Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 7 – Chuck Versus the Mask

Chuck Season 3

Chuck Versus the Mask – Episode 7

This recap contains spoilers, for any new readers. The episode itself mostly involved setting up the plot-romance wise for the new few episodes, introducing new romantic partners for Chuck and Sarah.

Important Moments:

The episode opens with Shaw breaking into a vault to steal a mask. A screw falls from the ceiling, Mission: Impossible style, only here he doesn’t catch it and the screw hits the floor, setting off the alarm. Shaw is trapped and gas starts filling the room. He calls Casey and asks for the Intersect, leading Sarah to show up at the Buy More, where she tells Chuck about the problem.

Chuck has to get into the museum’s server to open the vault for Shaw to get out. Sarah and Casey are trying to pry the door open while Chuck tries to get into the server. Suddenly, Hannah shows up in the room. Chuck just puts her to work helping him.

Meanwhile, it’s taking too long so Shaw tells them to blow up the hatch, a somewhat dangerous proposition that could gravely injure him, but his oxygen is getting dangerously low as well. Chuck hears them and yells don’t, creating a mildly embarrassing moment, but he’s able to reboot the system and open the door for Shaw to get out.

The museum curator then hires them to work the event that will host the unveiling of the Mask of Alexander. Shaw informs Chuck that he and his new partner, Hannah, are going to help him steal the mask.

Shaw lays out the mission and it involves Shaw and Sarah going as guests with Chuck on the computer. Everyone but Shaw looks slightly taken aback by this plan.

Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Brandon Routh, Shaw, Chuck
At the gala, Shaw kisses Sarah’s neck as ‘part of their cover’ and Sarah looks very uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Hannah is telling Chuck that the only reason she took the job was for Chuck. She then kisses him. During the kiss, Hannah notices Sarah on the monitor as a gala attendee.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Kristen Kreuk
Chuck then flashes on another gala guest and tells Hannah he’ll be right back. He tells Sarah and Shaw that Vasillis is there. Shaw says they have a history and they have to abort the mission, but Sarah and Chuck say they can finish it. Meanwhile, Hannah sees Chuck talking to Sarah on the monitor.

Chuck shuts down the computer system so he and Sarah can get into the vault. Hannah manages to open it mid mission, while Chuck is hanging over the mask. Shaw manages to counteract Hannah, closing the vault again just in time. This happens repeatedly.

Vasillis later sees security footage of Chuck and Sarah stealing the mask. He also sees Chuck and Hannah kissing. Vasillis calls the Buy More and pretends to be the curator. He says there is still a problem with the computer system and asks for Hannah. When she arrives, he tricks her into going into the vault, where he locks her in. Then he calls Chuck and says he will kill Hannah.

Chuck calls Sarah for help and while they are on the phone, Shaw gets the mask open. It then lets out something that looks like some sort of gas. The room seals off to prevent contamination. Chuck sees the poison is called cyclosalin. Chuck flashes and knows there’s a counteragent. Vasillis will have it, but there is the obvious Hannah problem.

Chuck and Casey head to the museum. Chuck suggests gassing Vasillis. Casey points out the weapon has already been deployed, but Chuck then points out that Vasillis doesn’t know that, and of course, Casey has smoke bombs in the back of the car.

Shaw tells Sarah he really was hitting on her with the coffee. Sarah admits that she liked it when he touched her neck. Then the poison is contained.

After everyone is okay, it’s ‘We Love Chuck Day’ back at Castle, as Shaw thanks Chuck for saving his life and Casey even gives him credit for securing a rogue chemical weapon.

Everyone tells Chuck that the Intersect was designed for agents to operate autonomously. Basically, they’re preparing Chuck to be on his own.

In the last scene, Vasillis is talking to the Ring, which consists of a bunch of people in the shadows very Super Villain like. He tells them he saw Shaw and then they kill Vasillis.

Funniest Moments:

Shaw brings Sarah a coffee and a plastic stirrer. He noticed she likes to chew them when she’s nervous. Sarah immediately throws the stirrer into the garbage.

Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Chuck
Chuck starts talking to Sarah about Shaw during the mission, making implications about their relationship. Casey turns it off. When Shaw asks if Chuck and Sarah turned them off for some reason, Casey says, “No, I did.”

Sarah yells at Shaw for bringing her coffee every morning and then Shaw says he feels like he should probably apologize to Colonel Casey. Just then, Casey walks in and says, “Thanks for the coffee. Just how I like it, black and bitter.”

