Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 21 – Chuck Versus the Colonel

Chuck_Sarah_KissChuck Rewatch Recap Season 2 Episode 21

Chuck Versus the Colonel

This episode picks up a few hours after the previous one. Chuck and Sarah have arrived at the coordinates where Fulcrum is supposed to be holding his father, but all that’s there is a little dilapidated building.

Important Moments:

As Chuck and Sarah are looking around the empty site in Barstow, we see that there is a small camera in a cigarette carton. Stephen is watching Chuck looking for him through the camera.

Meanwhile, General Beckman tells Casey that the safety of the Intersect is no longer her concern. She then orders Casey to find Chuck and Sarah and bring them back, dead or alive.

Chuck asks Sarah why she’s helping him, and she says it’s because he deserves to find his father after everything he’s done for the country. At this point, you start to wonder why Sarah doesn’t admit she has feelings for Chuck, because they are officially on the run so it no longer matters.

Casey finds them at their motel and after a bit of a skirmish with Sarah, he ends up handcuffed to the radiator. They leave but Chuck flashes and realizes Fulcrum is there and insists they go back for Casey.

Casey gets into the car and threatens to kill Chuck if he doesn’t drive, but he refuses to leave without Sarah. He drives into the group of Fulcrum agents and a big fight ensues. The result is Sarah and Casey pointing guns at each other. When Sarah runs out of ammunition, Casey arrests her and Chuck and Sarah end up handcuffed in the backseat of the car.

Casey locks Chuck and Sarah in cells in Castle. General Beckman commends him and calls him Colonel. She also specifically refers to Sarah as ‘Ms. Walker,’ because she is technically no longer an agent. Sarah asks Casey to follow through on Chuck’s father and Casey gives Chuck his word that if his father is there, he will keep him safe.

The power goes out in most of Los Angeles, opening the cell doors in Castle. Sarah and Chuck hurry out and see the monitor with Casey’s apartment, where Awesome is locked in.

Sarah and Chuck interrupt Casey and Awesome in the middle of a fistfight. They tie Casey up and Chuck tells Awesome the truth. Awesome goes home to cover for Chuck with Ellie and Chuck and Sarah leave the apartment, leaving Casey tied to his chair.

Casey is trying to escape his handcuffs when General Beckman shows up on the monitor. She tells Casey that they found Stephen Bartowski in an underground bunker. They are going to annihilate the site. Casey protests because he gave Chuck his word. After the conversation is over, Casey continues trying to burn through his handcuffs, clearly now more angry and determined.

Sarah and Casey show up at the site where Stephen is being held. As Chuck gets out of the car, Casey comes up behind him and pulls a gun on him. He tells Sarah and Chuck the situation and criticizes their planning. Oh, and he’s on their side now.

The drive thru where Stephen is being held suddenly has lights turn on everywhere and Ted Roarke comes out, saying that all the cars in the now full parking lot are new Fulcrum agents that have specially been chosen. Chuck realizes that Roarke is trying to create an army of Intersects.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Casey found their way into the bunker and sneak up on the agents guarding Stephen. They free him and hurry out. When they get to the car, Chuck is gone. He left a note that he went to stop Roarke. Vincent and other Fulcrum agents show up behind them.

Chuck sneaks in to try to destroy the Intersect, but Roarke sees him. The other agents bring Sarah, Casey and Stephen in as well. Roarke starts the machine and Chuck yells for Sarah and Casey to close their eyes. His are closed too, but Stephen tells him to open them. He made it for him. Chuck opens his eyes and when it’s over, he has the usual reaction and passes out.

Roarke realizes the Intersect program didn’t work, but before he can kill anyone, the air strike starts. They all run out. Once they are in the car, Stephen says that he programmed his device to remove the Intersect from Chuck’s head.

Back in Castle, Casey tells General Beckman that Sarah only pretended to go AWOL to draw Fulcrum out and that she was integral to the success of the mission. Beckman then says the Intersect project is over. She also asks Casey if he wants to return to his old post.

Ellie is upset that Chuck has disappointed her, but then he shows up with Stephen and it’s a happy ending – for a second, at least. Chuck then goes to invite Casey to the rehearsal dinner. Casey tells him it’s over and Chuck doesn’t need his help anymore. Chuck says he’s just asking as a friend. Casey closes the door, and Chuck starts to leave, figuring he’d been rejected, but then the door opens and Casey comes back out, now with a jacket on and a handful of cigars.

The episode ends with Ted Roarke hitching a ride to Burbank.

Best Moments:

Chuck and Sarah are sleeping with their hands entwined. They slowly wake up and end up staring into each other’s eyes, having a “moment.” Then they just go for it and start making out like crazy.

While Sarah and Chuck are locked up in Castle, they have a cute conversation and another kiss.

As they head to the rehearsal dinner, Chuck and Sarah have a romantic moment.

Funniest Moments:

Casey is rummaging around in Chuck’s room when Awesome walks in.

