White Collar – Season 1 – Episode 3 – Book of Hours

Neal Caffrey, Matt Bomer, Maria, White Collar






White Collar – Season 1 – Episode 3 – Book of Hours

Important Moments:

Agent Jones and Cruz are watching a bookmaker named Borelli from the van, when he walks over to the van and asks the FBI to help them recover a bible. Borelli says the bible is from medieval Naples.

Mozzie tells Neal that the bible is famous for its healing powers.

Neal has the idea to look for a true believer. They go to the church and find out that a homeless man, Steve, with a sick dog had stayed in the church. When they ask him about the bible, he openly admits to taking it. He needed it for his dog, Lucy, who is sick. It turns out that Borelli’s nephew hired Steve to take the bible.

When Borelli’s nephew turns up dead, the detective on the case, Ruiz, doesn’t want Neal involved so they get taken off the case. Peter tells Neal pointedly that he can’t do anything. Neal then says he’s a bit chilly and asks to borrow Peter’s FBI jacket.

Mozzie and Neal turn up a woman named Maria Fiametta, who is an art historian.

Peter suggests that Neal convince Maria that he’s pliable and might be willing to steal the bible. Elizabeth suggests just asking her out. <!–more–>

Neal does and everything goes according to plan, sort of. She joins with him to steal the bible, but she knows they’ve bugged her, and she double crosses Neal. He’s holding the bible in front of him so that if she shoots him she has to shoot the bible. She does anyway. The bible stops the bullet and Neal’s fine.

Peter asks for the bible back. Neal says he already gave it to “some FBI guy.” He gave it to Mozzie to bring to Steve to use to help Lucy. When Borelli shows up, he offers to take Lucy to his vet.

Kate Saga:

Neal is just staring at the wine bottle. It’s a little pathetic, which Mozzie tells him.

Notable Guest Stars:

Kirk Acevedo from Fringe and 12 Monkeys guest stars as Detective Ruiz.

Best Quotes:

“He thinks I’m swabbing toilets. I figure we’ve got about 10 minutes until he gets curious.” – Mozzie
“Why, is that the standard toilet swabbing time?” – Neal

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Timeless Producer & Writer Arika Lisanne Mittman Talks the Writer’s Room & Behind the Scenes on Twitter

Arika Lisanne Mittman did a Q & A on Twitter today, where she answered fan questions about the show. The questions are all compiled here for fan convenience.

Lucy, Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Wyatt, Timeless, Rufus

Question: In the Pilot, Connor Mason calls the Lifeboat “Our earliest prototype.” Could there be other models of unfinished time machines sitting in storage somewhere? Attempts between the Lifeboat and the Mothership.

Arika Lisanne Mittman: There could have been… but I would say if they had them, they probably blew up when Mason Industries exploded…

Question: Does someone oversee script versus what we see on screen? I’ve loved the scripts! What we see on screen is sometimes different. Who decides what ends up on screen? And do on screen changes ever contradict writer intent?

Mittman: Great question. On Timeless the episode writer is on set, so if the actors or director want to change something, they can come to us and suggest a change or we work together collaboratively to adjust it. So everything you see even if it’s changed on set is writer-approved…

Question: Going into season 2 did you know you guys know you were always going to end the season with Wyatt telling Lucy he loved her? Did you ever contemplate having them exchange I love yous in 2.03? <!–more–>

Mittman: Nope. That was a late addition. It just seemed right (maybe because the timing was so wrong!) to bookend ep 2.01 where Rufus told Wyatt to tell her… I don’t recall talking about it for 2.03, but personally I think it would have been too early!

Question: When did Wyatt know that he is in love with Lucy?

Mittman: Hmmm! I don’t know if there’s a definitive answer but personally, I would say he realized it on some level when they kissed in Bonnie & Clyde. But I don’t think he was prepared to deal with it then because he was still reeling from having lost Jessica.

Question: The name “Garcia Flynn” (especially since his brother is Gabriel and it’s a time travel show) – a subtle reference to Gabriel Garcia Marquez and 100 Years of Solitude? I’ve always wondered where his name came from.

