Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 3 – Chuck Versus the Angel of Death

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Chuck Versus the Angel de La Muerte

This episode is a lighter episode of Chuck, with more comedic situations involving mistaken identity and that kind of pratfall humor, but done well, making it a very entertaining episode, even if it doesn’t really forward the arc of the season plot or address the Ring at all until the very end.

The episode opens with a flashback of when Ellie and Awesome met in med school. Then it skips to today, nine years later.

Important Moments:

Ellie and Awesome are trying to unpack, and Ellie is getting really upset that Chuck didn’t show up to help. Ellie hears a helicopter outside and points out that there have been a lot lately. Cut to Chuck sneaking into his bedroom in the dark, wearing a brace that definitely gives the appearance he may have just jumped out of a helicopter.

After Chuck sets up the television for Ellie and Awesome, he flashes on a newscast about a Costa Gravan leader. Right then, Awesome gets a page from the hospital.

Chuck, Sarah and Casey are meeting with General Beckman, who tells Casey that his job is to protect the Costa Gravan premier. Casey is not happy about it. Not happy about it at all. Chuck is tasked with using Ellie or Awesome to get the premier’s medical records so they can decide how to proceed.

Awesome tells Chuck that the premier didn’t really have a heart attack and that he doesn’t know how his potassium levels got so high. Chuck concludes that he was poisoned.

Ryan McPartlin, Chuck
Casey tells Chuck that he has to recuse himself because he’s killed so many Costa Gravans. He’s known as the Angel de la Muerte or ‘Angel of Death.’ Then a bunch of Costa Gravan soldiers show up and Casey thinks that they’ve come for him. Casey grabs guns and prepares to shoot those ‘commies.’ The soldiers go right past and over to Ellie and Awesome’s apartment instead. Awesome answers the door and is just confused, until the premier starts laughing. He’s there because Awesome saved his life. Awesome and Ellie are then invited to the gala at the Costa Graven consulate by the premier. Chuck then gets invited as well.

Ryan McPartlin, Sarah Lancaster, Chuck
Chuck and Sarah go to the Gala so they can protect the premier. Casey finds a guest that got in using a fake passport. Sarah spots him and they need to get across the dance floor quickly, as they are on Costa Gravan soil and can’t get spotted. So… (continued in Best Moments)

After the mistaken identity on the assassin, Chuck and Sarah are escorted outside to sober up. On the way out, Chuck flashes on a man, the real assassin, who is undercover as a Costa Gravan guard. Casey then has to go in but is unintentionally foiled by Awesome, resulting in his capture.

Back at Castle, Chuck and Sarah are talking to General Beckman, who seems to be in the middle of a party, as she isn’t in her usual uniform. She tells them that they will try to get Casey back through diplomatic channels, and brushes off the protests of both Chuck and Sarah.

Meanwhile, Casey has been tied to a chair in the Costa Gravan consulate.

Awesome gets a text message from the consulate that the premier wants to see him. He runs into Chuck outside and tells him he can help get Casey back. The premier requested Awesome as his doctor, so Awesome can get them into the consulate.

Casey asks the assassin who he works for, and it turns out that he is an agent of the Ring. Apparently, the Ring wants to preserve the Costa Gravan status quo.

Chuck and Sarah pose as a nurse and assistant to Dr. Woodcombe as they go in to free Casey For some reason, Sarah’s nurse outfit looks like it’s “sexy nurse” from a Halloween store. After some hijinks, they all escape and the premier is okay.

Chuck and Sarah decide their new cover will be as friends.

Awesome goes in to see his last patient, who turns out to be the assassin, syringe in hand. The camera cuts to Chuck answering the door to find Sarah looking very somber. Something has happened to Awesome.

Funniest Moments:

Chuck goes into his bedroom to find Awesome sitting in a chair in the dark, waiting for him, old-movie style. Chuck jumps a mile in the air.

Chuck, Sarah and Casey watch Awesome give a press conference on television and Casey just says, “I’m gonna be sick,” as Awesome speaks positively about the premier.

Later, Chuck is debriefing Awesome about his work with the premier and Awesome keeps asking if there is anything he can do. When he isn’t sure if Chuck gets it, he’s like IF YOU NEED ANYTHING Hint Hint. Apparently, he’s looking for some excitement.

