Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 10 – Hunted

Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, SupernaturalSupernatural

Season 2 – Episode 10- Hunted
This episode is important because it is demonstrative of the fact that the visions from the people with special abilities are pliable and can be altered and changed. The episode opens with a boy who is teenaged to early twenties, who looks either really creepy or somewhat ill, sitting in a therapist’s office. He’s telling the doctor that he has developed the ability to electrocute things.

Important Moments:

When the doctor asks him why he would want to kill the neighbor’s cat, he tells the doctor that he doesn’t, but ‘he’ wants him to. When the doctor asks him who, the boy says the yellow-eyed man. The boy then is walking to his at night. He is apparently parked in the scene of a slasher horror movie, under an overpass, next to an industrial building with a lot of smoke, not creepy at all! When he reaches his car, that description isn’t far off, as someone comes up behind him and stabs him in the stomach.
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
Sam breaks into Dean’s car in the middle of the night and drives to some old, abandoned building. As he is walking, his foot trips a wire and a grenade blows, killing Sam. Suddenly, a woman is waking up, and this time, someone else is having the premonition.
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Ellen Harvelle, Supernatural
Sam shows up at the Roadhouse. Ellen tells him that Jo has gone off on her own to continue hunting. Sam then asks Ash to track down all the psychics that he can find. They can’t track them all down, but they can begin with the ones who had nursery fires. He finds four, including Sam. The first two are ones we’ve already met, and the last one is dead. Sam then heads to Indiana to ask about the dead one, Scott, the boy from the opening sequence.

Sam looks through Scott’s room, and finds a wall of yellow eyes glued inside the closet, serial killer wall style. While he is looking through the Scott’s bedroom, a woman comes in (the woman having the premonition from the opening scene) and says that Sam is in danger. The woman, Ava, tells Sam that a year ago she began having headaches and nightmares, and then they started coming true.

Ellen calls Dean and tells him where Sam is, ignoring Sam’s request not to.

Ava goes to see the doctor that Scott was seeing so that he would be distracted while Sam stole Scott’s medical files.

Meanwhile, Dean shows up at the motel where Sam is staying, bringing his car, the very car Sam took when he got blown up in Ava’s vision.

Sam listens to the tapes, where he hears the Scott saying that the yellow-eyed demon is going to use all the children like them as soldiers in his war.

Sam calls Dean and we see that Gordon has Dean tied to a chair at gunpoint. Dean tells Sam he is in town and tells him to come to the address.
Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, Supernatural
Gordon tells Dean that he’s not a killer, he’s a hunter and that Sam is fair game. Does Gordon know something about Sam’s abilities and connection to the yellow-eyed demon?

Sam sends Ava home to her fiancé… (This doesn’t end well…)

Gordon tells Dean that he heard about a coming war from a demon. The demon told him that hell has soldiers fighting on their side, and the soldiers are human. The demon also told Gordon that Sam was one of them. Gordon then tells Dean that he found another one of them about a month ago in town. It turns out that he is the one who killed Scott. Gordon tells Dean that he expects that Dean gave him a warning and Gordon has set up a trip wire to kill Sam at the back door, the same way he died in Ava’s vision.

Dean calls Ellen, really pissed off that someone at the Roadhouse told Gordon where Sam was. She tells him it wasn’t her, Ash or Jo. She points out that there are many hunters in the Roadhouse that could have figured it out.

Sam has a bad feeling when he can’t get in touch with Ava so they drive to her house. They find the dead fiancé with his throat slit and sulfur. The yellow-eyed demon had been there and Ava left her engagement ring on the floor. It seems that she was the killer and left with the demon.

Action Moment:
As Sam is listening to the tape, suddenly someone starts shooting at them. The camera pans back and it’s Gordon, apparently still mad about the vampires. He’s on a rooftop across the street, about to shoot Sam when Dean tackles him and starts punching. Gordon says, “Wait” but Dean is so busy being mad he doesn’t pay attention and Gordon knocks Dean out with the rifle.
Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, Supernatural
The camera stays with Dean and Gordon as Sam is coming in. One explosion goes off from the first trip wire, then a moment later, the other one. Dean is freaking out, thinking his brother is dead, but Gordon still goes over with his rifle, so he isn’t positive, or at least wants to double check. A shoe is on the floor and it’s the same as Ava’s vision. Except it isn’t. Sam puts a gun to Gordon’s head. Sam is standing too close and Gordon knocks the gun out of his hand, leading to a fight. Gordon is about to stab Sam, but he manages to get the upper hand and is punching Gordon in the head. He knocks him out with the rifle.
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
After freeing Sam, Dean wants to kill Gordon, but Sam says he’s taken care of it. As they are walking away, Gordon starts shooting at them. Dean is questioning what Sam calls ‘taken care of’ as they duck down, and then police cars pull up, right as Gordon is shooting everywhere like a maniac.
Supernatural, Dean Winchester, Jensen AcklesJared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
Family Moments/Argument:
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
Sam and Dean pick up right where they left off, where Dean was telling Sam what their father said. John told Dean that he had to save Sam, and if he couldn’t save him, then he was going to have to kill him. Sam is understandably upset and starts freaking out. Dean literally begs him to give him some time to think about it, not something Dean usually does, not even with Sam.
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
When Dean talks to Sam on the phone, he gives him the code word ‘funky town,’ which means someone has a gun on him.
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
Sam and Dean have another conversation about Sam and his destiny.

Best Moments:

Ava is worried because she thinks that Sam will think she’s crazy. Then, Sam says that she must be “one of us.” The tables turn and Ava then thinks Sam is crazy.

Funniest Moments:

The exchange between Sam and Dean when the police show up and find all the weapons in Gordon’s car.

Food Moments:

The brothers are still drinking beers in the opening scene, presumably the same beers from the previous episode.

State of the Week:


Best Lines:

“I just watch a lot of T.J. Hooker.” – Sam, in a very dated reference

“Bite me.” – Dean, to Gordon (cause, remember vampires?)

“Well, we did leave you tied up in your own mess for three days…which was awesome. Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh.” – Dean

“Shouldn’t take your shoes off around here, might get tetanus.” – Gordon

“Anonymous tip.” – Sam
“You’re a fine, upstanding citizen, Sammy.” – Dean

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