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Season 1 Episode 1

Mary Winchester
Mary Winchester


It’s crazy how young Jensen and Jared look in the pilot. The show starts with a flashback to Lawrence, Kansas when Sam is just a baby and Dean is a small boy. We see the night that the yellow eyed demon killed their mother and their father discovered her body on the ceiling. Dean walks in to see her burning, in an image that is repeated throughout the series.

Important Moments:

The episode moves to modern day, where Sam is about to begin law school. Sam is awoken by someone in their apartment. He starts fighting with the intruder, only to discover it’s his brother, Dean, who has shown up because their father is missing. Dean wants Sam to help him find their father, but Sam isn’t interested. Dean says he doesn’t want to do it alone, and Sam does finally relent and agree to help, but just for this one time.

Sam asks Dean how he pays for things, referencing credit card scams that they used to run with their father. This is generally how the brothers pay for things throughout the series.

Sam and Dean arrive at the crime scene and Dean takes out some fake IDs. This is how they will infiltrate crime scenes throughout the series. In this episode, they are federal marshals.

The brothers check into a motel room where the clerk recognizes the fake last name on the credit card, saying someone with the same last name checked in and bought out a hotel room for the month – their father. He has news clippings about the disappearances along Centennial Highway taped on the walls in the hotel room.

Dean gets arrested as a suspect in the Centennial Highway disappearances. The policeman has his father’s journal, something both boys admit he never travels without.

After finishing the case, Sam says he has to go back for his law school interview and won’t continue the search for their father with Dean. Instead he returns to his apartment, calling for his girlfriend, Jess. The shower is running so Sam lays down on the bed, where he feels blood drip onto his head. He looks up to see Jess on the ceiling the same way their mother was. Dean runs in as the room catches fire and he pulls Sam outside.

Best Moments:

Dean gets handcuffed in the police station, where he is left with a paperclip. He then uses it to break out of the handcuffs.

Dean’s Family Moments:

Dean tells Sam that they have a responsibility because of what they know and what they can do. He wants to find their father, while Sam feels like he was kicked out by their father. Sam says even if they find their father or the demon, it won’t bring their mother back. This statement causes Dean to slam Sam up against the bridge column. “Don’t talk about her like that.”

Okay, so this is technically Sam’s family moment, but he has so few that I’m just sticking under Dean’s. Sam sees the picture their father had pinned up of the three of them when the boys were little, and it makes him smile.

Ghost Story of the Week:

People disappear on a stretch of road along Centennial Highway, which we learn happens after they stop to pick up what appears to be a woman stranded in the middle of nowhere.

The boys hear about the story of a woman who was murdered on the stretch of road where the men have been going missing. In the story, the men stop to pick up a hitchhiker and then disappear. When they find out about a woman who jumped off of a bridge, it’s the same bridge the boy in the beginning of the episode disappeared from, leading them to believe there is a connection.
Sarah Shahi, Supernatural, Woman In White
Chased By a Ghost:

The ghost turns on dean’s car and chases both boys across the bridge, forcing them to jump off the bridge. Dean ends up covered in mud, but his car is okay and that’s what is really important.

Super Creepy Moment:

While Sam is on the phone with Dean, the woman shows up in his back seat and asks him to take her home. He says no and keeps driving, but she shows up again. She tries to kill him but Dean shows up with a gun and saves him. Sam then realizes she is afraid to go home so he takes the “woman in white” literally, and drives her home, right through the front wall of the house.

Food & Beer Moments:

Dean comes out of a gas station with a candy bar in his mouth. He also has a soda and chips, which he offers to Sam, asking him if he “wants breakfast.”

Notable Guest Stars:

Sarah Shahi, of Fairly Legal and Person of Interest, appears in the episode as the creepy dead woman in white.

Adrianne Palicki, of Friday Night Lights and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, plays Sam’s girlfriend, Jess.


Notable Music Moments:

Sam complains that Dean has a “mullet rock” collection comprising cassette tapes that include Motorhead, Black Sabbath and Metallica.

Best Lines:

“Dad’s on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home in a few days.” – Dean

“Don’t be afraid of the dark? What, are you kidding me? Of course you should be afraid of the dark. You know what’s out there!” – Dean

“Besides, all we do is apply. It’s not our fault they send us the cards.” – Dean

“I swear man, you gotta update your cassette tape selection.” – Sam
“Why?” – Dean
“Well, for one, they’re cassette tapes, and two, Black Sabbath? Motorhead? Metallica? It’s the greatest hits of mullet rock.” – Sam
“House rules, Sammy. Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.” – Dean

“Agent Mulder, Agent Scully.” – Dean, as they walk by some suits wearing dark sunglasses

“What do they talk about?” – Sam & Dean simultaneously

“I’m taking you home!” – Sam

“If you screwed up my car, I’ll kill you.” – Dean

“We got work to do.” – Sam

Some behind the scenes from the pilot:

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