Chuck Recap – Season 2 – Episode 3 – Chuck Versus the Break-Up


Sarah and Bryce at the gala.

Season 2 – Episode 3 – Chuck Versus the Break-Up

This episode is one of my favorites, and this recap ran a little longer than usual, so I hope you enjoy it!

The episode opens with a flashback to Bogota, Colombia, in 2005 that finds Sarah on a mission with Bryce that involves a lot of making out (can I trade places with Sarah?). The episode goes full circle, and then there are the glasses. And Chuck’s speech. And did I mention the glasses?

Important Moments:

Sarah and Bryce have an interaction with a bad guy during a flashback that results in Bryce ending up with a gun to his head. Sarah shoots the bad guy in the head and they walk past a flower stand where Bryce hands “Mrs. Anderson” a red rose. We then cut to present, picking up right before the previous episode ended, with Chuck heading to Sarah’s hotel room to surprise her with that same red rose (well not literally, as that rose would have withered and died, but a similar one) only to find Bryce in Sarah’s hotel room. The scene then cuts right to a shot of the rose in a garbage bin.

Sarah is talking to Bryce inside the Orange Orange and she tells him that she thinks the Andersons should be strictly a cover this time. (This is where I’m torn, because obviously I want Chuck and Sarah together, but turning down an opportunity to make out with Matt Bomer just seems wrong somehow). Ellie sees Sarah and Bryce holding hands and tells Chuck about it.

When the mission at the gala later goes wrong and Sarah finds out the bad guy has Chuck, she insists on going back for him, despite Bryce’s protesting because their covers are on the microchip, which they will lose. Bryce later tells Chuck that he’s worried about Sarah because she went off mission to save him because she has feelings for him, and he’s concerned that those feelings will get them both killed.

The episode has a climactic moment during the microchip exchange with a callback to the flashback of the first scene, where Sarah shot the bad guy that was holding the gun to Bryce’s head. Only this time, when it’s Chuck with the gun to his head, Sarah hesitates because she’s too nervous that she’ll hit Chuck. (In Sarah’s defense, she was standing a lot closer to Bryce and that bad guy than she was to Chuck and the psycho elf woman). Instead, Casey ends up taking the shot as he comes up behind them.

In the end of the episode, Bryce tells Chuck to keep his sunglasses, because if he’s going to be a real spy, he’s going to need them. In the last scene of the episode, Chuck puts on the glasses and in the middle of his James Bond impression, they identify him and update the Intersect, knocking Chuck over. When Bryce gave him the glasses, he forgot to mention that part.

Best Moments:

Sarah and Bryce dance a pretty sexy dance (a tango?) while scouting the security, exchanging entertaining banter, though Sarah sounds annoyed. Chuck is so distracted by their dancing that he pours wine on Hayes (the bad guy) and then drops a $1000 bottle of La Fite Rothschild Bordeaux on the floor after he sees them making out. (There it is – Sarah figured out how to make out with Matt Bomer anyway). He then gets fired right after hearing a voice that is one of the bad guys (or girls, in this case), but he is escorted out of the room before he can identify her.

Ellie sees Bryce in the hospital and is about to go talk to him, but Awesome says he’ll handle it. He tells Bryce the cut on his face looks pretty bad, and while he’s fixing it, Awesome tells Bryce that Sarah is dating Chuck, and in his professional opinion as a cardiothoracic surgeon, based on the way that Sarah looks at Chuck, she’s in love with him.

Chuck makes an epic speech to Sarah (transcribed for you below), but he unfortunately ends it by saying that he realizes that they can never have a real relationship together or a future. Yvonne Strahovski nails the scene with great subtle reactions leaving her on the verge of tears after Chuck finishes talking.

Sad Moments:

When Chuck gets home after seeing Bryce with Sarah in the beginning, and is watching TV with Ellie and Awesome, he looks so sad while he’s watching them snuggle together on the couch.

The epic speech is sad, too. ☹

Notable Guest Stars:

Matt Bomer is back as our favorite nemesis frenemy. When Sarah opens her hotel room door, Bryce asks Chuck, “Miss me?” No, no Bryce, I don’t think he did.

Michael Strahan, previous host of Live with Kelly & Michael, plays an employee from the sporting goods store that is making a mess in the Buy More.

Best Entrance:

Bryce walks into Castle with steam behind him and sunglasses on, and it’s filmed in such a way that it’s obviously intended to be a little over the top, which it is but in a delightful way. The look on Casey’s face when Bryce walks in is awesome as well (no pun intended). He clearly doesn’t like Bryce.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

When Sarah goes back for Chuck when he is taken during the mission at the gala gone awry, she just runs out and yells, “Chuck, duck and cover” and just starts shooting, barely giving Chuck time to duck and cover. A creepy dude picks the psycho elf woman up in a car, and she throws an explosive device right before closing the car door. Sarah sees it and yells at Chuck to run, but the explosion knocks Sarah out, sending her to the hospital.

Awesome later tells Chuck he intercepted flowers from Bryce and Chuck calls the number on the note with the flowers, asking for a private meeting. He is intending to yell at Bryce, but it turns out the flowers are from Von Hayes, the original target from the gala mission. He asks him where the microchip is, and Hayes says he has it somewhere safe.

