Chuck Recap – Season 2 – Episode 1 – Chuck Versus the First Date

Chuck & Sarah's first real date.
Chuck & Sarah’s first real date.

Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 14

Chuck Versus the First Date

Chuck Versus the First Date

This episode opens mid-scene, mostly so they have an opportunity to recap the first season for any possible new viewers. The recap does bring with it some great lines, though, as we open with Chuck hanging out of the window of a high-rise building.

Important Moments:

Everyone finds out that the cipher Chuck recovered while hanging out the window was part of a new Intersect that the government is building. Later, Chuck and Sarah are talking and when he says he has the Buy More to go back to, she tells him that he could have anything he wanted.

Back in his apartment, Casey receives an order from General Beckman that he is to “eliminate” Chuck Bartowski. Oh no! After adjusting his gun, Casey says, “I used to like the sound of that.” At least he is unhappy with his assignment.

Someone working with the bad guy (another bad guy) shows up at Casey’s to pick up the electronic thing and then gases Casey. Chuck and Sarah are the next targets, and we see Sarah leave her hotel room for their date without her gun.

In the end, when the kill order is still in place, Casey argues that Chuck has served his country honorably, trying to change the order to kill him.

At the end of the episode, the government is testing the new Intersect program while Chuck is making dinner for Sarah, neither of them aware of Casey’s order as Casey walks, skulking through Chuck’s house, gun in hand. The Intersect explodes, and Sarah arrives to tell Chuck. Casey overhears so he doesn’t kill Chuck. As a result of Chuck still being the only Intersect, Sarah has to cancel their date.

Cs_s3_1Best Moments:

Chuck asks Sarah on a real date and she says yes. He responds, “Really?”

Chuck, Sarah and Casey all get ready for their evening in very different ways. Chuck keeps trying on different shirts in search of the perfect outfit, while Sarah is applying makeup in her lingerie. Casey, meanwhile, is putting on his suit and placing a silencer on his gun. We are worried for Chuck.

The entire scene of Chuck and Sarah’s first date is wonderful and lovely.

Notable Guest Star:

Michael Clarke Duncan is the bad guy in this episode, who we find out midway through is named Mr. Colt.

Funniest Moments:

Chuck accidentally walks in on Ellie and Awesome in the shower together. Cut to a super awkward breakfast as Ellie and Chuck try to avoid looking at each other.

Casey practices shooting with Osama bin Laden and Adolf Hitler, both of whom he shoots in the head, and Ronald Reagan, who he gives a nod and a wink to, not firing. When Chuck’s picture comes up, Casey fires, but misses by a mile, shooting the tile above the photo.

Casey is reacting to the poison that was sprayed in his face and he breaks a photo of Ronald Reagan (“sorry, sir”) and then stabs himself with what I presume is some sort of epipen or antidote and turns on a shower. In the middle of his living room. Because everyone has one of those.

In the last scene, Jeff is going to eat 90 Twinkies, and in a Cool Hand Luke reference, Chuck says, “Nobody can eat 90 Twinkies.” He tells Casey to come watch, too, and Casey runs back with them.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

While on their first date, Chuck flashes on all the people in the restaurant and realizes they are surrounded. Sarah attempts to hurt or kill Mr. Colt but doesn’t succeed. When Mr. Colt has Sarah by the neck, and Chuck has been subdued by his threat to kill her, Casey drives his Crown Victoria right through the restaurant window. I would guess he is probably not very happy. Mr. Colt punches him in the face and they make their getaway in the car.

Chuck is lured to Mr. Colt under the guise of a computer problem. He bluffs and convinces the bad guys that they are surrounded by calling Morgan and asking for the entire specs for the compound. Morgan dutifully recites the whole set-up for their Call of Duty scenario, convincing Colt that Chuck is serious is. Unfortunately, it ends with Colt hanging Chuck from the fire escape by his ankles. Colt lets go, dropping Chuck. Sarah, who has just arrived, screams, and as Chuck falls, we see Casey on the fire escape below. In a callback to Chuck thanking Casey for always being there to catch him when he falls, Casey catches him by the ankle, slowing his fall and letting him drop onto the fire escape below.

Thinking Chuck is dead, Sarah is very angry and has an impressive fight with Colt. She manages to get the upper hand by tricking him, and then Casey arrives with guns, and Chuck shows up with a military team.

Pilot Callbacks:

In the beginning of the episode, Chuck heads over to what is now the Orange Orange and we see Sarah dispensing ice cream in slow motion, which she then puts on her fingers and licks in a suggestive manner with wind blowing. The shot is very similar to the first scene of Sarah in the pilot episode, when she walks into the Buy More in slow motion, with wind inexplicably blowing her hair even though she is indoors.

Soundtrack Moments:

After Chuck finds out everything has gone wrong, he wakes up depressed and puts on his shirt, in direct contrast to his getting dressed for his date with Sarah the previous evening. “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis & the News is playing in the foreground.

Best Lines:

“I kinda, sorta work for the CIA and the NSA in my off hours when I’m not working at the store. This is kinda like a second job for me, and though I don’t look it, being lanky of build, you should know that I am probably the most important intelligence asset in the world.” – Chuck
“That is the single dumbest story I have ever heard.” – Bad Guy

“Why didn’t you stay in the car?” – Sarah
“You know what? It’s never safe in the car!” – Chuck

“What do you have to lose? In a week, you’re going to be undercover in some place like Jakarta, in a knife fight with some evildoer and in that exact moment, you’re going to wish that you had spent one last night of fun with me.” – Chuck

“Any revelations? Any ideas about what you’re going to do next?” – Ellie
“Um, yeah, a few.” – Chuck
“If you say pilot the Millennium Falcon, I will hit you.” – Ellie
“Why would I say that? That’s absurd. I’m going to be a ninja assassin.” – Chuck
“No, try again.” – Ellie
“Um…Olympic…” – Chuck
“Uh uh.” – Ellie
“Secret agent.” – Chuck
“This is what happens when you sit in front of the television set too long.” – Ellie

“Wow! No faith in the little bearded man!” – Chuck

“Well, you’re not so bad yourself.” – Sarah
“Please, I’m fantastic.” – Chuck
“Yeah, you are.” – Sarah

“I assume you find me imposing. Don’t worry. Be honest. I’m going for imposing.” – Mr. Colt

“Hey, somebody order drive-through?” – Casey (it’s so cheesy it’s funny)

“I just wanted you to meet my team. Tell me something, do you find them imposing? Go ahead, you can be honest. I was going for imposing.” – Chuck

“Your boss – Carmichael, he’s good.” – Colt, to Casey

“Mongolian BBQ beckons. I’m going for the record, Chuck. Seven pounds shredded beef. I’ve been fasting.” – Awesome

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