The (Almost) Complete List of Throwbacks to the Series In the Veronica Mars Movie

Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars


I’m sure I forgot some, so feel free to add anything I missed in the comments. And obviously, it goes without saying that this list contains SPOILERS!

1. The movie opens with a voiceover that basically summarizes the show. While more of a recap than a throwback, I’m including it anyway.

2. During Veronica’s interview with the law firm the following things from the series are mentioned: the dognapping case from the episode “M.A.D.”, the “sex” tape with Piz, 15 cases that Veronica’s name appears on, the fact that Veronica got her P.I. license on her 18th birthday.

3. After finishing the interview, while conversing with Piz and Ira Glass, Veronica sees news coverage that Bonnie DeVille was murdered. We learn that Bonnie DeVille is the stage name for Carrie Bishop, from the episode “Mars Vs. Mars.”

Adam Scott as Mr. Knight.

Adam Scott as Mr. Knight.

4. When Veronica is telling Piz why she’s going back to Neptune, he says to tell Logan he’s gotten used to the bone fragments floating around in his orbital socket, referencing when Logan beat him up in the series finale.

5. After arriving in Neptune, Veronica decides to surprise her father, and while waiting for him to finish with a client, Veronica answers the phone, just like old times.

6. Veronica asks about the new sheriff Lamb and Keith says he’s worse than the old one. They come upon two police harassing some teens, and Keith comes to the rescue just like old times. There is even a moment where Veronica trades barbs with a member of the police department again.

7. When Veronica goes to see Logan the next day to help him screen potential lawyers, the first one mentions the situation with Aaron Echolls and Lily Kane.

8. Veronica cons her way into the apartment of Carrie Bishop/Bonnie DeVille’s stalker, and is busted by Deputy Sacks. “Kudos for rocking the stache until it came back in style.”

Deputy Sacks.

Deputy Sacks.

9. Veronica calls Wallace and asks him if he can get a file on a previous student in a throwback to when he used to work in the school office.

10. Veronica goes to see Leo, and they have a replay of their first conversation, when Veronica brought him pizza. He also says he thought she was in the FBI, a reference to the attempted fourth season that would have seen Veronica joining the FBI.

Max Greenfield as Leo D'Amato.

Max Greenfield as Leo D’Amato.

11. Veronica calls Mac for tech help after figuring out something was done to Bonnie’s tablet.

Tina Majorino as Mac.

Tina Majorino as Mac.

12. When Logan leaves for duty, he and Veronica repeat the “epic” conversation from their high school prom.

Epic LoVe at the prom.

Epic LoVe at the prom.



13. The movie ends with a giant callback, with everyone back to their old places, Veronica working with her dad at Mars Investigations, Mac helping with the tech, Weevil back with the gang.

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