Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 15 – The Benders

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This episode is coming off the revelation that Sam isn’t the only person to have their mother killed in the same way as the Winchesters mother, by the yellow-eyed demon, and that Sam has developed the ability of telekinetic powers in addition to his premonitions.

Evan, a boy who witnesses a disappearance, says the “monster” sounded like a whining growl. Sam and Dean are in a bar, talking about whether the disappearance is their thing, but Sam points out that their father had circled the area and that it has more missing people per capita than anywhere else in the state. While Dean is in the bathroom, Sam leaves. When Dean gets outside, Sam has disappeared.

Important Moments:

The episode opens with Evan watching a man, Mr. Jenkins, throw garbage in a dumpster at night outside his window. The man hears weird scratching noises and starts looking around, trying to investigate the source of the noise. All of a sudden, the man is being dragged away.

Dean goes to the sheriff’s office and tells them he is investigating Sam as a missing person. The sheriff, Kathleen, tells him that Dean Winchester died in St. Louis and was suspected of murder. Dean brushes that off and tells her that he saw a traffic camera and he wants to see the footage from it.

Sam wakes up to find himself locked in a metal cage. Mr. Jenkins is locked in another cage next to him. Sam sees their captors and realizes that they are just people, not monsters or demons or anything supernatural.
Meanwhile, the sheriff brings Dean photographs from the traffic camera, where she points out that an old camper has new license plates. Dean figures the vehicle was stolen. He then hears a van drive by, which has an engine that sounds like a whining growl, just like Evan described.

Dean and Kathleen are riding from the traffic light that saw the camper when the sheriff gets information on the background check of the identification Dean had given her. It came back as stolen and included a picture, which is of an overweight black man. Dean implores the sheriff to help him look for Sam before she takes him in, and she begrudgingly agrees.

The doors to the metal cages holding Sam and Mr. Jenkins just open, and Jenkins leaves. Sam asks him to stay, concerned that since the escape was so easy, it might be a trap, but Jenkins leaves anyway and says he will send help. Outside in the rain, Jenkins finds a knife on the ground. He starts heading through the woods when someone gives a maniacal laugh. Suddenly, men come up behind him and attack him. He gets away but they catch up with him and he gets stabbed in the leg. The men are clearly insane and chasing him for the sport of it. They catch up with Jenkins and kill him.

Dean and Kathleen see something and pull over. Kathleen goes to the house where the Crazy Family lives and knocks on the door. A messy little girl answers it. Kathleen asks if her mom is home and the girl replies, “She’s dead.” Kathleen shows the girl a picture of Sam and before the girl answers Kathleen, she says, “That’s gonna hurt.” Suddenly, Kathleen is hit from behind with a shovel. When she wakes up, she is in the metal cage previously occupied by Mr. Jenkins. She tells Sam that his “cousin” is looking for him.

Meanwhile, Dean is struggling to reach the antenna on the police car so he can pick the lock on his handcuffs, where Kathleen left him stuck to the car. Dean is able to escape just in time as two members of the Crazy Family walk out to the road to the sheriff’s car. After Dean escapes, he finds the room where Sam and Kathleen are being held. Sam tells Dean that they’re just people. Sam asks Dean if he saw anything and he says there are a lot of junk cars. Kathleen asks about a black mustang, which was her brother’s. Dean confirms he saw it.

As Dean goes looking for something to break the locks, he finds photographs the Crazy Family took with their “kills.” He then finds the keys but before he takes them, the little girl comes up behind him. He tells her he isn’t going to hurt her and she says, “I know.” She then stabs his jacket into the wall. Then it gets better for Dean as she calls, “Daddy!”

After Dean fights the Crazy Family and gets knocked out, instead of waking up in a metal cage, he instead wakes up tied to a chair with the Crazy Family staring at him, which is perhaps even creepier.

Crazy Daddy interrogates Dean, which doesn’t go very well. It ends with Crazy Daddy telling Dean to choose whether they hunt Sam or Kathleen. Dean ends up choosing Sam after being tortured. Crazy Daddy then says to shoot both Sam and Kathleen in the cages, upsetting Dean.

Meanwhile, the cages open and Sam picks up a manacle that is in the cage with him and manages to knock out one of the Crazy Sons. Sam and Kathleen are both wandering around in the dark.

After they fight with Crazy Daddy and Crazy Son, Sam locks the unconscious Crazy Son in a cage and leaves Kathleen with Crazy Daddy, who has been shot. Crazy Daddy then provokes her, saying he killed her brother because it was fun. She responds by shooting him, later saying that she shot him while he tried to escape, though it’s clear neither Sam or Dean believe her.

Kathleen says the police and FBI are coming and tells Sam and Dean to get out of there, so they start walking.

Impersonation of the Week:

Sam and Dean impersonate the Minnesota State Police to interview the little boy who witnessed the death. Dean is later busted for impersonating an officer when the sheriff runs his badge.

Family Moments/Arguments:

The sheriff tells Dean that her brother disappeared three years ago just like Sam and she knows what it’s like to feel responsible for someone and to have basically let them down.

While Sam and Dean are walking away at the end of the episode, they have brotherly banter about Sam’s disappearance, Sam teasing Dean for missing him. Aww.

Action Moments:

Dean is attacked by the Crazy Family and manages to almost get the upper hand, but one of them comes up behind him and knocks him out with what looks like a frying pan.

Kathleen tricks Crazy Son into shooting a storage cabinet and then jumps on his back, trying to strangle him. He is able to get the upper hand and is about to shoot her when Sam distracts him. Sam ducks as Crazy Son turns with his rifle, causing him to shoot Crazy Daddy by accident. Sam takes advantage of the moment to knock out Crazy Son.

Funniest Moments:

Kathleen handcuffs Dean to the side of the police car so he can’t go with her.

Crazy Daddy is talking to Dean, right up in his face, and between his teeth and Dean’s facial expression, the man clearly has breath to match his teeth.

Disgusting Moments:

Dean finds jars of various human parts, including a jaw and a pelvis hanging from the ceiling and a jar of teeth.

The teeth of all members of the Crazy Family are pretty disgusting.

Crazy Daddy burns Dean with a hot poker and then threatens to take out his eye.
Food Moment:

Sam and Dean are trying to figure out if the disappearance is their kind of thing while Dean is drinking beer in a bar.

State of the Week:


Best Lines:

“Sam? Two beers and he’s doing karaoke.” – Dean

“Yeah, Dean, kind of the black sheep of the family. Handsome, though.” – Dean

“I’ll be damned. They’re just people.” – Sam

“I lost some weight. And I got that Michael Jackson skin disease.” – Dean

“Don’t call me Sammy!” – Sam

“I got to start carrying paper clips.” – Dean

“These locks look like they’re going to be a bitch!” – Dean

“I’ll say it again. Demons I get. People are crazy.” – Dean

“Yeah, well don’t sell yourself short. You’re plenty sloppy.” – Dean

“How about ‘It’s not nice to marry your sister?” – Dean

“Oh, eat me. No, no, no wait, you actually might.” – Dean

“If you hurt my brother, I’ll kill you, I swear. I’ll kill you all. I will kill you all.” – Dean

“You got sidelined by a 13-year old girl, huh?” – Sam
“Shut up.” – Dean
“I’m just saying, you’re getting rusty there, kiddo.” – Sam
“Shut up.” – Dean

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