Month: September 2014

Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 4 – Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things

Supernatural Season 2 – Episode 4 – Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things This episode delves into the theme of life and death and letting things go when it’s their time. Dean sees himself as not belonging and we learn he blames himself for their father’s death. This is echoed in the case of the week, about a zombie, a… Read more →

Matt Bomer to Star In ‘The Nice Guys’ With Ryan Gosling & Russell Crowe

Matt Bomer has signed on to star in The Nice Guys with Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe and Margaret Qually (The Leftovers) according to Deadline. The film is an action drama written and directed by Shane Black (Iron Man 3) and produced by Joel Silver. The film takes place in 1970’s Los Angeles. Gosling will play a detective hired by a… Read more →

U2’s The Edge Given Permission To Build Five Malibu Homes

U2 guitarist the Edge has been trying to build a new home(s) in Malibu since 2006, when he first began trying to obtain permits from the city for the environmentally friendly design. The homes were met with resistance from the Malibu community, prolonging the process for years. Local residents expressed concerns that the original proposal would cause irreparable harm to… Read more →

Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 8 – Chuck Versus the Fake Name

Chuck Season 3 Episode 8 – Chuck Versus the Fake Name This episode has a theme revolving around identity, with Sarah concerned Chuck is losing some of the best parts of himself, causing her to miss some of the real parts of herself. All the while, Chuck is undercover impersonating an assassin. Important Moments: Chuck walks into his apartment and… Read more →

Leonardo DiCaprio Named Messenger of Peace by the United Nations (Updated with Video)

The United Nations has named Leonardo DiCaprio with the title Messenger of Peace. He will give a speech on September 23 at the U.N. Climate Summit where he will address climate change, according to an announcement from the U.N. “It’s an honor to accept the role of U.N. Messenger of Peace on Climate Change and to support the Secretary General… Read more →