Casey sees the assassin walking towards the premier with a needle. Unfortunately, Awesome is on his ‘I want to work for the CIA’ kick and sees Casey. With his disguise, he doesn’t recognize him and instead, tackles him, preventing him from shooting the assassin. As they fall, Casey’s mustache goes flying, landing in someone’s Champagne glass. On the plus side, the action causes the assassin to retreat.
Adam Baldwin, Chuck
The premier is arguing with Casey. He doesn’t believe Casey is really there to protect him. Casey gets gagged. The assassin guard walks in and injects the poison into the premier’s cigar. The premier puts it in his mouth and lights it. Casey is trying to figure out what to do, and then kicks the cigar right out of the premier’s mouth. The premier picks it up and relights it. He takes a puff and falls over.

The guards find all of them in the premier’s room, where Awesome is still working on the premier. Casey tells the guards that the real killer is down in the cell. They say there wasn’t anyone there, then Casey just keels over from the syringe and the bullet wound.

After Casey wakes up, he is really pissed off about his unwilling blood donation. He feels quite a bit better when Sarah hands him a gift from the premier of pre-Revolutionary cigars.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

After Awesome gets them into the consulate, Sarah takes out the guards interspersed with Casey breaking out of the ropes and fighting with the Ring assassin. During the fight, Casey gets stabbed in the leg with the syringe. Then he gets shot in the leg by a guard.

While not technically action, the guards tell Chuck to save Casey if he wants to prove he isn’t an assassin. Chuck is freaking out, but Awesome and Sarah manage to calm him down enough to flash. He does and is able to get the bullet out of Casey.

Best Moments:

It turns out that Ellie and Awesome met and started as basically a one-night (afternoon in a broom closet?) stand.

Awesome tells Chuck he might want to have his pilot land a little farther from the apartment. Then Awesome starts asking Chuck questions about his mission. He looks like a little kid who wishes he could come.

At the Gala, Ellie asks Sarah if she still has feelings for Chuck, while Awesome asks Chuck how they fake their relationship and how Chuck doesn’t fall for Sarah. Both of them are clearly saying the opposite of the truth when they tell Awesome and Ellie that they’re just friends/it’s a cover.

…Chuck flashes and suddenly can dance the tango. Chuck and Sarah do the tango over to the political dissident and Chuck ‘takes him out’ with his elbow, only to find that he’s not actually the assassin.

When Awesome is trying to save the premier after Casey is free, Awesome says the premier needs a blood transfusion, but he doesn’t even know the premier’s blood type. Casey tells him it’s AB negative. Awesome asks if any of them are that blood type and no one says anything. Chuck looks at Casey’s dog tags, which say he is AB negative. Casey pulls the tags out of Chuck’s hands, but they already know. Casey is stuck being the blood donor.

Notable Guest Stars:

Armand Assante plays the premier, Allejandro Goya.

Why Awesome is So Awesome:

Awesome speaks Spanish during a press conference, prompting Sarah to ask, “Is there anything your brother-in-law can’t do?”

Best Lines:

“Sounds pretty kick-ass.” – Awesome

“I’m sorry, buddy. It’s spy stuff. It’s confidential.” – Chuck
“Sorry, buddy. Doctor stuff, confidential.” – Awesome

“The Costa Graven premier is listed in critical condition.” – Casey
“Outstanding. Can we crack the bubbly?” – Casey

“General, are you suggesting that I exploit my sister and/or brother-in-law to acquire confidential medical records for governmental use?” – Chuck
“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m suggesting.” – General Beckman
“I knew it.” – Chuck

“El Angel de la Muerte!” – Costa Graven guard

“I’m here to protect you.” – Casey
“The Angel of Death? You’re here to protect me? Protect me how? Like in ’83, you put a bullet in my spleen. Or in ’88, you blew up my dog, Chewy.” – Premier
“Sorry about the dog. Obviously, the bomb was meant for you.” – Casey

“These are imperialist lies.” – Premier
“Who you calling imperialist, you commie bastard!” – Casey

“I knew you guys had a secret base. This is badass!” – Awesome

“Who are you?” – Casey
“The man who’s going to kill you.” – assassin
“Obviously! Who do you work for? Professional courtesy.” – Casey

“We just gotta take care of those two guards there.” – Chuck
“Those two soldiers with machine guns? You and what army?” – Awesome
“That would be Sarah and her fists.” – Chuck

“There’s enough poison in this needle to kill an army platoon.” – assassin
“Lucky for me, I’m a marine.” – Casey

“That is some woman, bro.” – Awesome
“You have no idea.” – Chuck

“You owe me 15 American cents.” – Casey

“Let’s get out of this stinking banana republic.” – Casey

“You stole my blood. You stole my blood and you put it in a stinking commie despot.” – Casey

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