Chuck and Sarah are about to have sex and when Chuck goes to get a condom, he instead finds a note from Morgan saying that he took it.

Awesome goes into the Buy More to ask Jeff and Lester about Chuck and tells them about Casey’s visit. They tell Awesome that Casey is obsessed with Chuck and Jeff offers to show Awesome something freaky. He then pulls a ‘Chuck Diary’ out of Casey’s locker. Lester opens it and reads, “Bathroom visits – and duration.” (This is weird even if Casey is supposed to watch and protect Chuck.) They also show Awesome duct tape and high-grade chloroform.

Chuck tells Awesome the truth and at first he thinks Chuck is joking, but then he thinks it’s ‘awesome’ and agrees to help. The entire conversation is quotable.

The way Chuck reacts when Casey criticizes him for not asking him for his help is hilarious. When Casey agrees, he has one condition – that Chuck stay in the car. Sarah immediately agrees and even Chuck agrees to it this time.

The Beginnings of Awesome Getting ‘Read In’ As They Say In the Spy Business:

After Awesome sees the contents of Casey’s locker, coupled with Chuck’s unexplained disappearance, Awesome decides to investigate. He uses the keys from Casey’s locker to go into Casey’s apartment. He sees all the photographs on the wall and the computer monitor with the feed of Chuck’s bedroom. When Awesome clicks the mouse, he sets off an alarm and bars come down all around Awesome, trapping him in.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Chuck leaves the hotel room to get a condom and Casey grabs him from behind and pulls a gun on him. They go back into the motel room and the shower is running. Casey walks towards it and opens the shower curtain. There’s no one there, and then suddenly Sarah punches Casey in the face and he kind of comedically falls over. Sarah handcuffs Casey to the radiator and they make a run for it. As they get in the car, Chuck flashes on a license plate and realizes Fulcrum is there.

While Chuck and Casey are arguing about whether Casey can kill him from his confined space while handcuffed to a radiator, Sarah comes out. She has been captured by Fulcrum. Casey says it’s too late and to drive, but Chuck says, “I told you. I’m not leaving without Sarah.” Then he backs the car up, running Fulcrum agents over and giving Sarah the opportunity to try to fight and escape. The fight ends with Casey and Sarah facing each other, guns drawn. A Fulcrum agent gets up, and both shoot him. Sarah’s gun clicks because she is out of bullets and Casey arrests them.

Awesome is trying to talk to Casey about his ‘problem’ when Casey pulls his gun out of his jeans. Awesome thinks Casey is going to shoot him, so when an alarm goes off that the perimeter has been breached and Casey is momentarily distracted, Awesome jumps him. He hits Casey over the head with a Ronald Reagan bust and the two get into a fistfight. Suddenly, Casey is hit in the head from behind and Sarah is standing there, her gun pointing at Casey. Awesome is shocked to see her, and then more shocked to see Chuck.

As soon as the air strike starts, Sarah and Casey start punching people. Casey carries Chuck, Stephen grabs the Intersect programming device and they run for the car, huge explosions going off behind them.

Most Cliché Moment:

Chuck and Sarah check into a motel room that only has one bed. Is this not one of the most overused tropes in all of screenwriting?

Notable Guest Stars:

Scott Bakula is back as Stephen Bartowski.

Chevy Chase is back as Ted Roarke.

Arnold Vosloo is back as Vincent.

Tony Hale is back as Emmett.

Saddest Moment:

Chuck realizes his father is nearby and asks Casey to go back. Casey simply says, “I don’t care.”

Most Awkward Moment:

Casey walks into his apartment and says, “Hi, Devon.” He’s very nonchalant, as if there isn’t anything abnormal or surprising about the situation.

Best Lines:

“We have got to get a lock for that window.” – Awesome

“Because the floor is gross and I’m not going to make you sleep on it.” – Sarah

“Do all your friends give your mother urinary tract infections?” – Emmett (and Ew!)

“One condition. You stay in the car!” – Sarah

“Technically, I still have one foot in the car.” – Chuck

“You didn’t do anything wrong, Chuck. You trusted somebody who you thought cared about you.” – Sarah

“This is creepy,” – Awesome

“I hate this whole family.” – Casey

“For what it’s worth, if I have to spend the rest of my days in a dark, windowless room, I can’t think of a better person to spend it with.” – Chuck

“What, we can’t request a cozy little two bed, two bath cell?” – Chuck
“Two bed?” – Sarah

“Devon, don’t freak out.” – Chuck

“You made three crucial mistakes, Bartowski. You didn’t realize you were being trailed for the last half hour, you didn’t bring nearly enough fire power and you didn’t ask me to join.” – Casey
“Casey, would you like to help us rescue my father?” – Chuck
“I think your father has served our country honorably and deserves to attend his daughter’s wedding.” – Casey

“I had no idea Tron was so popular.” – Casey

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