Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 2 – Everybody Loves a Clown

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Supernatural Season 2

Everybody Loves a Clown

This episode focuses on things that are unseen or unaddressed, epitomized by the clown that only children can see, while also acting as the theme as Dean refuses to acknowledge his feelings, good or bad, about the death of his father.

Important Moments:

A family with a little girl is at a carnival where there are clowns. While that is already a problem (clowns=creepy!), the little girl keeps seeing a clown that her parents can’t see. After the carnival, she sees the clown again along the side of the road, and creepiest of all, he shows up at her back door after they get home. The little girl doesn’t have enough sense to be afraid of clowns, apparently not even clowns that show up at your back door in the middle of the night, and she lets him in.

The brothers are back at Bobby’s, where Dean is hard at work on his car. Sam asks Dean about their father. Apparently, Dean hasn’t mentioned anything in a week, so he is clearly internalizing, as Dean is wont to do.
Sam tells Dean they have a possible case. Someone named Ellen has left a voicemail for John saying that she can help. The voicemail is four moths old. The brothers arrive at the Roadhouse, an old bar owned by Ellen, driving an old minivan. They walk inside but find the place empty except for a fly and some faulty electricity. There is a man passed out on a counter.

Sam and Dean give Ash, the aforementioned unconscious man, their father’s research so he can look through it. Ash says no one can track a demon like that. Sam says their Dad could. Then Ash says he can track the yellow-eyed demon using the research and computer programs. He tells them it will take him 51 hours.

Sam notices a folder on the bar and asks Ellen about it. It has the information on the creepy clowns and the related murders.

Dean asks Jo, Ellen’s daughter, how her mom got into the hunting thing and she says it was from her dad who passed away when she was a kid. Dean then starts to hit on her and then rethinks it. She is completely on to him. However, she is also developing a crush on Dean.

As the brothers are driving to investigate the clown deaths, Dean mentions Sam’s fear of clowns. In return, Sam mentions Dean’s fear of flying. The same type of murders as those in the clown case occurred in 1981, but don’t seem to be bound to any location. They wonder about a cursed object.

At the carnival, the creepy clown is appearing to children again. A little boy has the good sense to be freaked out, but his father tells him not to be afraid of clowns, saying they are their friends. Bad move. Later that night, the boy goes into his parent’s bedroom with the clown. The father now is able to see it. Super creepy!

Sam and Dean are at the carnival, where they are discussing two new murders by a clown the night before, those of the little boy’s parents, where the victims were ripped to shreds.

Sam goes into the funhouse to check for EMF. Dean is on the phone with Sam and a blind man who works for the carnival hears him mention skeletons and EMF. He tells the blind man that they’re writing a book. When Sam comes outside, a little girl is showing her mother a clown. Sam and Dean follow her line of sight and there is nothing there. It’s the creepy invisible clown again. The brothers wait outside the little girl’s house that night, but the clown goes in the back door. However, the brothers are already waiting in the house.
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
After the clown is gone, the brothers dump the van in case someone saw the plates. Also, because Dean hates the car. Sam calls Ellen to see if she can help. She suggests it might be a rakshasa, a spirit that eats people. They live in squalor and sleep on a bed of dead insects. Dean points out that Cooper worked both carnival shows. According to the legend, pure brass will kill it.

They go back to the carnival and Dean distracts Cooper while Sam checks his bed for dead insects. Cooper comes up behind Sam with a rifle. Meanwhile, Dean checks the trunk in the blind guys room and it turns out that he’s the clown. He then transforms right in front of Dean, goes invisible and begins throwing knives at Dean.

After killing the clown, the brothers go back to the Roadhouse. Jo gives Sam a ‘get out of here’ look. Then she asks Dean if she’s going to see him again. The crush is on.

Ash sets up computer monitoring programs to track the demon, showing Sam and Dean the set up, which they are suitably impressed by.

Family Moments/Arguments:
Sam and Dean are cremating their father themselves, at night, watching him burn with somber looks. Sam asks Dean if their father said anything to him before he died. Dean lies and tells Sam that he didn’t say anything.
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
Sam asks Dean if he wants revenge because all he does is work on his car. Dean gets mad because Sam is giving him a hard time and they don’t have any leads on the demon and they haven’t learned anything new from John’s research. Dean also points out that, as Sam knows, the Colt’s gone, so how would they even kill it?
Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
Dean asks Ellen what she was offering to help their father with and is surprised when she answers, “The demon, of course. I heard he was closing in on it.” It turns out that hunter’s often pass through her saloon. Ellen says John was like family and she will help him. Dean is really prickly about it, likely because he feels like these women were some other family that their father had and never told them about. Ellen says she’s just offering and if he doesn’t want her help, they’re welcome to leave. Ellen then realizes that John didn’t send them, and connects the dots to realize that he’s dead. Ellen expresses her condolences and Dean is somewhat abrasive about it. His issues are showing.

Dean questions Sam about his feelings regarding returning to school after they find the demon. Sam says he’s reconsidering because it’s what their father would want. Dean doesn’t understand why Sam suddenly cares what their father would want. Sam says he cares since John died. When he asks Dean if he has a problem, Dean says he doesn’t. Dean clearly has a problem.

