Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 1 – Chuck Versus the Pink Slip

Chuck Bartowski, Zachary Levi

Chuck Rewatch Recap Season 3 Episode 1

Chuck Versus the Pink Slip

The season three premiere starts six months after the events in the season two finale. It opens in Prague, where Chuck is tied to a chair with a bag over his head. But he does have a better haircut, so that’s something.

Important Moments:

Chuck uses the Intersect to attack his captors and take a briefcase that he is on a mission to retrieve. He runs out of the building and General Beckman tells him through a headset to zip line off a roof, but he doesn’t flash. Then the bad guys say he’s dead and spotlights turn on. It was a simulation. Chuck failed it and General Beckman tells him it’s not working out with him as the Intersect because it was designed to go into a real spy. Ouch!

Chuck flashes back to six months earlier, when Casey told him he would be sent to Europe for training. Sarah then told him if he became a spy he wouldn’t be the same person. She offers to run away with him and leave the spy life. He agrees to do it.

We go back to today and Chuck is on Ellie’s couch, saying he lost Sarah. We see Sarah is in a pool in Europe with a man, and when she sees Chuck calling, she first ignores the call and then throws the phone into the pool. Clearly, she’s upset.

Chuck has meanwhile been sitting on the couch, not aware that Sarah has since returned to Burbank until Jeff tells him that she was in the yogurt shop. Chuck walks to the shop and is knocked over, spilling his cheese balls everywhere. He looks up to see Casey.

After his conversation with Casey, Chuck shaves and gets rid of the cheese balls. He heads to El Bucho, where Casey and Sarah will be on a mission. He is undercover as a computer technician from the Buy More.
When Casey explains the mission and tells Chuck that Javier Cruz, the man Sarah is with, is the mark, and that he is just a simple courier, Chuck flashes and realizes that Javier is an international assassin. He tries to tell Casey, but he’s already gone and some men pick Chuck up to carry him out. Chuck starts freaking out when they lock him in a room, and he tries to calm down. When he does, he flashes and a guitarist arrives right then, startling him. Chuck accidentally kicks him, knocking him out. He then realizes he can use the man’s outfit as a disguise to get back to the ballroom.

Unfortunately for Chuck, he ends up on stage. Casey sees him and thinks he’s going to blow the whole operation, but Sarah says to give him a second. Luckily, Chuck flashes and boom! He can suddenly play guitar.

Meanwhile, Manny the guitarist wakes up and isn’t Manny. He pulls off his whole face, Mission: Impossible style, and is a bald guy with no facial hair. The guy seems to be trying to kill Javier, but Chuck thinks he’s trying to kill Sarah and in his attempt to save her, he just angers Sarah and Casey both.

The next day, Chuck is back to his cheese balls. Unfortunately, the assassin has his Buy More ID, which he dropped trying to break down the door.

The assassin kills Emmett, and he dies with “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips as the last song he ever heard.

Sarah shows up at the Buy More to say a proper goodbye to Chuck. He says goodbye very formally, calling her Agent Walker. She calls him Agent Bartowski, and he says he appreciates the gesture, but they both know the agent thing didn’t work out. Sarah then tries to tell him that bad guys are there, but he doesn’t let her get a word in and ends up being knocked unconscious by the assassin.

Chuck wakes up in a prison cell. The assassin comes in and wants to know who he is and doesn’t believe Chuck that he’s a nobody. He wants a rematch of their fight and Chuck tries to flash, but can’t.

Casey shows up at the last minute and saves them, very excited to be using his new guns.

During their debrief with General Beckman, she tells them that they have a smart phone that is used by ring operatives and that it’s the first one they have ever captured. From there, General Beckman reluctantly says she is reinstating Operation Bartowski. Sarah and Casey look less than thrilled.

General Beckman asks Sarah to keep an eye on Chuck, as he’s unstable. Sarah asks if she thinks he’s dangerous and General Beckman says, “Very.”

Chuck returns home to find Ellie and Awesome are moving into another apartment across the courtyard. Ellie says Chuck can get a roommate and as Morgan has been living on the couch at the Buy More, there you go, new roommate.