Mittman: Ya know, I’m not 100% sure of that one, maybe @therealKripke can answer that…

Question: Can you tell us why we didn’t get to see Wyatt’s inner conflict with Jess vs. Lucy – like him talking it out with Rufus? I would’ve liked to know how he was feeling about it all.

Mittman: Time & space. Wish we had more time & more episodes! You’re right, it would’ve been great to have more of that!

Question: In the Atomic City episode, did Anthony break the rules by traveling into a time when he (presumably) existed? (I’m going off Matt F’s real age at least). I’m trying to think if we saw him suffering any consequences?

Mittman: Anthony was in the time travel business for a long time… who knows how long he spent in any other given time periods? Like Emma, he may have been born later than one might think…

Question: How much debate takes place when you are all working on an episode? I would imagine with so many “cooks in the kitchen” that people have different opinions about character choices, development, etc. Just curious about how those conversations unfold – sounds like fun!

Mittman: That’s the best thing about a writer’s room. LOTS of debate. WE have a diverse room in so many ways, so so many ideas – if we can’t agree the episode’s writer makes the call and @TomSmuts, myself and @ShawnRyanTV & @therealKripke approve. And YES it is fun.

Question: Here’s kind of a wobbly wobbly time travel question: if the time team goes back in time to kill any member of Lucy’s family, she would survive as a time ghost, yes? Would another Rittenhouse family line take her place? Are there other family lines?

Mittman: She would exist (assuming she was on the mission at the time) but would have no identity, no family, no one outside of the mission would know who she was. As to what would happen to Rittenhouse, that’s hard to predict, isn’t it?

Question: I heard that you guys wrote in Lucy’s clumsiness because of Abigail’s natural clumsiness. Are there any other of the actors quirks that inspired you guys, that you wrote it in for their characters too? (Lucy’s clumsiness is my favorite thing)

Mittman: We love that about @abigailspencer too. 🙂 We write @ignatius_sancho’s british-isms into the script. @malcolmbarrett’s natural humor… I think in a lot of ways we started writing to the actors more in general as we got to know them.

Question: Are there any historical figures that you’re dying to write an episode around? I have a wishlist myself so I’m curious!

Mittman: YES! So. Many. Too many to name. But generally speaking I would like to get even more diverse. Latina people in history, trans people in history, people with disabilities…

Question: How long is the process to make one episode?

Mittman: To film it? We shoot each episode in 8-10 days. It’s supposed to be 8 plus a “double up” day (where we shoot 2 eps at once) but we do sometimes have to pick a few scenes up later…

Question: What were the “production difficulties” that led to the swimming pool scene being cut? I’ve read that it was very smoky when that scene was filmed – was that part of it?

Mittman: Fires, smoke, terrible wind and running out the clock of how long we could shoot, at like 5 in the morning!!

Question: Does it mean anything that the Mothership made 10 trips before S2, but 2.04 and 2.10 didn’t have sleepers? Was there a purpose behind those two extra trips?

Mittman: They could have dropped off any number of sleepers on those 10 trips. By the time we find the Sleepers they’ve been there a while so the 10 trips do not correspond necessarily to 10 episodes. Also, Emma made trips to eliminate Amy forever.

Question: Is Flynn’s wedding ring meant to represent his commitment to his family and getting them back? I’ve noticed he never takes it off – and the show has humanized him in such a way that I really, really hope he gets to save his wife and child.

Mittman: I don’t think this was scripted, I believe it was a beautiful actor choice by the talented@goranvisnjic. I would say, if I had to guess, it was always there to remind him what he’s doing all of this for, like Lucy’s locket.

Question: Was Hedy’s reveal of the sleeper in Hollywoodland always going to be that he’s working on a dinosaur picture he calls Jurassic Park? Her hairstyle changed between shots. Thought this might have been cut later.

Mittman: There WAS some piece that got re-shot but it wasn’t for that – I can’t remember why we had to reshoot it but I think it was technical reasons… Yes, it was always Jurassic Park in the script.

