, the door just opens. As Chuck leaves, there is a message to follow him on the screen from Stephen followed by blinking lights. Sarah then finds him and follows after him.

Awesome brings Ellie to talk to Morgan to find out more information. Ellie tells them what Justin said about Casey being a double agent.

Sarah is brought to talk to Shaw by the CIA, where he admits that he tried to kill her and Shaw says it’s his word against hers. Sarah says Chuck saw what happened and Shaw says Chuck has become an unreliable witness.

Chuck goes to Ellie to get her help in finding out about Justin and Shaw and the Ring. Ellie says that Justin would leave through the subway door, the same place where Chuck saw Shaw go earlier in the episode. They go down and Chuck flashes on an electrical panel. It was manufactured by a company that’s a Ring subsidiary. It turns out to be a fake wall.

Alex walks into the Buy More and asks Lester to see Casey’s locker. Morgan overhears the conversation and asks Alex who she works for. Morgan thinks that Alex works for a government agency. Alex just pours out the entire story. Morgan then takes her to John’s locker. They find a ton of money in the locker. Awesome then walks in and tells Morgan they have to talk.

Sarah Walker, Yvonne Strahovski, ChuckWe next see Chuck being escorted into a van where Sarah and Casey are already being held. The heartbroken look on Chuck’s face says it all and they realize Stephen is dead. Shaw shuts the door and says they will be brought to a detention facility where they won’t see the light of day for some time.

Chuck says there’s no one left to save them now. The camera then cuts to Ellie, who is following them. She’s telling Awesome that she sees them and they are ready to implement whatever their plan is. It fades to black to be continued in the next episode.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Chuck finds the room where Ellie is and Justin comes out and they start fighting. Ellie comes out of the room and sees Chuck. Both of them are shocked to see the other. Ellie tells Chuck that they are there for their own protection. Justin then runs, with Chuck in pursuit. The camera cuts back to General Beckman praising Chuck as Justin opens the door to the room where she’s testifying and runs in, Chuck right behind him, who then tackles him to the floor.
John Casey, Chuck
Casey hits Justin, knocks him over and punches him. Then he picks Alex up and puts her over his shoulder. Not knowing anything about what’s going on, she is understandably freaked out. He puts her in his car and then drives away.

Sarah catches up to Chuck right as Stephen pulls up in his car. Sarah tells Chuck to stay or they will put a burn notice out on him and he will never be able to stop running. Stephen tells him he has to leave to protect Sarah, so of course, Chuck chooses Sarah and kisses her and then leaves with his father.

Sarah Walker, Yvonne Strahovski, Brandon Routh, Daniel Shaw, ChuckAfter being baited by Shaw, Sarah pulls a gun on him. Shaw then says, “I knew you’d bite.” The door opens and CIA agents are there. Shaw tells them that Sarah has gone rogue. Sarah drops her gun and when Shaw bends down to pick it up, she hits him hard in the head, knocking him onto the floor.

Stephen gives Chuck a governor, which will activate immediately. Chuck then gets a call from Morgan who tells Chuck that Shaw has Sarah and Casey has been arrested. Chuck wants to go back but Stephen thinks it’s just a trap to get Chuck. Knowing how all this ends makes Chuck choice here heartbreaking.

Saddest Moment:
Scott Bakula, Chuck
Chuck and Stephen infiltrate the Ring base, where Shaw and Justin meet them with guns. Shaw has Justin take Chuck’s governor away at gunpoint. Chuck then challenges Shaw, who agrees they are equals. Shaw says that there is one difference, which is that Chuck can’t function when he is emotional. Chuck says he’s calm, so Shaw shoots Stephen in the chest. When he hits the ground, the glass on his governor watch shatters symbolically. Stephen tells Chuck to always remember he’s special, and then he dies. The camera pans back and we see that Ellie followed Shaw and Justin in and she witnessed the entire thing. In addition to the sadness overall, there has to be feelings of guilt because if she hadn’t been fooled by Justin, they never would have ended up in that position. So, so sad, and Chuck’s crying face…

Best Moments:

General Beckman is testifying in defense of Chuck, Sarah and Casey as a team on the Intersect project.

Sarah won’t leave Chuck behind and as Casey leaves, he wishes her good luck, calling her Sarah instead of Agent Walker.

Casey gives Alex a key to his locker at the Buy More. She tells him she’ll talk to him if he lets her get out of the car. He agrees and she immediately runs. He tells her that he’s her father, which gets her to pause and listen to him. He tells her his real name and that she was named after him. CIA agents are approaching so Casey tells Alex to find her mom and disappear. She runs before the CIA gets there.
Sarah Walker, Yvonne Strahovski, John Casey, Adam Baldwin, Brandon Routh
Justin tells Shaw that Bartowski has infiltrated the base, which Shaw was expecting. Then Justin tells him that he means the other base, the Ring base, which upsets Shaw. The smile on Sarah’s face is awesome.

Casey’s comments about Chuck when he finds out that he’s in the building. That is all.

Funniest/Most Awkward Moments:

Awesome is at the Buy More getting drunk with Jeff.

The ickiest, most awkward moment is when Shaw walks by Sarah and touches her shoulder.

Shaw acts as if Chuck is crazy when he says that Shaw is an Intersect. To prove it, he then does what his father did to him and throws an envelope opener at Shaw, expecting him to catch it. Unfortunately, Shaw doesn’t and it stabs him in the chest, furthering Shaw’s point that Chuck is dangerous and crazy.
Morgan goes down to Castle to talk to General Beckman who is frantically shredding documents while men can be audibly heard outside her door, trying to break in. Beckman tells Morgan that Casey has been apprehended, Sarah has been detained and Chuck is a wanted man. Agents then take Beckman away as the screen turns to static.

Casey has a photo of Ronald Reagan hanging up in his locker.

Ultimate Asshole Moment:

Shaw shoots Stephen for no other reason than to basically cheat and throw Chuck off so he can win in a fight.

Notable Guests Stars:

Scott Bakula is back as Stephen Bartowski.

Brandon Routh is back as Daniel Shaw.

Music Moment:

“Don’t Give Up on Us Now” by Menew

Best Lines:

“Do you think my wife is unfaithful to me because I’m not satisfying her?” – Awesome

“Everything I care about is inside this building.” – Sarah

“An actual, legitimate answer exists as to why my father has been missing my entire life and you didn’t think to ask that question.” – Ellie
“Correct.” – Awesome

“As much as it pains me to admit, you are our only hope.” – General Beckman

“It takes just as long to say that as it does to tell me what the hell is going on!” – Ellie (Thank you from every TV viewer who has ever thought this about any show!)

“It’s the last time I’m going to walk away from you.” – Stephen (crying)

“Don’t know when it happened, but our boy became a man. Bartowski’s a spy. You picked a good one, Walker. Finally.” – Casey

“I don’t need a watch to beat you, Shaw.” – Chuck

“Don’t you want to know how your Intersect stacks up against mine?” – Chuck

“You’re special, son. Always remember, you’re special.” – Stephen

“I promise you this, if John Casey said he’s your father, then it’s the truth. I trust that man with my life. You have nothing to be afraid of, not if he’s your father.” – Morgan

“Don’t worry, buddy. We’ll get Shaw.” – Casey

R.I.P. Stephen Bartowski

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