Happy Birthday Tom Hiddleston #TomsSpiritWeek Day 7

Happy Birthday Tom Hiddleston! Today is Day 7 of #TomsSpiritWeek and our theme is #SpokenSteveSaturday. Today is just more of the usual fun stuff that’s been here all week, as well as some added poetry for today’s theme. I may have gone a bit overboard with the videos, but I guess you can’t have too many Tom Hiddleston videos.

Here is a link to some poems






With Josh

With Josh


Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World

The previous surveys, as well as a new survey for today.

Favorite Tom Hiddleston Character

Upcoming Tom Hiddleston Film You’re Most Excited About

Favorite Tom Hiddleston Female Co-Star

Favorite Tom Hiddleston Male Co-Star

Texts From Superheroes

Tom meme018

The next two are repeats, but some of my favorites…



Poor decisions

Poor decisions


This video is kind of heavy, but interesting, and it has Tom speaking with a Scottish accent.

Tom doing impressions Part 2

Tom at Nerd HQ

Tom dancing in Korea

Tom on the Korean version of SNL

Tom singing ‘The Bare Necessities’

Tom & Josh Horowitz Loki’d Part 2:

And the Loki’d outtakes:


To His Coy Mistress:

Talking In Bed:

Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare:

One Cigarette:

#TomsSpiritWeek Day 6

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