Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 12 – Faith


Season 1 Episode 12 Faith

This episode picks up right in the middle of the action. Sam and Dean are hunting something. They think they found whatever it is, but it turns out to be scared children, so they continue the search. Dean gets it by electrocuting it, but he also electrocutes himself in the process.

Important Moments:

After the first scene, Sam finds out that the electric shock caused Dean to have a massive heart attack and the doctors say he will likely only live a couple of weeks. Sam goes in to talk to Dean who seems to have accepted the situation. Sam, however, hasn’t and says he’s going to stop Dean from dying.

Dean shows up at the door, telling Sam he checked himself out of the hospital. Sam has spent the past three days scouring John’s journals and all their contacts for an answer. Sam says he found a specialist in Nebraska. They arrive and Dean is upset to learn Sam has brought him to a faith healer.

They meet Layla outside of the tent the faith healer preaches in. She has a brain tumor and only six months to live.

They go into the service and Dean is definitely not happy to be there. After Dean makes a rude comment, the preacher invites him to come up on stage and Dean says to pick someone else. Eva’s family looks upset that someone else was picked, while Sam is upset that Dean is hesitant to go. Dean does go up, and he tells the preacher that he isn’t a believer but the preacher isn’t concerned and instead says that he will be. He puts his hand on Dean’s shoulder and head and Dean starts to fall and then passes out. Sam runs over and shakes Dean, who opens his eyes. He looks at the preacher and sees a demon standing next to him, who suddenly disappears.
Dean goes to the doctor and he’s fine. The doctor says there’s no sign of anything wrong with his heart. She then offhandedly says that there is no reason for something to be wrong with his heart at a young age, but it does happen sometimes. When Dean asks what she means, she says the day before a 27-year old man came in and randomly had a heart attack. Dun dun dun…

Sam wants to ignore the coincidence. Dean refuses and Sam agrees they will investigate the matter. Dean then goes to visit the preacher and his wife. He tells Dean that he woke up blind one day and the doctors told him he had cancer and would die in a month. Then he went into a coma. They prayed and then he just woke up and didn’t have cancer and could also heal people. Dean asks the preacher why he chose him out of everybody and he says he saw in Dean’s heart that he was a young man with an important purpose that he wasn’t finished with yet.

As Dean is leaving the preacher’s house, Layla and her mother arrive. The preacher’s wife, Sue Ann, tells them that the preacher is sleeping and won’t be seeing anyone. Her mother is very upset and says that it’s their sixth time visiting. Sue Ann says the preacher is aware of Layla’s condition and wants to help as soon as the lord allows. She then turns to Dean and asks him why he’s even still in town, because he got what he wanted.

Sam talks to the medical examiner and finds out that the guy died at 4:17pm, the same time Dean was healed. When Sam researched it further, he found that every time someone was healed, someone else died of the exact same thing, essentially trading a life for a life. Dean says the only thing that can do that is a reaper. They can stop time and the only way you can see them is if they’re coming at you, which is why Dean could see it and Sam couldn’t.

The brothers are trying to figure out how the preacher is controlling it, and Sam says it’s the cross he was wearing.

Dean says they need to kill Roy, the faith healer, and Sam refuses. Instead, during the preacher’s next service, Sam breaks into his house. He finds a book of black magic on the shelf, hidden behind a history of Christianity. Inside the book, the preacher has articles about people he considers to be immoral, and a local reporter, David, who has protested the church and called it a cult, is included. Since he is still alive, Sam surmises that he is the next victim and calls Dean. He tries to convince Layla that something bad will happen if she goes up to be healed, but she goes anyway.

Sam sees David being chased and tries to help him, but it’s difficult since Sam can’t see the reaper. Meanwhile, Dean yells ‘Fire’ to get everyone to leave the tent during the service, interrupting the preacher while he is healing Layla. Dean feels terrible about it, but calls Sam to tell him he stopped the healing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work and the reaper is still coming after David. Dean then sees Sue Ann chanting and realizes that she’s the one controlling the reaper, not the preacher and is able to stop her in time to save David. Sue Ann screams for help and Dean is almost arrested (again).
Layla asks Dean why he did that, and he tells her the preacher isn’t the answer. He still feels bad that he was healed and Layla wasn’t. The preacher tells Layla’s mom that he will heal her later that night, so he clearly has no idea what his wife is up to.

They realize that Sue Ann used a binding spell to keep the reaper away from her husband, and then just continued to use the reaper to do what she thinks is god’s will. They have to stop her, but Dean hesitates because if they stop Sue Ann then Layla won’t be healed and will die. Nonetheless, they split up to find Sue Ann and are able to stop her from killing Dean, her new target.

The brothers are back in their hotel room when Layla knocks on the door. She tells Dean the healing didn’t work and Dean surprisingly tells her he will pray for her.

Family Moments/Arguments:

Sam calls John to tell him that Dean is “sick,” which must be difficult for him since they have such a strained relationship and Sam didn’t want to be a hunter. He still stops short of asking his father for help, instead telling him not to worry about it because he would do everything to get him better.

Sam doesn’t understand why Dean can believe in evil, but not good. Dean’s argument is that he sees the evil first hand, and he’s also seen what evil does to good people.

Action Moment:

Dean distracts some cops that are guarding the tent, getting them to chase him while Sam goes after Sue Ann in the house. He thinks she’s in the basement, but after he goes in, Sue Ann traps him there. She now plans to kill Dean when Layla is healed and doesn’t want Sam to be able to stop her. Sam uses some sort of pole to knock a hole in the wall to get out and then breaks the cross necklace that Sue Ann uses to control the reaper who then turns from Dean to Sue Ann, who then dies.

Funniest Moments:

Dean criticizes the preacher during his service, making a comment about getting into people’s wallets, but the preacher hears him. “Watch what you say around a blind man,” the preacher tells Dean. “We’ve got really sharp ears.”

Notable Guest Star:

Julie Benz plays Layla, a church member with a brain tumor.

The First Death:

At this point, the number of times Sam and Dean have died has become a kind of inside joke for fans. While Dean doesn’t actually die in this episode, it is the first time one of the brothers gets out of being dead through some sort of supernatural means.

State of the Week:


Notable Music Moments:

(Don’t Fear) the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult is playing when the reaper kills the girl in the woods.

Best Lines:

“We still have options.” – Sam
“What options? Yeah, burial or cremation.” – Dean

“I’m gonna die and you can’t stop it.” – Dean
“Watch me.” – Sam

“You’re not going to let me die in peace, are you?” – Dean
“I’m not going to let you die, period.” – Sam

“You said you saw a dude in a suit.” – Sam
“What, do you think he should’ve been working the whole black robe thing?” – Dean

“It’s like putting a dog leash on a great white.” – Sam

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