Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 17 – Chuck Versus the Living Dead

Scott Bakula, Stephen Bartowski, Chuck Bartowski, Zachary LeviChuck

Season 3 – Episode 17 – Chuck Versus the Living Dead

The episode opens with Stephen in a remote cabin where he’s living. He reads the newspaper and sees a classified ad from Ellie conveying a coded message.

Important Moments/Plot Summary:

Ellie calls Justin and tells him they need to meet.

Chuck tells Morgan about his dream about Shaw and they are concerned that Shaw may really still be alive. Morgan goes to Castle to hide.

Stephen walks into the Buy More and Chuck wants to make sure that he doesn’t know that Chuck is still the Intersect after Stephen worked so hard to get it out of his head.

Justin takes Ellie into a ‘CIA’ building to discuss her father. Justin tells Ellie that as soon as her father tells her where he lives they can protect him. He then gives Ellie a speaker that will block all of Casey’s observational devices.

Sarah thinks Chuck’s dream could be important, but Casey wants to get some sort of confirmation before they go to Beckman as none of Shaw’s known aliases have been used since Paris. He suggests using Sarah’s knowledge of Shaw.

Ellie walks into her apartment to find Stephen there. She gets a call from Justin and makes an excuse to leave. After they’re alone, Stephen, who is clearly not an idiot, asks Chuck again if he’s a spy. He points out that Casey works at the Buy More, Chuck lives with Sarah, Chuck’s computer is still plugged into the CIA and there is an active surveillance wire behind the TV. Chuck says he works occasionally as an analyst and his plans with Sarah aren’t a mission, but just a night out with his girlfriend…

Casey listens to Ellie’s message to Justin, which comes across as if she’s having an affair.

Back at Castle, Stephen sees Shaw’s lock box, the equivalent of a spy’s last will and testament. Stephen still isn’t buying that Chuck only does deskwork. They figure the information in the lockbox is what Justin was after.

After finding out that Chuck has the Intersect again, Stephen tells Chuck that the Intersect can have a negative impact on the brain. Chuck gets upset and tells Stephen that since he trained Chuck and Ellie to live on their own, that’s what he was doing. Stephen suddenly says he has to leave. On the way out, he says goodbye to Ellie. After he’s gone, Ellie calls Justin and tells him she planted the tracer, thinking she was protecting her father. Uh-oh…

Sarah gives Chuck his Dad’s address, but Stephen has already been alerted to a perimeter breach from Ring agents. He is busy working on something when he receives the alert.

Morgan tells Casey about his conversation with Awesome and says if there is a problem, it’s on Ellie’s side, so Casey breaks into the apartment when no one is supposed to be home. At the same time, Ellie has told everyone that she’s at work so she could meet with Justin at her house in secret. Ellie hears something and realizes someone is in the house. Justin tells her where to find a gun. Ellie hides and when she sees Casey, she attacks him with a frying pan. She runs outside where Justin has just arrived. Justin then takes her to the Ring office, which she thinks is a CIA building and locks her in.
Brandon Routh, Daniel Shaw, Chuck
The episode ends with a man uploading the Intersect and the computer screen shows that it’s Daniel Shaw.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

…Cut to Sarah and Chuck climbing the side of the building where Shaw’s penthouse is located with some sort of suction looking equipment. They find the safe, but before they have a chance to figure out the password, Shaw comes home. They hide in the closet, but Chuck’s sneaker squeaks. It looks like Shaw doesn’t think much of it, but then he suddenly turns around and fires a few shots into the closet where Chuck and Sarah are hiding and runs. Chuck and Sarah run out of the closet and pursue Shaw down the stairs. They reach a rooftop where Shaw jumps to another building but drops his gun and briefcase as he does. Sarah goes to retrieve the briefcase while Chuck uses the Intersect to jump over the building after Shaw. He is hanging by a pipe that runs along the building when Shaw returns, except he takes his hat off and Shaw is really Justin, who tells Chuck that Shaw is dead. Chuck is about to fall as the pipe is starting to give way when Stephen shows up. Clearly, he didn’t believe Chuck’s story about being an analyst.

Ring agents are holding Stephen at gunpoint. They want to know where the Intersect is. Chuck then shows up and they bring him in at gunpoint too. Chuck and Stephen end up tied to chairs and the Ring agents want to know where the ‘governor’ is. Chuck has no idea what they’re talking about. They realize it’s Stephen’s watch and take it. Chuck then tells Stephen he’s going to have to show him what he was planning on telling him and breaks free of the chair and fights with the Ring agents.
Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Chuck
Outside, Sarah hears the fighting. The camera pans to show her spot an ax. Back inside, Chuck and Stephen are doing pretty well, but a Ring agent throws a knife towards Chuck’s head. Sarah bursts through the door and throws the ax, knocking the knife down mid-air.

Best Moments:

Chuck asks Casey to watch after Ellie because he’s concerned about her with the whole Shaw situation.

Chuck tells Sarah that his Dad left after he found out that Chuck was still the Intersect. Chuck is talking about how his Dad doesn’t know him or why he became the Intersect, which was to help people, but he didn’t get a chance to tell him that. Chuck says he can’t tell his dad these things because he doesn’t know where he lives, when Sarah tells him that she does.

Stephen goes to talk to Chuck and bring him the governor, which is a fix for the impact that the Intersect has on the brain, similar to a pacemaker on a heart. Stephen tells him that he wants to help him be the man he wants to be.

Sarah gives Chuck her spy will.

Funniest/Most Awkward Moments:
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker
Chuck is trying to distract Sarah from what he had been saying to Morgan and he tells her that she smells good, literally leaning over and sniffing her.

Sarah walks into Castle and catches Morgan. She makes him tell her what’s going on by looking at him.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, Yvonne Strahovski
Casey suggests that Sarah tell Chuck about all the things she did with Shaw in their personal time to see if he flashes on anything. Chuck keeps insisting their trip to DC was all business but Casey produces a receipt from a waterfront restaurant with wine. Chuck grabs it out of his hand. Then Sarah grabs it out of Chuck’s hand. Then Casey grabs it back from Sarah. It clearly continues to be awkward, as Sarah describes a couple’s massage and Chuck is banging his head against the table while she talks. After Sarah says they went to Tiffany’s, Casey asks if Sarah is wearing new earrings, earrings that end up on the table minutes later. She begins describing his loft before Chuck finally flashes. Shaw ordered the CIA to construct a TR-15 safe in the apartment.

Morgan asks Awesome about his relationship with Ellie and by the time Awesome finishes describing an average day, Morgan is staring at Awesome as if he has a crush on him.
Joshua Gomez, Morgan Grimes, Chuck
Chuck asks Sarah to save him if he isn’t back in 20 minutes. He’s joking and doesn’t realize how prescient he is.

When Sarah comes in and saves Chuck from the knife, Stephen asks if Sarah has an Intersect too. Chuck tells Stephen that it’s all her.

Notable Guests Stars:

Scott Bakula is back as Stephen Bartowski.

Musical Moments:

“I Am Your Skin” by The Bravery

Best Lines:

“Until we know what Shaw wants, Ellie Bartowski has a second shadow.” – Casey

“Did your ears just pop?” – Chuck

“Just an analyst, huh?” – Stephen

“You threw a knife at my face.” – Chuck
“Why would you do that? After I worked so hard to get the first one out.” – Stephen
“Dad! Knife! Face! What if you were wrong?” – Chuck
“I’m never wrong.” – Stephen

“Gimme a break.” – Chuck

“Does she have the Intersect too?” – Stephen

“If he’d have me, I’d let him.” – Morgan

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