Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 16 – Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon

216ChucklethalweaponChuck Rewatch Recap Season 2 Episode 16

Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon

The episode opens with Chuck and Sarah in bed. She asks him how he slept and he is clearly very uncomfortable. They have a very couple-y moment in the bathroom, as they both brush their teeth side by side.

Important Moments:

The episode has the first CIA team scene occur as if the last episode didn’t have the scene where Sarah told Chuck that Cole was captured, which is a little confusing. Casey tells Chuck to get into Castle and that he will be brought to a secure non-disclosed location because Cole was picked up, but I thought we already knew that and that all the characters had also already known that since the previous night? That was the entire reason Chuck was trying to tell Morgan that he was moving in with Sarah instead. Oh well. Not a huge deal.

Cole shows up in Castle unexpectedly. He tells Sarah that he escaped and didn’t tell Fulcrum anything about Chuck or the Intersect.

Cole tells them that the person they’re looking for goes by the code name Perseus. The mission General Beckman gives them involves Casey and Sarah attending an event where Perseus is supposed to show up. Cole and Chuck will watch through cameras.

At the party, Chuck flashes on a man and they figure he must be Perseus. A minute later, Cole recognizes another party attendee as one of the men who tortured him. The Fulcrum agent cuts the signal, leaving Chuck and Cole in the dark.

Chuck and Cole go in to save Casey and Sarah and both end up injured. Cole is shot and Chuck injures his ankle. Later, Chuck is at the hospital and sees the scientist he flashed on from the party, who he has learned invented the Intersect (except we know who really invented the Intersect). Chuck follows him because he hopes the scientist can remove the Intersect from his head. After Chick goes into the scientist’s office building, two Fulcrum agents go in and immediately shoot the receptionist.

After Sarah applies first aid to Cole’s injury, he tells Sarah that when you meet someone special, it’s not fair to have to walk away. He is clearly referring to Sarah as the someone special. Sarah agrees and walks away. It seems like she might be talking about Chuck, and not Cole.

Meanwhile, Chuck sees the scientist packing a lot of cash into a bag. The scientist sees Chuck and pulls a gun on him. Sarah, Casey and Cole show up at the office building, too. Chuck asks the scientist about the Intersect and the scientist wants to know who Chuck is and why he knows about the Intersect. There is a folder labeled ‘Orion’ and Chuck flashes on it in front of him. The scientist realizes that Chuck is the Intersect and doesn’t know if the Intersect can be removed. He tells Chuck that only Orion would know and before he can say anything else the Fulcrum agents show up and shoot the scientist.
In the last scene, Chuck takes down the Tron poster and turns it over, where there is a large map of all the information relating to the Intersect, from Bryce Larkin to Fulcrum and everything that’s happened in between. Even Sarah and Casey are on it. At the top, Chuck adds ORION in big red letters.

Best Moments:

Ellie suggests Chuck throw away his Tron poster and Awesome laughs. Chuck says, “Dad gave me that poster.” Everyone looks properly chastised.

In a great but sad moment, Chuck tells Sarah that he can’t move in with her because he’s crazy about her. It would be too hard. He then promises he will get the Intersect out of his head and then they can be together.

Funniest Moments:

Chuck is suggesting to Cole that they switch it up a little with their cover and go as dentists. Cole suggests that they go as spies and then punches a guard.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Chuck is armed in this episode. That leads to him falling through a window and dropping his gun, which goes off and shoots the scientist in the leg. It does allow Casey and Sarah the opportunity they needed to attack their captors.

After following the scientist to his office, Fulcrum agents show up and Cole ends up shot again. Chuck knocks over the shooter, saving Cole. Unfortunately, he doesn’t think to get the gun and the Fulcrum agent gets back up to shoot them. As luck would have it, Sarah shows up right at that moment and shoots the Fulcrum agent.

Gratuitous Shirtless Moment:

Cole is shirtless when he is having first aid for his gunshot wound.

Chuck/Sarah/Love Triangle:

I’m not a fan of love triangles, just to put that out there. That being said, Chuck and Cole spend much of the episode trying to one-up each other with Sarah.

Cole jumps onto Sarah to “save” her from being shot by the guy she was just about to shoot herself. Cole gets shot in the process.

Sarah tells Cole he doesn’t look so good. “I can’t say the same for you,” he replies. This line is just one of the many reasons I dislike love triangles. On the other hand, Cole credits Chuck with being brave to General Beckman, in a nice way that’s very difficult to find fault with.

Verdict on Cole:

Even though I hate love triangles, the writers of Chuck deserve credit for creating three dimensional characters that they usually only put in the way of Chuck and Sarah for a few episodes, usually not for long enough to become really annoying as many shows do.

Cole gives credit to Chuck for basically doing nothing when he didn’t need to. He then tells Chuck it was a team effort, refusing to take credit for saving Sarah.

When Cole says goodbye to Chuck, he’s actually really nice and advises him to carry a gun.

…Then he goes and gives Sarah a terrible pick up line and it makes me kind of dislike him again.

Notable Guest Star:
Matt gif002
While he wasn’t technically a guest star, Matt Bomer appears on Chuck’s Intersect board in an article about the death of Bryce Larkin, and all Matt Bomer appearances warrant a mention.

Best Lines:

“It’s not about wanting to be a hero, Chuck, it’s about needing to be.” – Cole

“We’re dead. Bartowski’s got a gun.” – Casey

“Who’d have thought it, Cole Barker loses the girl to Chuck Bartowski.” – Cole

“When you meet somebody you care about, it’s just hard to walk away.” – Cole and later, Sarah

“I’m crazy about you and I’ve always been.” – Chuck

“Just so you know, I am gonna get this thing out of my head, one day. I will. And when I do, I’m going to live the life that I want, with the girl that I love, because I’m not gonna let this thing rob me of that. I won’t.” – Chuck

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