Question: When Jess was brought back, she said that Wyatt had cheated on her during their marriage. Even if he doesn’t remember, does the timeline change mean that he did it, or is it some other version of him who was displaced when he got off the Lifeboat at the end of Hollywoodland?

Mittman: History changed. Jessica was alive for the past 5 years instead of dead so wyatt has no idea what he did in the new timeline. But he still ended up on the mission and in the bunker. There wasn’t any other Wyatt running around to displace, he just doesn’t remember those years.

Question: Lucy steps in to break up the fight between Wyatt & Flynn. It appeared she was hit by accident. Can you tell us the thought process behind this choice?

Mittman: Really don’t want to go into the shipping war over this but YES, of course it was an accident! Really not sure how it could have been read any other way, but yes, the script says “accidentally.”

Question: Also, Lucy must be a descendant of John Rittenhouse, right? The deleted scene from 2.01 said she was a descendant of David Rittenhouse.

Mittman: Yep.

Question: How did Garcia recruit his henchman before he raided Mason Industries to steal the Mothership? Friends? Military buddies? Trusted associates from the NSA? How did he fund his mission?

Mittman: We actually discussed this a lot in the room. We think they were a mix of fellow trusted agents, true believers in his cause, and paid mercenaries. There’s always a way to get $$ when you have a time machine. Open a bank account in 1955… sports team bets…

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Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 5 – Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp

Chuck Bartowski, Zachary Levi, Sarah Walker, Yvonne Strahovski, Morgan Grimes, Joshua Gomez






Chuck Rewatch Recap Season 1 Episode 4 – Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp

Best Moments:

 Chuck sits in the car during the stakeout of Mai Ling, playing with his fortune cookies and listening to music.  “Stakeouts are kinda fun.”  Simultaneously, Sarah and Casey are involved in a shootout inside.

Chuck “helps” the Chinese man in the wheelchair, only to see him put another Chinese man tied up into the trunk.  Mai Ling comes out and says that the tied up man was her brother.  His flash was all misinterpreted, and he screwed it all up. Sad face.

When Casey calls Chuck on his Mother’s Day dinner with Ellie, Chuck tells her that Casey can’t figure out which deer to mount.

Morgan is about to quit when Lester says a big spender is asking for him.  He finds Ellie checking out, and she credits Morgan with the sale, solving his problem so he doesn’t lose the sales contest and get fired. <!–more–>

Important Moments:

This episode features the first stakeout with the whole team – Chuck, Sarah and Casey.

A recurrence of Chuck being told to “stay in the car.”

Chuck and Ellie have a yearly tradition of having a Mother’s Day dinner of just the two of them.

Ellie starts to question Chuck’s behavior, and he can’t tell her he’s a spy, putting a strain on their relationship.  It’s heartbreaking to listen to Ellie say positive things and be encouraging and understanding as Chuck feels terrible about missing their Mother’s Day, yet has to keep lying to her.

Chuck explains to Sarah that “Mother’s Day” is the anniversary of the day their mother left them, and it marks the day they learned how to take care of themselves and rely on each other.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

The shootout intercut with Chuck “staying in the car.”

Casey, Mai Ling and Sarah take out the guards while trying to rescue Mai Ling’s brother, and Chuck makes accompanying karate chop type noises.

Chuck sets off fireworks as a distraction to get in and save the gang.  There is a great fight scene in the kitchen, with Chuck and Mai Ling’s brother both hiding, making identical grimaces as people get hit.

Best Lines:

“I have a lot more to offer this team other than the intersect, for instance, what are we doing for tunes tonight?  I could make a stakeout mix.” – Chuck

“The idea behind a stakeout is to remain inconspicuous.” – Casey

“Uh, hello, that’s why I used an alias.” – Chuck

“Glocks and a crotch rocket, my kind of gal.” – Casey

“What are we, car pooling now?” – Chuck

“By the way, nice mustard stain.” – Mai Ling, during her call to threaten Chuck

“Oh God, please let me keep my fingers.” – Chuck, trying to light fireworks as a distraction

“Good.  You’re my only Hispanic on the sales team.  You quit, the affirmative action goons will be all over my ass.” – Big Mike

“Ok…” – Morgan, with a very confused look on his face due to not being Hispanic

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Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 4 – Chuck Versus the Wookie

Chuck, Sarah Walker, Yvonne Strahovski, Carina






Chuck Rewatch Recap Season 1 Episode 4 – Chuck Versus the Wookie

Best Moments:

 Chuck, John Casey, Adam Baldwin





Sarah finds Casey tied up in Karina’s hotel room.  Before she unties him, she grabs her phone and takes a picture of Casey tied to the bed.

