Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 10 – Chuck Versus the DeLorean


Chuck – Season 2 – Episode 10 – Chuck Versus the DeLorean

This episode opens with a flashback of Sarah and her father running cons on people when Sarah was just a child, which establishes the relationship between Sarah and her father.

Important Moments:

Chuck invites Sarah to come over for a fake date with Awesome and Ellie. Sarah tells him that she can’t because she has plans. Chuck tries to get information on her plans out of her, but she says it’s personal.

Chuck borrows Morgan’s bike and follows Sarah to spy on her. He sees her meet a much older man, her father, but thinks it’s a date. He then flashes on Sarah’s dad. Sarah sees him and goes over to confront him about being there. He goes on about how terrible her father is, which her father overhears and agrees with. Sarah then introduces Chuck, her boyfriend, to her Dad. Her father later reveals to her that he has a suitcase full of money that came from Sheik Amad, who is apparently well known and suspected of funding terrorism.

A DeLorean is in the Buy More to get an iPod adapter installed.

Sarah’s father tells her and Chuck that he pulled a Lichtenstein, which is pretending that there is something that has to be sold quickly, and it turns out that he sold the hotel behind them, which he obviously doesn’t own to start with.

Sarah’s father is cornered by the Arabs who (correctly) think he is conning them. He tells them that Sarah, who walks in, is his assistant. They still don’t believe Mr. Lichtenstein is real, when a hotel employee calls for Mr. Lichtenstein. Chuck is there for the message, and Sarah tells the Arabs that Mr. Lichtenstein only speaks German. They set up a meeting for the next day.

Sarah apologizes to General Beckman for Chuck ending up involved in her father’s scheme, but the General thinks that they should take advantage of the situation to access the Sheik’s bank accounts, which the CIA has been trying to locate for a long time.

After Jake Burton leaves, Casey meets with General Beckman alone and the impression is given that Casey is being sent to kill Jake.

Jake calls Sarah. He has been kidnapped by the Sheik, who wants his money back. Sarah says she doesn’t have the money. Chuck goes to the ATM, and his account now has over $10 million in it.

Best Moments:

Morgan talks to Awesome about his situation with Anna and Awesome says Morgan should grown up and get the apartment, and says he is happy to loan him the money if that’s an issue. It’s kind of a sweet scene.

After the conversation with General Beckman, Sarah convinces her father to continue the con, using her team of Schnook (Chuck) and Cop Face (Casey). That begins the Sting-like portion of the episode, as they plan an elaborate con to sell the building to the Sheik. They evacuate the building and then redecorate it to be the fake building. Needless to say, it doesn’t go smoothly. First, the letters on the sign start to fall, then the Sheik has his own translator and wants to speak to Chuck, alone, when Chuck doesn’t speak German and to top it all off, the building employees have realized there is no extermination scheduled and they all head back to the building. Luckily, they manage to get it all wrapped up before the employees get back.

Chuck shows up at Sarah’s hotel room with chocolate croissants and coffee to try to make Sarah feel better. Sarah says it’s her own fault for not expecting it from him. Chuck tells her that it’s not her fault, it’s her fathers.

General Beckman says agents will be going to Sarah’s hotel room to arrest her father. Casey says that he was instrumental in the mission, and General Beckman says that will be taken into account for his sentencing. Sarah thanks him.

Sarah sees that it’s 4:55 p.m. so she asks her father to go get her ice cream so that he will get away, knowing the agents will be there to arrest him. When they arrive, he is around the corner talking to Chuck, where he is out of sight of the police, but can see she expected them. He figures out that she works for law enforcement in some capacity.

Funniest Moments:

They check the briefcase that’s supposed to have the laptop with the bank account and it’s gone. “So is my cigar,” says Casey.

Jake Burton’s alias is Guido Merkins? Really?

Saddest Moment:

Sarah has just finished agreeing with Chuck that this one time her father actually came through for her when Casey gets a call from General Beckman saying that the CIA never got the money. Sarah runs into the hallway after her father, but he is already gone.

After her father leaves, Chuck tells Sarah that he will be back soon, and she says “no he won’t.” Chuck looks back and he seems to realize she’s probably right.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Sarah goes after her Dad alone, bringing duffel bags filled with t-shirts because she doesn’t have the money. Chuck shows up in Morgan’s DeLorean and has the Sheik enter his account number so he can give the money they stole back to him. Casey is in his car and gets the account number for the government. The sheik is then going to kill them all anyway, so Casey drives up to arrest Chuck and Sarah, saying he’s with the U.S. Treasury and that they have been after the grifters for months. Sarah pulls her gun on the sheik, who threatens to shoot her father. He gives her a look, and she shoots her father in the shoulder. (Shoot the hostage is really always the best plan, no?)

A gunfight breaks out and Amad gets away in the DeLorean. Chuck calls to report the vehicle stolen and the person who answers the phone thinks it’s a prank call.

Best Lines:

“Okay, but if I don’t get my building, he’s a dead man. Translate that.” – bad guy

“Cop Face, you’re going to use the gift that God gave you – your cop face.” – Jack Burton

“They were all out of fruit so I was forced to bring up a couple of chocolate croissants.” – Chuck

“You need to know that your father’s sins are his and not yours.” – Chuck

“Decent plan, Bartowski, though I’d never tell him that.” – Casey

“If I did that to him, imagine what I’ll do to you.” – Sarah, after shooting her father

“No, this is not a prank call.” – Chuck, when trying to report the DeLorean stolen

“I made a $10 million bet that he loved you. Turns out I was right.” – Jake Burton

“I wanted to thank you for coming back. I gave you 10 million reasons to leave.” – Jake Burton
“But one really good reason to stay, and she would have done the same for me.” – Chuck

“My daughter is some kind of cop, isn’t she?” – Jake Burton

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