Happy Birthday Tom Hiddleston #TomsSpiritWeek Day 6

Today is Day 5 of #TomsSpiritWeek with the theme of #LokiDay. This post just contains more fun Tom stuff for your enjoyment. There are more surveys, memes, pictures and videos. There’s also a link for #LokiDay of Tom causing trouble on MTV.

Tom as Adam in Only Lovers Left Alive
Tom as Adam in Only Lovers Left Alive


Tom's profile picture
Tom’s profile picture



The surveys from Day 3 and 4, as well as a new survey for today.

Favorite Tom Hiddleston Character

Upcoming Tom Hiddleston Film You’re Most Excited About

Favorite Tom Hiddleston Female Co-Star

If anyone sends in (MusicIntheDarkprod@yahoo.com) tweets or short essays about what they like about Tom or one of his characters, I’ll include it in Day 7.


Tom & Cookie Monster

Tom & Cookie Monster
Tom & Cookie Monster

Hugs! This is one of my favorites.

Hugs for everyone!
Hugs for everyone!

Who cares about a prince, anyway…
Tom meme017


Tom dancing on Chatty Man:

Tom doing impressions Part 1:

Tom being funny:

Tom on a Russian show w/Chris H & Jeremy Renner:

Tom & Josh Horowitz = Loki’d (Part 2 tomorrow)
I tried to embed this, but no luck. Here’s a link instead:

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Marvel’s The Avengers (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo in Blu-ray Packaging)

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#TomsSpiritWeek Day 5

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