Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 18 – Chuck Versus the Broken Heart

218ChuckVsBrokenheartChuck Rewatch Recap

Season 2 Episode 18 Chuck Versus the Broken Heart

The episode opens with Chuck being kidnapped in the apartment courtyard. Casey pulls a gun on the kidnappers and tells them to drop Chuck. It turns out to be Morgan, Jeff and Lester, practicing for Awesome’s bachelor party. Casey puts his gun away and turns the hose on them.

Important Moments:

General Beckman appears on Chuck’s computer screen in his bedroom. She wants a private meeting to ascertain if his feelings for Sarah have compromised her ability to protect him. He says, “What feelings?” and General Beckman shows him a barrage of video of him talking to Sarah about his feelings. Beckman says they have to do a 49B and hangs up before telling Chuck what that means.

Chuck walks into the Orange Orange to talk to Sarah about his conversation with General Beckman. He goes on a little bit, talking to Sarah’s back. When she turns around, it’s not Sarah, but another agent. She introduces herself as his 49B. Her name is Alex Forrest.

General Beckman assigns Chuck to get into the hospital and confirm the identity of Amad, their new mission. They then will plant a tracker on his pacemaker.

Chuck goes to talk to Sarah to apologize for getting her in trouble at work. She is clearly uncomfortable. Chuck then asks her to run his father’s name through the database as Alex walks in.

The mission begins with Alex ordering Sarah to stay in the car and observe. As she is doing that, she sees Ellie in the hospital, who was not supposed to be there. Chuck ducks into the nearest hospital room to avoid being spotted and luckily, it’s the room they’re looking for. He flashes on Ahmad and his doctor.

The codes get changed and Casey says he needs 40 minutes or C4. Alex alternatively suggests taking a doctor out. Alex then sees Awesome and wants to get the card from him. Back at Castle, Sarah agrees with Chuck. Then, Chuck suggests an alternative plan that allows them to get the card without tranquilizing Awesome, and it turns out to be his bachelor party.


Alex gives General Beckman her assessment regarding the 49B. She says that Sarah is too involved with the asset (Chuck) and makes decisions with consideration to his feelings. General Beckman then tells Sarah to report back to Langley for reassignment. Sarah says she’s just going to say goodbye to Chuck and Alex tells her she can’t have any further contact with him, and reiterates that it’s an order.

After General Beckman tells them that they were successful during their mission, Ahmed’s doctor finds the bug on the pacemaker and sees the surgeon was Dr. Woodcombe. Now they are after Awesome.

Sarah is driving when the search results on the Stephen Bartowski search come up. She looks at the results and immediately exits the highway.

Chuck knows they will be looking for Awesome so he puts on a doctor’s coat and answers the door, pretending to be Awesome, only to be kidnapped. Sarah shows up at his apartment and realizes something bad has happened. She goes to Castle, but her access has been revoked. Alex is still insisting that Sarah is off the assignment, but Sarah holds up Chuck’s phone, saying he never goes anywhere without it. Casey agrees with Sarah. After Casey lets Sarah into Castle, Alex says that Chuck is in the courtyard and is fine, because that’s what the signal from his watch says. Sarah pulls up the camera showing the courtyard and zooms in on Chuck’s watch in the fountain.

Figuring there is a connection between Chuck’s disappearance and the signal from the heart monitor going off, they pull up the last location of the heart monitor. It was at a bank vault, where the vault would block the monitor’s signal. Alex says you would need at least six feet of steel to get through it.

Ahmad’s men want Chuck to remove the pacemaker from Ahmad’s heart, something that’s a little difficult since he isn’t a real surgeon. When Sarah, Casey and Alex show up, Ahmad’s doctor brings Chuck into the vault and locks the door. Sarah shouts his name and they start asking him, “Who’s Chuck?” They are realizing that he’s an imposter.

Sarah chastises Alex because she is supposed to protect Chuck. Alex says she has nitroglycerin and a blasting cap and plans to blow the door off. Casey points out that there was a nitrous setup in the vault, which would blow Chuck up, too.

They are able to save Chuck and get Sarah her job back, but Chuck still faces major difficulties when he arrives home. Ellie is very upset about the pictures that were taken of Awesome with Alex while Awesome was unconscious. He goes to talk to Sarah about it. She wants to help him out and brings him to a trailer that looks to be in the middle of nowhere, the location of Stephen Bartowski. He is hesitant, but Sarah encourages him to knock on the door.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Ahmad’s doctor attacks Chuck after they realize he isn’t a surgeon. Chuck uses the x-ray machine to block him and then sprays nitrous oxide from a hose into the doctor’s face. The doctor has a scalpel and ends up on top of Chuck, trying to stab him with the scalpel. Then he just starts laughing. Moments later, Chuck starts laughing, too.