When Karina wants the diamond from Chuck, he defends Sarah, saying she would do the right thing, just like she did for Karina in Prague (apparently Karina was very busy in Prague).<!–more–>

Important Moments:

Chuck Bartowski, Zachary Levi, Sarah Walker, Yvonne Strahovski






The gang is all playing a game with questions about who knows who and how well, and Sarah learns that Bryce Larkin was Chuck’s most hated person ever.  Sarah then lies to Chuck about her relationship with Bryce.

Karina attacks Sarah in her hotel room, dressed as a sort of ninja, just as Sarah did with Chuck in the pilot episode.

Morgan and Karina meet for the first time.

During their double date, Chuck accidentally reveals that he knew Karina was in Argentina, something he would usually need extremely high clearance to know.  Karina then calls Chuck to her hotel room under false pretenses, where Karina reveals that Bryce was Sarah’s boyfriend.  Chuck confronts Sarah about it the next day, and realizes it was true.

Chuck, Sarah Walker, Yvonne Strahovski






Karina tells Chuck that Sarah wants him, whether she realizes it or not.  Then Chuck shows up at Sarah’s hotel room, where he says the only true thing he knows about her is that she doesn’t like olives.  Sarah then tells him (while he is out of earshot) that her middle name is Lisa.

 Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Karina “improvises” and steals the diamond ahead of schedule.

Karina and Sarah fight the drug dealer and his gang while Chuck hides under the table.  He then gets out of the room and saves the day by (accidentally) FedExing the diamond to the CIA.

Notable Guest Star:

Iqbal Theba, also known as Principal Figgins on Glee, plays a drug lord that the team is stealing a diamond from.

Best Lines:

“I’m sure whatever you’re discussing is a matter of national security, but the ketchup vat isn’t going to refill itself.” –Sarah’s boss at the Weinerlicious

“Just like little league.” – Chuck, just before he slides under the security glass

“We shed identities like most people shed clothes.” – Karina

“In your case, that’s quite often.” – Chuck

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White Collar – Season 1 – Episode 2 – Threads

Neal Caffrey, Matt Bomer, Tara, White Collar





White Collar – Season 1 – Episode 2 – Threads

Important Moments:

Peter is complaining about how difficult it is to get a cab as Neal gives their cab to some models. Neal points out it’s fashion week, so Peter may as well embrace it. Peter then gets a cab and more models show up. Neal holds out a $100 bill and a cab stops for them.

When they get to the FBI office, Neal finds out they are going after a criminal known as the Ghost. After talking to a witness, Tara, Neal comes up with a plan to throw a party to draw the Ghost out. They get party supplies from the police raid warehouse.

Mozzie gives Neal a venue to use.

At the party, Neal meets a guy named Dmitri, and when Tara hears him speaking Hebrew, she thinks he might be involved. They catch him but Tara confirms that they caught the wrong guy. <!–more–>

The Kate Saga:

Neal tells Mozzie that the man with the ring didn’t find what he was looking for in San Diego. It turns out that Neal told different people that his stash was hidden in different cities. He told Kate it was in San Diego. Neal defends her, saying that it’s not her fault, the man is forcing her. He thinks she may have warned him when she visited him in prison. He wants to figure out how to get the security tape from Peter. Mozzie suggests he try asking.

Peter and Neal go undercover, with Peter posing as Neal’s bodyguard while Neal poses as a buyer.

While outside Dmitri’s hotel, they get a report about an argument on the 50th floor. Jones realizes Dmitri is on the 50th floor and they go, but they’re too late. Dmitri is dead. He was left on the floor with a dress sticking out of his mouth.

