Women Wednesday – Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is awesome and that pretty much goes with no explanation needed. From Veronica Mars to sloths, she is just likable and fun and you want to drink wine and laugh with her.

Kristen Bell

Why She Is Awesome:
Why isn’t she awesome? As Veronica Mars, Bell was one of the earlier strong, independent, multi-layered female characters. The character was smart and kicked ass. Bell herself works with many organizations to help children and the environment, as well as having a great sense of humor. Among the organizations that Kristen Bell works with are the Alzheimer’s Association, Artists for Peace and Justice, the ASPCA, DoSomething.org, Farm Sanctuary, Invisible Children, PETA, Race to Erase MS, Red Cross, The Art of Elysium, The Humane Society and UNICEF.

Alzheimer’s Association is an organization that works to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research, as well as providing care and support for those afflicted.

Artists for Peace and Justice is an organization that encourages peace and justice, addressing issues of poverty around the world.

DoSomething.org, which helps young people find ways to contribute to causes that are important to them.

Farm Sanctuary is an organization that works to combat the abuses of factory farming. Through the years, the organization has rescued thousands of animals, and educated millions of people about their plight. The rescue and education work continues, as Farm Sanctuary advocates for laws and policies to prevent suffering and promote compassion, reaching out to legislators and businesses, and working to bring about institutional reforms.

Invisible Children

PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is an organization that intends to defend the rights of animals, though its members do sometimes go to extremes.

Race to Erase MS

American Red Cross

Art of Elysium is an organization that encourages working actors, artists and musicians volunteer and dedicate their time to helping children battling serious medical conditions.

UNICEF, the United Nations children’s fund.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell, UNICEF

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell played Veronica Mars for three years and has since starred in films such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Hit & Run, been the voice of Gossip Girl and the voice of Anna in Frozen. Bell currently stars on House of Lies.

Kristen’s sloth meltdown

Kristen as Mary Poppins on Funny or Die


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Veronica Mars


Hit & Run (2012)

Kristen Bell


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