Best Moments:

After Alex orders Sarah not to contact Chuck again, she leaves and Sarah goes over to the computer and runs the search for Stephen Bartowski, Chuck’s father.

When Alex is trying to seduce Awesome to get his key card, he tells her to stop because he loves Ellie.

Chuck confronts Alex about tranquilizing Awesome, saying she can’t go around knocking out his family members. She says, “It looks like we can.” Chuck then says that Sarah never would have done that.

Alex starts bad mouthing Sarah to Casey and he is about to defend her, but they are cut off by the information from the pacemaker. He later tells Alex that she’s wrong and Sarah is the best partner he’s ever had.

Sarah is able to get Chuck out of the vault when Alex isn’t. Chuck then protests to General Beckman, stating that the most important part of being his handler is making sure that he stays alive. Sarah tells him that it’s okay, but Casey interrupts. “No, it’s not. Let him finish.” General Beckman admits that the relationship between Chuck and Sarah can be an asset and gives Sarah back her post.

Funniest Moments:

Awesome walks into Chuck’s room and sees the name General Beckman on the computer screen, having just signed off. Chuck says it’s video game stuff and Awesome asks who he is. Chuck says he is Special Agent Carmichael, which activates the computer and connects the video to General Beckman at her desk. Chuck has to quickly turn if off with the remote before Awesome notices.

Chuck asks Sarah what the 49B is about and she replies, “To discuss this further would be a breach of protocol.”

As they are getting ready to begin the mission of confirming Ahmad, Chuck asks if they’re going to arrest him. Casey and Alex both start to explain, finishing each other’s sentences, and both ending the explanation with, “Checkmate.” Alex is a female version of Casey.

When Awesome turns Alex down while she is dressed in stripper mode, she immediately turns around and tranquilizes him, exactly what Chuck said not to do.

The entire scene in the vault after Chuck sprays the nitrous oxide is funny. The ladybugs… Stand your ground…

The Government Must Pay Well:

This isn’t the first episode where Sarah is driving an expensive car, but it’s usually within the confines of her job. As she’s driving, presumably to the airport, she is driving a Porsche, not the type of car one could usually afford on a government salary.

Weirdest Moment:

Casey and Alex are cleaning their guns and it is filmed to look very sexual.

Guest Star:

Tricia Helfer of Lucifer and Burn Notice guest stars as Alex Forrest.

Best Lines:

“You should have trusted me!” – Sarah

“Don’t scream. I have a splitting headache.” – Vincent

“A modified poison extracted from blowfish. Fulcrum agents are taught to survive its near death state.” – Vincent
“That sounds like a fun class.” – Chuck
“Not really.” – Vincent

“It would be unprofessional not to.” – Vincent and Chuck

“Chuck, I hesitate to say this.” – General Beckman
“Please, hesitate.” – Chuck
“We are in the midst of a secret war with Fulcrum and I believe the outcome of this fight will rest squarely on your shoulders.” – General Beckman

“I’m no spy.” – Chuck
“Do you know how many agents I’ve lost to Fulcrum? How powerful they are? Only this operation, only you [Chuck] have found a hole in their armor. See, I can’t lose you, Chuck. I need you. It’s time for you to become a spy.” – General Beckman

“Don’t you trust me?” – Casey
“I don’t trust anybody.” – General Beckman

“If I have to eat an apple a day to keep that doctor away, then bring on the fresh fruit.” – Chuck

“Wow. You two are a match made in a very frightening part of heaven.” – Chuck

“Please take good care of him.” – Sarah

“I’m gonna go clean my weapons.” – Alex

“You must be relieved that she’s gone. Things can now finally be professional.” – Alex

“I was going to say earlier, I disagree with your assessment.” – Casey
“About what?” – Alex
“Walker. She’s a pro. Not only that, she’s the best damn partner I ever had.” – Casey

“Then there’s nothing stopping me from kicking your ass.” – Sarah

“I forgot why I was mad at you.” – the doctor

“Think about it. Ladybugs can’t all be ladies.” – Chuck

“Your pockets talking.” – Chuck

“Forrest, we can do this your way, or we can actually save the asset.” – Sarah

“Is it really you, or am I super stoned?” – Chuck
“Both.” – Sarah

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