Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 5 – Bloody Mary


Season 1 Episode 5 – Bloody Mary

This episode opens with some girls playing “Bloody Mary” at a sleepover party. They don’t think it worked, but then a girl opens the bathroom door to find a ton of blood and starts screaming. Then it cuts to Sam, who is still having nightmares about Jess.

Important Moments:

The blood the girl finds is from a body that has liquefied eyes. According to a morgue employee, he had intense cerebral bleeding.

The brothers go to talk to the dead man’s daughter, Donna. When they arrive at the house, the family is in the middle of holding the wake. They ask the family about symptoms, such as migraines, and then his youngest daughter says it’s her fault because she played Bloody Mary in the bathroom. Dean assures the daughter that it couldn’t have been Bloody Mary because her dad wasn’t the one to say it. Sam also gives their contact information to Charlie, a friend of Donna’s.

Jill, another friend of Charlie and Donna, is on the phone with Charlie when she says “Bloody Mary” into the mirror to basically prove to Charlie that the story is ridiculous. She then is found dead with liquefied eyes. Now convinced that something weird is going on, Charlie calls Sam and lets the brothers into Jill’s bedroom to investigate. Sam finds marks and they use a black light to look at it. The black light reveals the name “Cary Bryman.” Sam looks it up and finds out that the name refers to a boy who was killed in a hit and run accident. Charlie tells them that Jill drove the same car as the one responsible for the hit and run.

The brothers theorize that the victims were chosen for having a secret that involved someone dying and that may be the reason Mary is choosing them. Dean finds a Mary Worthington that was murdered in front of a mirror in Indiana. Her eyes were cut out with a knife and the case was never solved. The policeman that worked on the case has the crime scene photos and shows them to Sam and Dean. He tells them that Mary was cremated, and they ask about the mirror she died in front of. He tells them the mirror is with the family.

When Sam calls the family, he finds out that they sold the mirror one week ago. The brothers figure the spirit must travel with the mirror.

Charlie tells Donna that she thinks the “Bloody Mary” story is true and that’s why Jill died. Donna says “Bloody Mary” to prove Charlie wrong while Charlie is still in the bathroom with her, and then Charlie starts seeing the spirit in glass while she’s in class. She freaks out and calls Sam and Dean, who show up and cover up all the glass. Dean asks her about her secret and it turns out she had an ex-boyfriend who killed himself and she blames herself for it.

Bloody_Mary105They find the mirror and Sam recites “Bloody Mary” into the mirror. The cops show up and while Dean is talking to them, Sam starts bleeding out of his eyes. Dean ends up losing patience with trying to explain something to the cops, and knocks them out instead. When he gets back inside, he smashes the mirror where Sam is being berated by his own reflection. They start to leave, but the spirit is still there. Both brothers start bleeding from the eyes. Dean picks up a mirror and holds it up to the spirit, and her own reflection starts berating her. She disappears into the floor and Dean smashes the mirror in his hands just for good measure.

Dean asks Sam what the secret was and Sam doesn’t tell him. The secret was that he had dreams about Jessica’s death before it happened, which we know is significant because it’s the first sign of Sam’s visions.

Impersonation of the Week:

Sam and Dean pose as med students to investigate a death. It doesn’t actually work until Sam gives the guy money. Then he is happy to show the brothers the body.

Best Moments:

Sam thinks it might be better to summon Mary to her own mirror and then smash that mirror. Dean asks who is going to summon her, and Sam says he will because of his “secret” that resulted in Jess dying. Dean gives him a big brother lecture that it isn’t his fault and that he has to stop holding onto the guilt.


The cops show up right after Sam says “Bloody Mary” and Dean walks out and tells them he’s the boss’ kid. “You’re Mr. Amashiro’s kid?” the cop asks.

Funniest Moments:

The brothers go to the public library to look up old records. Dean thinks it’s going to be annoying, and Sam says it won’t be, as long as the computers are working. The camera then pans to the computers, which both have large “Out of Order” signs on them.

The brothers go to the store that bought the mirror and it turns out the store is full of mirrors.

Creepiest Moments:

Jill, a friend of the daughter of the dead man, says “Bloody Mary” into the mirror to freak out Charlie, and after she hangs up the phone, there is a very wet, creepy looking little girl reflected in her bedroom mirror.

Ghost Story of the Week:

This episode is the old ghost story about saying Bloody Mary in the bathroom mirror three times. In this version, she comes and scratches your eyes out. Fun!

State of the Week:


Notable Music Moments:

Laugh, I Nearly Died” by the Rolling Stones plays as Dean drives them out of town.

Best Lines:

“Do I look like Paris Hilton?” – Dean

“It wouldn’t really be a secret if I told you.” – Sam

“Well, that’s just great.” – Dean, after realizing the antique store is filled with mirrors

“Sammy! Sammy!” – Dean
“It’s Sam.” – Sam

“That’s gotta be like, what? 600 years bad luck?” – Dean

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