When the bad guys surround Hayes after that mission also goes awry, Casey and Bryce show up, guns drawn, resulting in a standoff with Hayes in the middle. Chuck shows up and gets the thugs to drop the guns and leave by giving the thugs the $4.5 million that was intended for Hayes, who then exclaims, “That was amazing!”

Funniest Moments:

Sarah comes out in a gorgeous red dress and asks Chuck and Bryce how she looks after Bryce just expressed concern that Chuck was blurring the lines and falling for Sarah, which he vehemently denied. Chuck then answers Sarah in a way that is trying to be nonchalant, but ends up as an epic fail that just comes off as awkwardly rude.

Chuck and Hayes decide to make the exchange of the money for the microchip after arranging a meeting during the phone call that resulted from the floral mistaken identity. Neither wants to hand over their leverage first, so they decide to make the exchange simultaneously. They have a bit of a “Who’s on First?” moment with a countdown before the exchange and the looks on Bryce and Casey’s faces as they listen to the conversation are priceless.

The “psycho elfin queen” as Chuck deems her, shows up right after they get the microchip during the exchange. She pulls a gun on Chuck and Hayes immediately ducks down to hide behind Bryce, who has pulled his own gun.

Anna takes down Michael Strahan and Casey calls for a background clearance on her, for possible fieldwork.

Gratuitous Shirtless Moment:

Awesome is shirtless every episode, until I finally add this category, and not a shirtless scene in the episode. Maybe next week…

Awesome Soundtrack Moment:

Chuck walks to Sarah’s hotel room with the National playing in the background.

When Chuck ends up with a gun to his head during the exchange, in a callback to the first scene, the National are playing again.

During Chuck’s Epic Speech, “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver is playing in the background.

Best Lines:

“Man, you ever have somebody show up in your life and just make you feel so damn small?” – Morgan

“Good, yeah, yeah, real good. Red’s not really my color, so,…or salmon or whatever that is.” – Chuck

“You’re still a great dancer.” – Bryce
“You’re a little rusty.” – Sarah

“Were you dropped as a child from a very great height?” – Hayes

“What does she look like?” – Casey
“Oh my gosh dude, so awful. Incredibly creepy. Think psycho elfin queen…” – Chuck, right before the aforementioned elfin queen pulls a gun on him

“Bryce Larkin, huh? I guess whatever it is, I’ll always come in second to that guy.” – Chuck
“Not always.” – Sarah

“You have a lot of good qualities but I’m not sure bodyguard is one of them.” – Sarah

“Look, I’ve already had a pretty long day, and I gotta get to work, so if you have any life changing bombs that you’d like to drop on me, could you please save them for later.” – Chuck

“Just don’t let those people catch me. Okay? Just get me the hell out of here, Jorge. I’m living in a Lamborghini. You can’t imagine how little leg room there is.” – Hayes (Do we need to hash tag this line #firstworldproblems?)

“There is kinda just one more little bitty thing.” – Chuck
“What?” – Casey
“We’re gonna need roughly $4.5 million in unmarked bills, preferably small denominations.” – Chuck

“I’ve never done a handoff before, I’m really not used to this spy stuff.” – Hayes
“It’s a little stressful, isn’t it?” – Chuck
“Yeah!” – Hayes
“Yeah.” – Chuck

“I can never get a break.” – Casey

“In my hands, I’m holding $4.5 million in unmarked bills. Now, I’m not sure what the current going rate for thug for hire work is, but I’m feeling pretty confident that it’s a lot less than this. Now, all I ask is that you let Von Hayes and my two friends here go, and the money’s all yours. Or, you can die horrible deaths in a hail of gunfire. The choice is yours really?” – Chuck

“Release the kid first.” – Bryce
“Kid? Honestly, we’re born in the same year.” – Chuck

“You want something done right, you do it yourself.” – Casey

“You’ll do the right thing. You always do. That’s why I sent you the Intersect in the first place.” – Bryce

“I’m sure you hate me right now, but someday you’re going to realize I was looking out for you. I have been all along.” – Bryce (you kind of can’t hate Bryce after this scene)

“Sarah, you’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you laugh at all of my stupid jokes and you have this horrible habit of constantly saving my life. The truth is, you’re everything that I thought I ever wanted and more, and for the last few days, all I could think about was our future together, about what it’s going to be like once I finally get the Intersect out of my head, how we’ll finally be together for real, no fake relationships, no covers, no lies. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that you and I can never have a future together. I fooled myself into thinking that we could but the truth is we can’t, because even if we had a real relationship, it would never really be real. I’d still never know anything about you, your real name, your hometown, your first love, anything, and I want more than that. I want to be able to call you at the end of a bad day and tell you about some funny thing that Morgan did and not find out that I can’t because you’re off somewhere in Paraguay, quelling a revolution with a fork. I’m a normal guy, who wants a normal life, and as amazing as you are, Sarah Walker, we both know that you will never be normal.” – Chuck

“I hate Bryce Larkin.” – Chuck

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