Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 16 – Chuck Versus the Tooth

Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Christopher LloydChuck

Season 3 – Episode 16 – Chuck Versus the Tooth

Important Moments/Plot Summary:

Chuck tells Sarah that he loves her and she doesn’t answer, reacting very awkwardly. Chuck then falls asleep, where he starts dreaming in a way that doesn’t appear dissimilar from a mental breakdown, and then he wakes up and says he had a bad dream, which we learn from Sarah he has been having frequently.

Chuck realizes his dream was the Intersect telling him that the Ring is going to try to kill the president of Zamibia at the Beethoven concert the following night. He tells General Beckman and Casey in the middle of the night. When General Beckman asks about his flash, Chuck tells them he figured it out from his dream. Chuck is then assigned to see a CIA therapist, Dr. Leo Dreyfus.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker
Chuck is shocked to learn that Dr. Dreyfus knows that he’s the Intersect. Dr. Dreyfus also tells Chuck that the Intersect can lead to insanity. The therapist then removes Chuck from field duty until they can determine the effect the Intersect is having on him.

Chuck recruits Morgan to help him do the mission on his own, and he and Morgan go to the symphony to protect the president of Zamibia.
Sarah Lancaster, Chuck
Justin (the doctor Ellie and Awesome worked with in Africa, who poisoned Awesome) shows up at the Buy More while Ellie is shopping and asks to talk to her privately. He tells her that he works for the CIA and he wants to talk about her father. He says that Stephen is in danger because John Casey is monitoring him for the NSA. He then tells Ellie not to tell anyone about the conversation, including Awesome and Chuck. He really plays on the father/daughter sympathy – crappy move.

After the mission at the symphony goes wrong, Chuck ends up in a psychiatric hospital. Chuck finds out that everyone in the facility used to be a spy and that it’s a CIA run facility.

Ellie tells Awesome that Casey is a “very bad man,” citing that she saw guns in his apartment as evidence.

After visiting Chuck in the hospital, Sarah runs tests on the tooth Chuck got from the doctor from Zamibia, which all come back normal. Chuck is so sad when Sarah tells him the news.

The officials from the Zamibian government show up at the hospital to see Chuck. When the security won’t let them through, they tranquilize them. They find Chuck and it turns out that he was right about the tooth, he just had the wrong tooth. They then drug him to find out where he got his information.

After Chuck turns out to be right about everything, General Beckman apologizes to Chuck. The Zamibian doctor was illegally harvesting human organs and experimenting with them.

Dr. Dreyfus clears Chuck for duty, but says that the dreams are showing that his brain is suffering stress from the Intersect, which may lead to deterioration.

After Sarah tells Chuck she loves him, he tells her the doctor said he was fine, not telling her what the doctor really said.

Justin shows up and Ellie thinks that everything he said was true. Justin then wants her to contact her father.

Chuck has another bad dream with Shaw, where Shaw tells him he’s still alive.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

The president of Zamibia is getting upset at Chuck accosting the doctor of Zamibia. Chuck then flashes on the doctor and sees that there is Ring Intel in the doctor’s tooth. Chuck punches the doctor and the tooth goes flying, but before Chuck can do anything, he is dragged away and put into the mental hospital.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski
After being drugged by the Zamibian officials, Chuck has fallen on the floor. The Zamibians are about to do who knows what to him when Sarah and Casey show up. Casey obviously starts shooting the bad guys, while Sarah attacks the one near Chuck, doing an impressive high kick while wearing heels.

Best Moments:

Chuck and Sarah are watching TV like normal people.

Sarah and Casey show up at the symphony and Chuck tells Sarah that he needs her to believe that he isn’t crazy. After a brief pause, she goes with him to stop the president from being killed.

Casey tells Sarah that seeing her will make Chuck feel better and he’s actually sincere.

Chuck asks Sarah not to give up on him and she says she won’t.

Sarah goes to visit Dr. Dreyfus at his house where she tells him she wants to go to the hospital and talk to Chuck. She tells him that she loves Chuck and needs him to be okay. The doctor then opens the door and we see that Casey is already at his house with the same concerns.

“Merlin” and his army turn out to be the spies in the psych ward, who are actually all prepared to attack the Zamibians. Unfortunately, they are all tranquilized before they have a chance to.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, Yvonne Strahovski
Sarah finally tells Chuck that she loves him.

Funniest/Most Awkward Moments:

Chuck talks to the therapist and the therapist barely says a word as Chuck babbles on.

Casey offers Ellie African snake herbs for Awesome’s malaria.

Chuck falls asleep at the symphony and then he has another nightmare. The dreams are getting very David Lynch like.

Sarah and Casey go to visit Chuck in the hospital where he comes off as a complete lunatic. He tells them that he has the tooth, which he then proceeds to hack up, asking Sarah to hold out her hand. The look on Casey’s face as all this is happening is hilarious.

Chuck flashes when he’s trying to get away from the Zamibians, but because of the drugs, he just attacks the air.

Notable Guests Stars:

Christopher Lloyd plays Chuck’s therapist, Dr. Leo Dreyfus.

Brandon Routh is back as Shaw.

Best Lines:

“Tomorrow night? We could have done this in the morning? You know how dear my sleep is to me, Bartowski.” – Casey

“General, permission to slap Bartowski.” – Casey

“We’ll go this afternoon. Nothing will make him feel better than seeing you.” – Casey

“Okay, okay, Casey has some serious guns. Is that creepy? Yes. Is that illegal? Sadly, no.” – Awesome

“He needs to be okay. I need him to be okay.” – Sarah

“Let him go or suffer the wrath of Merlin and his army!” – mental patient

“Well, looks like it’s good we came.” – the doctor, in the understatement of the year

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