Peter says they deal with a lot of knock offs and that some of the designers are making very small security strips, built right into the dresses. Basically, it could be like a small hard drive.

Neal gets a call from Ghovat, wanting to pay him $5 million dollars for the dress, which he thinks Neal bought for his fiancé.

Meanwhile, Tara has been kidnapped while being escorted home by her police detail. Ghovat calls Neal and reveals that he knows the FBI really has the dress. He wants Peter to deliver it in Central Park.

Ghovat gives Peter only one minute to get the dress to the fountain in Central Park, with the dress. When he gets there, Ghovat lets Tara go, but tells Burke that Tara’s belt is an explosive device. The device is activated by his phone. Neal comes up with the idea of continuously calling him to jam his phone so he can’t use it to activate the bomb.

When Neal gets there, Ghovat pulls a gun on him, and then Agent Cruz takes him down from behind.

Character Introduction:

Neal Caffrey, Matt Bomer, White Collar, Lauren Cruz






Neal meets Agent Lauren Cruz, and they don’t get off to the best start.

Best Quotes:

“For the record, you are much scarier than that other guy. Much.” – Neal

“That’s pretty damn charming.” – Neal

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Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 3 – Chuck Versus the Tango

Chuck Bartowski, Zachary Levi, Captain Awesome, Ryan McPartlin





Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 3 – Chuck Versus the Tango

Best Moments:

Awesome teaches Chuck to tango. The woman’s part.

Casey’s snort laugh when Chuck realizes Casey was messing with him about the tango.

Sarah’s red dress at the art auction.

“Slow Show” by the National over the end scene where Sarah tells Chuck that what he does is worthwhile.

Casey peering through his blinds at Chuck and Morgan.

Important Moments:

Casey and Sarah discuss what Chuck can do in the field at the auction regarding the identification of La Ciudad, while Morgan and Ellie discuss what Chuck is capable of achieving in life. General Beckman decides that Chuck should go into the field, as they won’t know what he’s capable of until he tries, while Awesome chimes in to the other conversation, offering to take Chuck white water rafting. Chuck gets up and leaves the room.

Sarah goes over Chuck’s cover identity with Chuck and tells him she’ll never leave his side and touches his hand.

Sarah gives Chuck a watch with GPA tracking.

Casey compliments Chuck on his work the night before. It is, of course, followed up by a sarcastic insult, because Casey never flat out compliments people, but we see he really is starting to love Chuck.

Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Chuck knocks himself over in his chair as Sarah and Casey engage in a shootout and La Ciudad goes over the railing, landing on the balcony of Chuck’s old Stanford schoolmate, frantically talking to his wife about the SEC. “They know about the Caymans!”

Casey knocks out one of the bad guys in a freezer and saves Chuck by hitting the other bad guy in the head with a flying microwave.

Sarah and La Ciudad fight on the roof of the Weinerlicious, ending with Sarah handcuffing La Ciudad to a pipe.

Chuck Bartowski, Zachary Levi, La Ciudad





Best Lines:

“Why are these people sleeping?” – Chuck

“Charles Carmicheal? Simple, dignified. Graduated with honors from Stanford. Runs a hugely successful software company, semi-retired and is considering entering America’s Cup.” – Chuck

“Me, nervous. Come on, never.” – Chuck
“Your hand is a little moist.” – Sarah
It does that when I’m freakin’ out.” – Chuck

“Did a semester abroad in Buenos Aires. Spent many a night tangoing my way into senoritas pantalones.” – Awesome

“Toughen up. You’ll be fine, assuming you know how to tango.” – Casey
“I did some preparation, okay? I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I –“ – Chuck
“Why would he need to know how to tango? Is that code?” – Sarah

“I’m off by 8, hammered by 8:05.” – Jeff

“Right. Apparently, I learned the girl’s part of this dance. Would you mind leading?” – Chuck

“Now that’s what I call moving some merchandise, yeah?” – Casey

“Man, that dude is creepy.” – Morgan, on Casey

Chuck Versus the Helicopter

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Supernatural – Season 1 – Episode 3 – Dead In the Water

Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, Supernatural

Supernatural – Season 1 – Episode 3 – Dead In the Water

Dean comes upon a story about people who have disappeared in a lake and the families have buried empty coffins for closure because the bodies were never found.  They think it could be a case so they head to Wisconsin.