Sam questions whether John and Ellen ever had a thing. Dean doubts it and figures they just must have had a falling out. Sam also points out that John seemed to have a falling out with everyone. They get into a shouting match because Dean is angry that Sam is suddenly obedient to what he thinks their father would want, something he never worried about when John was alive.

Sam tells Dean that he is right, and Sam is feeling bad about the way he would always fight with John. He misses their Dad and he feels guilty and is worried that John died thinking that he hated him.

Action Moment:
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
Someone puts a rifle up to Dean’s back after they go into the Roadhouse. It’s a young woman. She is immediately sarcastic. Dean takes the rifle out of her hand easily, but she returns the favor by punching him in the face and grabbing the gun back. Dean calls for Sam to help, and he walks into the room with hands behind his head, another woman holding a rifle to his head.

As the little girl is leading the clown up the stairs, Dean jumps out and shoots it. Moments later, the clown gets back up. As Dean goes to shoot it again, it goes out through the window, breaking the glass and disappearing simultaneously.

The brothers go into the funhouse but the door shuts behind Dean after he goes into a room, trapping him inside and locking Sam out. They are both wandering in the funhouse and Sam is trying to pull the brass pipes out of the organ to use as a weapon. Suddenly, knives fly at Dean, pinning his clothes to the wall, though the clown is still invisible. Dean manages to pull a lever that makes smoke pour into the room, highlighting the clown so Sam has a chance to kill it.

Best Moments:

Dean starts to hit on Jo and she calls him on it. This seems to be where her crush on Dean begins.
Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, Supernatural
Sam tells Dean that he isn’t all right but neither is Dean. Dean doesn’t respond, but after Sam walks away, Dean picks up a crowbar and beats the crap out of the Impala, which he had spent the last week working to repair. He clearly has really pent up feelings about John’s death and he had to let them out at some point. It’s interesting that he chose to beat the Impala, considering all it symbolized in relation to Dean’s relationship with his father, especially considering his father gave him the car. Perhaps there are some lingering anger issues at the responsibility that John put on Dean or for the way he “left” them?

Funniest Moments:

After holding the brothers at gunpoint, Ellen realizes the brothers are John’s sons and suddenly laughs and introduces herself as Ellen. She seems a little crazy upon the first meeting.

Ellen says that they can’t help, but Ash will. Sam asks who Ash is and Ellen calls out his name. The unconscious man on the counter suddenly sits up and says, “What?” When he turns around, he has a long mullet. Very bad idea. Jo informs Sam that he’s a genius.
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
In order to “blend in” Sam and Dean are trying to get jobs with the carnival. Dean asks a man if he has seen him, and it turns out he’s blind. Dean then tells a little person that he had a little misunderstanding with the blind man. The puns are unintended, but the carnival workers are taking offense. Sam is just laughing as the carnival people all get angry with Dean.

When they are interviewing for a job, Dean sits in the regular chair, leaving a chair with a clown on the back for Sam, who looks incredibly uncomfortable.

Character Introductions:
Ellen Harvelle, Supernatural
In this episode, we meet Ellen and her daughter, Jo, who have a great entrance, both first showing up holding a Winchester brother at gunpoint. These are two women who can clearly take care of themselves, always nice to see.
Alona Tal, Jo Harvelle, Supernatural
Food Moment:

Food moments are back in this episode, where Sam and Dean have beer at the Roadhouse.

State of the Week:


Best Lines:

“God I hate clowns. They always creep me out.” – guy at carnival

“You know what, you’re right. Come here. I want to lay my head gently on your shoulder. Maybe we can cry and hug and maybe even slow dance.” – Dean

“This is humiliating. I feel like a freaking soccer mom!” – Dean

“Oh God, please let that be a rifle.” – Dean
“No, I’m just real happy to see you.” – Jo

“What, was there an article in the Demon Hunter’s Quarterly that I missed?” – Dean

“Don’t do me any favors. Look, if you don’t want my help, fine. Don’t let the door smack your ass on the way out.” – Ellen

“By the way, I dig the haircut.” – Dean
“All business up front, party in the back.” – Ash

“Most hunters come through that door think they can get in my pants with some pizza, a six pack and side one of Zeppelin IV.” – Jo
“What a bunch of scumbags.” – Dean

“I know what you’re thinking, Sam. Why did it have to be clowns?” – Dean
“Gimme a break.” – Sam
“You didn’t think I remembered, did you? I mean, come on. You still bust out crying whenever you see Ronald McDonald on the television.” – Dean
“At least I’m not afraid of flying.” – Sam
“Planes crash!” – Dean
“And apparently, clowns kill.” – Sam

“Apparently, displaying the deformed isn’t dignified.” – Mr. Cooper

“What’s the matter? You sound like you just saw a clown?” – Dean

“Your blind man hearing is out of control.” – Dean

“I hate funhouses.” – Dean

“I gotta go…over there…right now.” – Sam

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Everybody Loves a Clown

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