Chuck Rewatch Recap Season 2 – Episode 5 – Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer

Chuck playing Missile Command.
Chuck playing Missile Command.

Chuck – Season 2 – Episode 5 – Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer

In this episode, we get a look at Jeff’s backstory as Chuck has a Jeff-related flash that requires Chuck to get to know him better. It also ends with a nice surprise for Chuck.

Best Moments:

Ellie shows up at the Orange Orange to talk to Sarah, asking her about Chucks future plans out of concern that he isn’t doing anything with his life.

Jeff shows Chuck a video of him winning a championship on the videogame Missile Command. Chuck smiles and starts to see Jeff as a real person for a minute, before flashing on a bad guy on the screen.

Casey and Chuck go undercover at the Atari building to find the codes to stop the missile launch that terrorists are setting up, where Casey dresses as a Nerd Herder, something he is none too happy about.

When Mr. Morimoto, the programmer of Missile Command, dies and is therefore unable to help, and his plan to get Jeff to play fails, Chuck realizes what will happen if they don’t reach the kill screen in Missile Command, which Morimoto told him they needed for the codes. He freaks out and then calls Ellie, suggesting that she & Awesome go to Palm Springs to try to get her out of town so she will be safe. She thinks he’s lost his mind, and it’s a heartbreaking conversation that ends with Chuck telling Ellie he loves her.

Sarah asks Chuck how it feels to be a hero after he wins and he turns around to the cheering crowd, the entire audience excited he beat a video game, while Chuck throws up his arms in excitement for a completely different reason, that he avoided World War III!

Chuck comes home at the end of the episode to Ellie and Awesome’s congratulations. He is completely confused until Ellie tells him that Sarah told them about the diploma and the online courses he was taking. He finds Sarah outside and thanks her for the fake diploma, but she says that it’s real. Sarah and Casey contacted Stanford and they accepted his exceptional fieldwork for the CIA as his last 12 credits, granting him his diploma.

Chuck's diploma
Chuck’s diploma

Important Moments:

Ellie tells Sarah that Chuck is 12 credits short of graduating. Throughout the episode, Ellie is very concerned about Chuck doing something with his life.

They find out that Mr. Morimoto, who designed the game Missile Command, actually commands real missiles.

Chuck gets out of the elevator at the Atari building to find Mr. Morimoto alone in a creepy office, where he is listening to Rush and playing video games. It turns out, the code was embedded into the video game, and it’s about to blow up. Mr. Morimoto tells Chuck and Casey to run and save themselves. They run into the elevator as the game explodes.

Chuck flashes on the TV after his plan to have Jeff beat Missile Command fails. He realizes that the terrorists are in Los Angeles. With nothing else left to help the situation, Chuck starts playing Missile Command. He flashes on the word rush on a guy’s t-shirt. He realizes that Mr. Morimoto had been listening to Rush while he was playing and that the music matches up to the mathematical equation that will allow the player to reach the kill screen, which contains the code. Chuck has Morgan turn on the song when he starts playing and then the scene is intercut with Sarah and Casey trying to stop the terrorists as Chuck plays the video game.

Emmett Millbarge is promoted to assistant manager.

Nerd Moment:

Chuck tells Morgan that Jeff is going to break the Missile Command world record. At first, Morgan is reluctant to participate in the event but when Chuck asks about the smoke machine Morgan relents, smiling.

A musical montage plays as the news that Jeff will play again gets out to nerds at arcade games everywhere, who all look delighted.

Tom Sawyer by Rush

All Out Of Love by Air Supply

Notable Guest Stars:

Tony Hale guest stars as an efficiency expert named Emmett Millbarge.

Funniest Moments:

Chuck wakes up in the beginning of the episode with a fake mustache and a nametag reading “Francois.”

Chuck invites Jeff out for beer, and the entire conversation is hilarious, especially Jeff’s responses, such as “You’re going to love Roscoe. He’s my ferret.” When Chuck meets up with Jeff later, Jeff shows Chuck a very stalkery video of Anna, set to “All Out of Love” by Air Supply.

When Chuck is hanging out with Jeff, Casey sees bad guys approaching. Chuck doesn’t want to leave Jeff behind and Casey says, “He’s dead weight.” As Jeff is passed out cold on the couch, Chuck has to carry him over his shoulder. “You’re not kidding!”

Jeff wakes up in the Bartowski house, startling Ellie. He then hands her a business card that says, ‘My name is Jeff and I’m lost.’

Chuck gets Jeff to agree to play Missile Command. Jeff then asks for provisions that include cough syrup and M&Ms, but no brown ones.

Jeff becomes overwhelmed at the task of playing Missile Command again and passes out on the floor, hard.


Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Sarah gets into a knife fight when one of the terrorists comes up behind her. She is able to get the upper hand and ends up knocking him out after he tells her the missile can’t be stopped.

But fear not, Chuck is still playing Missile Command to the soundtrack of Rush! He reaches the kill screen, accessing the code. He calls Sarah with the information and she is able to terminate the missile launch at the last second.

Awesome Soundtrack Moment:

Another episode where “awesome” might be pushing it, and “hilarious music montage appropriate” might be more accurate:

“All Out of Love” by Air Supply

“Tom Sawyer” by Rush

Best Lines:

“What did I, what is that? What did I just drink?” – Chuck, after drinking the green juice Awesome handed him

“It isn’t polite to spy.” – Casey

“Please don’t be a porno, please, please don’t be a porno.” – Chuck

“If he pukes on my upholstery, he’s going to wish we left him with the terrorists.” – Casey

“What are you guys waiting for?” – Sarah, annoyed when Chuck and Casey are loitering

“This place is creepy, so creepy,” – Chuck

“I trust Chuck.” – Sarah

“Honey, do you think my brother’s on drugs?” – Ellie
“That would explain a lot.” – Awesome

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