Important Moments:

Sam and Dean go to visit the family of the most recent drowning, the Carlton’s, and the drowning victim’s brother tells them that his sister didn’t drown, but was dragged under. She was a varsity swimmer and the brother insists that there is no way she would have drowned.

Looking at old newspaper accounts of the lake drownings, the brothers find that the sheriff’s daughter, Andrea, has a son named Lucas who saw his father drown in the lake, making him the only eye-witness they know of regarding whatever is happening in the lake. They go to talk to Lucas and after Dean talks to him, Lucas gives Dean a drawing.

Will Carlton, the brother of the girl who drowned in the beginning of the episode, dies by drowning in the kitchen sink and the brothers realize that whatever is in the water can go through the pipes, which means it can get to anyone, anywhere.  They also realize most of the recent victims have a connection to Bill Carlton.  As the brothers are leaving the Carlton house, Dean realizes the front of the house matches the drawing that Lucas gave him. <!–more–>

“Losing him, it’s worse than dying” is said by Bill Carlton and then by another woman who had a son, Peter, who also disappeared.  Peter turns out to have been friends with Bill Carlton.

Bill Carlton is talking to the lake, saying he thinks he finally knows what “you want.” Sam and Dean think Peter might be trying to get revenge for something that Bill Carlton did.  They go to his house and find him out on a boat.  They try to get him to come back to shore, but his boat just goes flying into the air and Bill completely disappears.

The brothers leave town under threat of arrest from the sheriff, but Dean decides to turn around to make sure Lucas is okay.  During that time, Andrea decides to take a bath and the lake monster pulls her under. The brothers arrive at the house just in time to pull her out of the bathtub.

Sam and Dean find an old photo of a Boy Scout troop and both Bill Carlton and Sheriff Jake Barr are in the picture.  Lucas then looks outside as if something is there.  He goes out the door and Sam, Dean and Andrea follow him.  He stops at a spot in the grass.  Sam and Dean dig it up, figuring that’s where Peter is buried, but instead they find Peter’s bike.  Sheriff Jake Barr shows up and pulls a gun on them.  After an argument, he confesses that Peter was killed accidentally when they were playing (dangerously!) and pretending to drown Peter and accidentally held him under water for too long.

Lucas goes near the lake and is pulled in.  Sam and Dean jump in but can’t find him.  Jake walks into the lake, asking Peter to take him instead of Lucas.  Jake is then pulled under by the creepy dead boy, and then Dean finds Lucas, who is unconscious, but alive.

Best Moments:

In the last scene, Dean is talking to Lucas and he tells him that if he’s going to be talking again, there’s a very important phrase.  Dean asks Lucas to repeat it back to him and he says, “Zepplin rules!”

Dean’s Family Moments:

Dean and Sam get into it about the search for their father from their very first scene, where Sam is concerned they aren’t doing enough to find their father, and Dean gets mad at him for saying it, bringing up the time Sam had spent at college while Dean had been with their father.

After hearing what Dean said to Lucas about losing his mother as a child, Sam says Dean never told him that and they have a bonding moment.

Great Performance:

Jensen Ackles gives a great performance in the scenes where he talks to the little boy.  He basically has to carry relatively emotional scenes all on his own, and he does a great job with just vocal inflection and facial expressions.

Ghost Story of the Week:

A creature is pulling people underwater in a lake, drowning them.  The bodies are never found.

Super Creepy Moment:





Lucas goes to get a toy action figure out of the lake and a hand grabs him and pulls him under.  Jake Barr runs toward the lake with everyone else, and the dead boy, Peter, surfaces to look at Jake, who killed him.  Very creepy!

State of the Week:


Notable Guest Stars:

Amy Acker, from Angel, Person of Interest, and The Gifted, appears as Andrea.

