The (Almost) Complete Compendium of U2 Interviews Promoting ‘Songs of Innocence’

U2, Songs of InnocenceThere has been a lot of press, with the band members, especially Bono, making the rounds to radio stations and music magazines everywhere. I’ve attempted to compile them onto one page so they can be browsed. (I want to give a mention to as they had noticed some articles/interviews I had missed)

Before getting to the band, there is an interview with U2’s manager, Guy Oseary, on Mashable, where he discussed the new U2 album and the method of distribution.

On the new album and sales: “I’m blown away by it. The [U218 Singles] album is top 10 in 46 countries. A day before the Apple event there was not one U2 album on the iTunes chart. Two days later, there’s 26, so that’s very exciting for me to think that new people are discovering this band and some are rediscovering it. From what I hear, a lot of people are listening to the new album, which is great.”

On the stories behind the songs: “The album is really a story from beginning to end about the early days – their first time seeing the Ramones and the Clash, their first time falling in love, their first time getting in trouble, their first time getting into a band, their life being in Dublin as teens.”

On collaborating with Apple: “We also realized that our album was coming at a time where it was almost 10 years exactly to the day that they were on the stage with Steve Jobs promoting this thing called the iPod and being part of that digital revolution and helping support the music store. At that time, people thought, ‘What is this gadget and why are people going to buy music and put it on there?’ We were part of that story so we wanted to do something again.

Band interview:

The band talked to Jo Whiley from BBC Radio 1. I can’t find a link but have transcribed it, so here’s a link to them.

Bono’s interviews:

Bono did an interview with KROQ. A direct link to their site.

Bono also did an interview with Marty Lennartz from WXRT.
U2, Bono, Dave Fanning
Bono Talks To Dave Fanning On RTE 2FM.

A Chat With U2’s Bono (on the Seattle radio station 107.7 the end).

Bono spoke to Kevin Klein from 105.3 in San Francisco.

Bono Reveals Secrets of U2’s Surprise LP ‘Songs of Innocence’ in Rolling Stone.

Bono did an interview with the German radio station SWR3.

Bono did an interview with Brett Saunders from KBCO-FM.

U2, Edge
Edge’s interviews:

Edge did an interview with Alan Cross from 102.1the edge (get it?).

Adam’s interviews:

Adam was interviewed by a Spanish station, Perros de la Calle (Dogs in the Street).

Adam also did an interview with Terry DiMonte from CHOM 97.7.

News articles:

The Irish Times talked to people who live on Cedarwood Road about all the attention from Bono and now the new song.
U2, Time
The band is also on the cover of the new issue of Time magazine.

U2 Announce Details of ‘Secret Project’ With Apple. This article in the Irish Times mentions Songs of Experience.

What Bono Meant By a ‘New Format’ For Music from Billboard.

Friends of the Band:

Director Jim Sheridan has spoken out about some of the reactions to the new U2 album.

Conan O’Brien released a YouTube video on how to remove the U2 album from iTunes. (It’s a joke)!

“Like going to their house and taking a gigantic crap on their doorstep.”

Info on the album:

According to Eddy Cue, Apple senior vice president of Internet software and services, the new U2 album has been “experienced” by over 33 million people. “We wanted to thank our customers and share our love of music by gifting them Songs of Innocence,” Cue said in a statement. “Just six days after its release on iTunes, a record breaking 33 million people have already experienced the album.”

As I’m sure I’m still missing interviews, I’ll add them as I find them. I haven’t found anything from Larry. If you have one to send, either e-mail me at or send it on Twitter @Music_IntheDark

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All the Info on the New U2 Album ‘Songs of Innocence’

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