Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 11 – Chuck Versus the Final Exam

Zachary Levi, Chuck BartowskiChuck

Season 3 – Episode 11 – Chuck Versus the Final Exam

The episode starts in a train yard, where a man is running. We see Chuck is after him and catches up to him. A gunshot goes off, giving the appearance that gun averse Chuck shot him.

Important Moments:

Flashback to three days earlier. Chuck tells Casey that he’s going to talk to Beckman and threaten to quit if she doesn’t reinstate Casey.

When Sarah returns from DC, Chuck asks her about her trip to DC, which Sarah says was business. She also says they spent most of the meetings talking about Chuck. General Beckman then says that they have decided that Chuck is ready for a final test. If he fails, he will go back to his old life, and if he passes, he will start working solo, with the cover of a billionaire industrialist based in Rome. Chuck is excited until he realizes that only he will have that assignment. Sarah and Shaw will be based in DC where they will continue to head Counter Ring operations there. Shaw is encouraging, while Sarah seems less than thrilled about the whole thing.

The next morning, Sarah shows up at Chuck’s apartment, where she tells him that his mission/test has started, explaining that this is the way real agents get missions in the field. Sarah gives him a small computer and General Beckman pops up on it, telling him that his mission centers on a man named Anatoli Zevlovski. Chuck’s mission is to locate and take out the mole.

When Chuck keeps talking about what could happen if he passes his test, Sarah always looks so pained, and in rewatch we realize it’s because she knows it ends with the red test.

After thinking he has passed his spy test, Chuck tells Casey the good news. Casey is somewhat in disbelief. Chuck tells Casey that Sarah has invited him for dinner at Union Station, alone, prompting Casey to ask if Chuck is sure he has completed his test. Things are starting to make a bit more sense for Casey now. And in finishing this scene, I just noticed Casey’s tie. Oh my god. Why would Big Mike do that to him?

Shaw is telling Sarah about the rest of Chuck’s test, which involves Chuck finishing up his mission. Sarah thinks Chuck is supposed to bring Perry, the mole, in. Shaw says that Chuck has to kill Perry. Sarah says she won’t be a part of it, and is worried Chuck will end up getting killed. Shaw is particularly cruel and manipulative by telling Sarah that if she’s there, if she is the one to tell Chuck to kill Perry, he will do it, putting Sarah in a terrible predicament.

Chuck shows up at the restaurant all excited and Sarah looks miserable as she tells Chuck that his mission isn’t over and hands him another blue envelope. As Sarah tells Chuck that Perry will be meeting him and then slides a napkin over, Chuck is starting to realize what we already know and starts to look at Sarah with suspicion. He lifts the napkin to reveal the gun as Sarah tells him that the final part of his mission is to kill Perry.

While Chuck is on his mission to kill Perry, Sarah is watching from a bench in the train station, clearly in suspense as she hopes Chuck decides not to go through with it.
Sarah Walker, Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck
By the time she gets to Chuck, it looks like he killed Perry and passed his test. Chuck keeps trying to call her, but she declines his calls. Instead, she is sitting there, blaming herself for what he did. When Shaw asks her if she is still in love with him, she says not anymore, because she feels that Chuck isn’t the same person anymore. She also tells Shaw that she remembers everything about her red test, and a flashback is included, showing Sarah’s red test in Paris.

The last scene has an agent show up at Chuck’s door to take him to the airport.

Best Moments:
Zachary Levi, Sarah Walker, Chuck Bartowski, Yvonne Strahovski
Chuck shows up to their stake out with the food and music from their first stake out as well as Champagne. Chuck asks Sarah about her relationship with Shaw, telling her that if he passes the test and she’s still willing, they could be together. They are about to kiss…

After Sarah tells Chuck that he has to kill Perry to pass his spy test, he starts to freak out a little. He tells her he can’t do it, but then is concerned that then he will fail his spy test and will lose Sarah, so what will he be? She says he’ll be himself and her face seems to be begging him not to do it. She leaves by telling him the decision is his, but that there is no turning back.
While this is an odd best moment, it is Casey we’re talking about. As Chuck holds the gun to Perry, a shot goes off and Perry is dead. Chuck is looking at his gun, confused as to what happened. Then he turns around and sees Casey around the back of the train car. He shot Perry for him, but to everyone else it looks like Chuck did it. Casey tells Chuck that no one can know because legally, since Casey is now a civilian, what he did was murder.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

…Shaw calls and yells at Chuck for missing Anatoli, who is apparently already in the hotel. Chuck goes after him in person.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski
When Chuck is in the spa, he picks up a piece of paper one of the Russians drops. They come back and question his speed in picking up trash, leading to a fight. Chuck flashes and takes the guys out. Chuck then goes into the neighboring hotel room and climbs onto the balcony to listen to the conversation with the mole, who tells Anatoli that he is going to be dealing directly with the Ring from then on. The mole stabs Anatoli.
Adam Baldwin, John Casey, Chuck
As the final part of Chuck’s test, Perry walks into the restaurant and sits at Chuck’s table. He says he has to go to the bathroom and Chuck follows him in with his gun drawn, but he doesn’t seem to be there. Suddenly, Perry jumps out with a knife and they start fighting. Chuck gets cut on his leg but then flashes and gets the upper hand on Perry. He is standing over him holding the knife, and then he holds Perry at gunpoint. Perry then realizes that Chuck is there to kill him. Chuck tells him he is arresting him and leads him through Union Station. Perry pushes a woman into Chuck and runs, bringing us to the opening sequence in the train yard. Sarah saw the whole thing and is also in the train yard, gun drawn. Chuck fires his gun into the air to scare Perry. Chuck catches up to Perry and then, Perry is dead.

Funniest Moments:

Chuck goes into the hotel spa after Anatoli and finds out the cost of the spa is $100. As he hands the card to the receptionist, he doesn’t want to let go. Shaw is watching him, just shaking his head.

After Chuck gets a look at the mole’s face, he gets excited about being a spy and accidentally drops his towel, leaving him standing naked between balconies however many floors up.

Love Triangle Crap:

This isn’t technically involving the love triangle, but when Chuck realizes it will be his last mission with Sarah and he suggests doing something special, it is one of the most awkward conversations there have ever been between Chuck and Sarah.

Notable Guest Stars:

Brandon Routh is back as Shaw.

Musical Moments:

“Private Eyes” by Hall & Oates

Best Lines:

“We gotta get you reinstated, buddy. Without a license to kill, you are a menace to society.” – Chuck

“Do you see yourself working here at the Buy More for the long haul?” – Big Mike
“At the moment, I don’t have a better plan.” – Casey

“Wow, that just really self-destructed, did it not? That’s like in the movies. That’s incredible.” – Chuck

“Ivan Drego, seriously?” – Chuck

“This would have been easier in underpants.” – Chuck

“I am a spy! Oh no. I am a naked spy.” – Chuck

“You know that giving away a government issued firearm is a felony? ..It was a thoughtful felony.” – Casey

“Then you’ll be Chuck and there is nothing wrong with that.” – Sarah

“You’re not a killer.” – Casey

“It was the worse day of my life.” – Sarah

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