Notable Music Moments:

Movin’ On by Bad Company plays as Sam and Dean drive away.

Best Lines:

“We will find Dad, but until then, we’re gonna kill everything bad between here and there.” – Dean

“It must be hard, with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pick up line.” – Andrea

“Oh God, we’re not going to have to hug or anything, are we?” – Dean

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Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 1 – Pilot

Zachary Levi, Chuck Bartowski, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Adam Baldwin, John Casey






Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 1 – Pilot 

This is a rewatch of Chuck from the beginning, with the hindsight of having seen it all the way through, which means spoilers may be included at any time, as sometimes that can be part of the fun of a rewatch – you already know what will happen.

Character Introductions:

We meet Chuck and Morgan as they are climbing out of the first floor window (from a first floor room) to escape Chuck’s birthday party.

Ellie, Chuck’s older sister, catches them and makes Chuck go back to the party.

Awesome, Ellie’s boyfriend, who we find out is called Captain Awesome as a nickname because everything he does is awesome.

Sarah, who we first meet as a customer coming into the Buy More, where Chuck and Morgan work, to get her broken phone fixed.

Casey, who we first see shooting Bryce Larson in a parking lot. This brings us to…

Matt Bomer, Bryce Larkin, Chuck






Notable Guest Star:

While this probably wouldn’t normally be such a prominent category, and at the time the pilot aired, he wasn’t notable, I’m a huge Matt Bomer fan, and Bryce Larson is a vital character in the Chuck mythology. We first see him in a cool action sequence where we get to see Matt Bomer do some cool physical action sequences that we aren’t likely to see on White Collar. So we see Matt and his blue eyes, get shot by Casey, but not before he has the chance to send an e-mail to Chuck, starting off the series. A few minutes later we learn that Bryce was a CIA agent.

Best Moments:

Chuck stages a ballerina recital for a little girl after her father accidentally didn’t put any tape in the camera, telling her, “Real ballerinas are tall.”

A ninja burglar breaks into Chuck’s home and beats Chuck and Morgan up. We later learn that the burglar is Sarah.

Sarah straps knives to her ankle as one of her first pieces of wardrobe, then later dances with Chuck on their “date” where she takes out all the NSA guys without Chuck even noticing.

Anyway You Want It” by Journey is Chuck’s ringtone for Morgan.

Important Moments:

Chuck opens the e-mail from Bryce Larson and gets the Intersect, knocking him onto the floor until the morning.

Chuck saves the day by infecting the computer the bomb is attached to with the Irene Demova virus.

Sarah defends Chuck from the government right from the very beginning and then later talks to him on the beach to reassure him when he’s freaking out about his whole situation.

Sarah looks at the pictures on her iPhone where we learn that she was involved with Bryce Larkin. We also get to enjoy a nice shirtless picture of Matt Bomer.

Chuck gets told to train the new guy, and he goes out to do that, where the new guy turns out to be Casey. At that moment, Chuck gets flashes of Sarah shooting someone.

Best Lines:

“Can I tell you a secret, but you can’t tell any of the other girls? Real ballerinas are tall.” – Chuck

“I’m not sure I’m able to receive calls, cause I never got one from you.” – Sarah

“Aces, Charles. You’re aces.” – Ellie

“I did it. I defused a real bomb! What if I was wrong?” – Chuck

“Don’t puke on the C-4.” – Casey

“Don’t freak out.” – Sarah

Chuck Bartowski, Zachary Levi, Ellie Bartowski, Sarah Lancaster, Captain Awesome, Ryan McPartlin, Morgan Grimes, Joshua Gomez






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Neal Caffrey, Matt Bomer, White Collar








White Collar Season 2

Neal Caffrey, Matt Bomer, White Collar








White Collar Season 3

Neal Caffrey, Matt Bomer, Peter Burke, Tim DeKay, White Collar








White Collar Season 4

Neal Caffrey, Matt Bomer, Peter Burke, Tim DeKay, White Collar








White Collar Season 5

The Normal Heart








The Normal Heart


Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Magic Mike XXL








Magic Mike XXL Soundtrack (featuring Matt Bomer)