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Chuck lowers Sarah into the vault to steal the mask, but before she is finished, one of Vasillis’ men comes in and pushes Chuck into the vault. He falls down causing a seesaw effect that makes Sarah go up, where she begins fighting with the man, who she knocks out. Chuck is left dangling over the mask. Sarah hooks the rope to the unconscious man but before she can pull Chuck up, another man comes up behind Sarah and starts strangling her. Eventually, Sarah is able to knock that man out as well and Chuck is able to grab the mask. Sarah throws down the replacement mask, and Chuck catches it (moment of suspense!). He puts the fake one on the table, and then Hannah severs the Internet connection, causing the vault to open. Chuck yells for Sarah to pull him up and he makes it, just in time.

Once the poison is contained, Shaw picks up Sarah and shoots the walls to get them out of Castle.

Meanwhile, Chuck tells Vasillis to release Hannah or he will release the gas. He doesn’t comply so Chuck sets off the smoke bombs. Vasillis freaks out. When Chuck suggests using the counteragent, Vasillis says it’s in a vase. Chuck points out that there are hundreds of them and Vasillis just starts smashing them. While he is doing that, Chuck tries to flash on the vases. When he does flash on one, he hits Vasillis over the head with it, knocking him out and finding the counteragent. Chuck is worried they don’t have enough time to save Sarah and Shaw, though let’s be honest, he’s worried they don’t have enough time to save Sarah. Casey says even if they’re lost, Hannah is still trapped. Chuck manages to get the vault open and then Shaw arrives with Sarah. Casey brings them the counteragent.

Best Moments:

Sarah’s smile when Chuck says, “What do you say, partner?”

Love Triangle Issues:

After Chuck makes implications about Sarah’s relationship with Shaw, he’s surprised she doesn’t see that Shaw is into her. Chuck points out that he brings her coffee every morning and that he was all over her at the gala. Sarah returns his comment by bringing up Hannah and the fact that her perfume is all over Chuck.

Hannah is mad that she saw Chuck with Sarah. Chuck feels bad but can’t explain anything.

Chuck runs in to save Sarah, but Shaw has already given her the counteragent and he sees Shaw holding her. He gives Hannah a story about what happened and she is so glad Chuck saved her life that she isn’t mad anymore.
Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Chuck, Brandon Routh
Question: Why is it okay for Shaw and Sarah or Bryce and Sarah to date, but it’s against the rules for Sarah and Chuck to date? Other than as a flimsy plot device to delay getting them together, I’ve never really understood that. Even if you say it’s because Sarah is Chuck’s handler, that doesn’t address the Shaw issue, since he’s Sarah’s boss. But really, they discuss how okay they are with each others new romantic partners while it’s obvious that they ARE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER. This is the point in the show where the whole ‘will they or won’t they’ started to get too much.

The Beginnings of Morgan Being Read In:

Morgan and Ellie begin their search to figure out what is going on with Chuck. They plan an intervention and then follow him to the Buy More after hours. The only thing they find is Chuck making out with Hannah.
Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Kristen Kreuk
Notable Guest Stars:

Brandon Routh is back as Shaw.

Kristen Kreuk is back as Hannah.

Questions About Shaw:

Seeing this episode, and some of the previous and upcoming episodes, it’s interesting to note how Routh portrays Shaw. Did he, as an actor, know his whole character arc ahead of time? If so, it makes Shaw more of an evil, sociopathic character. I assume the writers developed the full storyline ahead of time, which is obvious in scenes such as the end of this episode when Shaw tells Sarah that he’s the safest guy in the world, then the camera pauses for a ‘significant look’ to indicate that more is going on.

I also wonder if Shaw has any actual feelings towards Sarah, or if it’s all part of his plot for revenge. In this episode, she would have died if he hadn’t brought her to the museum and no one would have blamed him, unless part of his revenge scenario requires him to be the one to kill her. Even if that’s the case, though, he could have killed her himself while she was weak and it’s unlikely anyone would have known, as it was already common knowledge that she was fatally poisoned. Hmm… Any thoughts?

Best Lines:

“Who knew you could get bed sores from playing video games?” – Morgan

“It changes the whole dynamic.” – Shaw
“Well in that case, no, we have definitely not slept together.” – Sarah

“If you’re into the strong, kind of Superman-y type of a guy.” – Chuck (In joke!)

“You tend to remember the guy who set your face on fire.” – Shaw

“Those two gab like little schoolgirls when they’re out in the field. It’s murder on the ears.” – Casey

“I know what an epiphany is, Morgan. I’m asking what epiphany you had!” – Ellie

“You’ve killed us all!” – Vasillis

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