Best Moments:

Casey asks Chuck what happened between him and Sarah, showing genuine interest.

Chuck sees Sarah and tells her he is only there as backup. Sarah suddenly tells him to kiss her. Chuck is confused but she is insistent, so he does. Then Sarah slaps him so hard he falls over.

Casey tells Chuck that Emmett took a Large Mart job in Anchorage rather than upset him by telling him he was killed by the assassin.

Chuck and Casey sparring to the Rocky theme in the last scene.

The Flashback/Backstory of Chuck & Sarah:

While Chuck is unconscious, he remembers what happened between him and Sarah that led to their somewhat cold current relationship. He remembers Sarah telling him to meet her at the train station in Prague so they could run away together, which we already know. Now we learn that Chuck showed up and Sarah was waiting with new passports and identities, but Chuck was hesitant to go because of the facility for the Intersect that he saw in Prague. Chuck tells Sarah he can’t go with her. That’s why she’s so angry and distant with him. She’s hurt that he chose being a spy over her.

Funniest Moments:
Chuck eating cheese balls. Almost the entire episode. And bits of cheese all over his clothes. When he runs out of cheese balls, he shows up at the Buy More in his bathrobe and in a baseball cap so no one recognizes him while he buys more cheese balls. Emmett mistakes him for a street person and has security get him.

Casey’s red tie.

Chuck tells the band that Manny has a spastic colon. Why is that Chuck’s go to excuse? It’s the same thing he told Ellie about Sarah in season one.

As Chuck is playing, he starts mouthing assassin to Casey. Casey gets in and says where, but Chuck just shrugs.

When their operation is back on, Chuck wants a new cool cover job. The next scene finds him back and working at the Buy More.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

After Sarah gives Chuck a much needed boost of confidence, it seems like the threat to Sarah’s life made by the assassin helped Chuck get over his block with the Intersect and he is able to knock the assassin out. Chuck then gets the keys to the cells and gets himself and Sarah out of the cells.

Once they get out, Sarah is in a gunfight with the bad guys but tells Chuck that she’s almost out of ammunition and they have to get off the roof. Chuck sees a setup just like the one he failed in Prague, but this time, when it matters, he flashes. The zip line works to get them off the roof, but lands them surrounded by bad guys with guns. As the bad guys are about to shoot Chuck and Sarah, Casey flies in on a helicopter, very excited to get to use his machine gun. Chuck and Sarah make it to the helicopter and they are off.

Notable Guest Stars:

Tony Hale is back for his final appearance as Emmett.

Saddest Moment:

Chuck is basically imploring Sarah and Casey to give him a chance to show everyone that he can be a spy, saying he doesn’t know why things went wrong in Prague. Sarah just says, “Get him out of here.” Then she leaves.

Chuck sees the assassin’s laser from his gun pass over Sarah and jumps off the stage to save her. No one can see the assassin and they clearly don’t believe him. Sarah says, “You don’t work anymore, Chuck. It’s over.”

In the penultimate scene, Sarah basically tells him their relationship is over before it has even begun.

Best Music Moments:

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Wait It Out by Imogen Heap

Best Lines:

“I was caught off guard on an empty stomach.” – Chuck

“Spastic colon. I’m filling in for him.” – Chuck

“Nobody, I’m nobody. In fact, I think I have documentation somewhere that proves that I’m an official nobody.” – Chuck

“Sarah, you don’t get it. You and Casey were right, okay? I’m a lemon, I don’t work. My emotions just mess everything up.” – Chuck
“No. Chuck, listen, I was mad and wrong and ever since you went to Prague, I have worked with the best spies in the world, and you know what?” – Sarah
“They’re on their way here to save us?” – Chuck
“None of them can do what you can do.” – Sarah

“Chuck, what happened?” – Sarah
“Something…awesome!” – Chuck

“For the last two years, we’ve protected Chuck from the world, but now, we have to protect the world from Chuck.” – General Beckman

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