White Collar: Cast &amp; Creators Live at PaleyFest
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Space Station 76
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True Calling Season 1 (Featuring Matt Bomer)
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Magic Mike
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Magic Mike XXL
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Love of The Last Tycoon
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Orpheus Descending (A play that is a favorite of Matt’s)
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The Intent to Live: Achieving Your True Potential as an Actor
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The Amazing Acid Akaline Cookbook (A cookbook Matt Bomer has been seen with)
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Matt Bomer T-Shirt
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White Collar Poster
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Matt Bomer Wall Scroll
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Matt Bomer Wall Scroll
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Matt Bomer Wall Scroll
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<strong>Random Gifts:</strong>

Matt Bomer Pillow Case
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Matt Bomer Pillow Case
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Matt Bomer Galaxy S4 Cover
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<a title=”Holiday Gifts for Fans” href=”http://themusicinthedark.com/2014/12/04/holiday-gifts-for-fans/”>Holiday Gifts For Fans</a>

<a title=”Holiday Gifts for Zachary Levi &amp; Chuck Fans” href=”http://themusicinthedark.com/2014/12/04/holiday-gifts-for-zachary-levi-chuck-fans/”>Holiday Gifts For Zachary Levi &amp; Chuck Fans</a>

<a title=”Matt Bomer Monday” href=”http://themusicinthedark.com/2014/10/21/matt-bomer-monday-4/”>Matt Bomer Monday</a>

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Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 2 – Chuck Versus the Helicopter

Sarah Walker, Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck








Chuck – Season 1 – Episode 2 – Chuck Versus the Helicopter

Best Moments:

Chuck and Casey are running through the parking lot, appearing to be doing something important, and then Casey tackles the bad guy and Chuck has to stop him as it turns out it’s just a shop lifter.

The entire episode, Casey is making Chuck afraid of Sarah, while at the same time, Sarah is making Chuck afraid of Casey.

Casey has a story where Sarah worked with Bryce (Matt Bomer!) and since he was rogue, she might be rogue, too. Casey showing up stopped her from getting the intersect from Chuck, and just as his story is starting to sound plausible, the phone rings, but it’s neither of their phones. “NSA incinerator! Run!” Chuck shouts as they both run out of the car for cover. They stop and nothing happens. Casey is looking at Chuck likes he is an idiot, when all of a sudden…BOOM!

Casey shows up for the meet the girlfriend dinner. Casey and Sarah spend the entire meal giving each other looks of suspicion. Chuck just acts incredibly awkward.

Important Moments:

It turns out that Dr. Zarnov, the episode’s villain, didn’t die in a car accident, but is actually evil. He kidnaps Sarah and they head to the Buy More for the big showdown of the episode, something all fans know is a regular occurrence, though in this episode it happens to just be Morgan, not Sarah, who has been kidnapped. Moving on…

In trying to save Sarah, Chuck manages to get kidnapped and then accidentally tranquilizes the pilot. A fight ensues and Chuck has to land the helicopter the doctor was trying to make his getaway in.

Chuck wears his dad’s suit to go to Bryce’s funeral.

General Beckman, Chuck, Sarah, and Casey’s government liaison, says the new intersect will be up and running in six months and then Casey would “do what you do best,” which is killing. Uh-oh!

Coolest Action Sequence/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:

Sarah and Casey fight in the Weinerlicious, and Sarah uses shishkabob sticks and a mop as a weapon, while Casey uses a plastic fork and a chair.

Best Lines:

“Our most valuable secrets have been sent to an idiot.” – General Beckman
“At least they weren’t sent to his friend.” – reply to General Beckman

“Oh my god! Is she okay?” – Chuck, responding to Casey telling him that Sarah tried to kill him.

“WAIT?” – Chuck, every five seconds after he has the flash about Sarah poisoning people at a dinner.

“I have a strong aversion to needles.” – Chuck
“Do it!” – Casey

“I laced my quiches with microbots.” – Casey
“You’re not kidding, are you?” – Chuck
“I don’t kid about quiche.” – Casey

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