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Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 8 – Chuck Versus the Fake Name

Zachary Levi, Chuck BartowskiChuck Season 3

Episode 8 – Chuck Versus the Fake Name

This episode has a theme revolving around identity, with Sarah concerned Chuck is losing some of the best parts of himself, causing her to miss some of the real parts of herself. All the while, Chuck is undercover impersonating an assassin.

Important Moments:
Kristen Kreuk
Chuck walks into his apartment and gives an extremely awkward introduction between Ellie and Hannah. Continue reading

Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 7 – Chuck Versus the Mask

Chuck Season 3

Chuck Versus the Mask – Episode 7

This recap contains spoilers, for any new readers. The episode itself mostly involved setting up the plot-romance wise for the new few episodes, introducing new romantic partners for Chuck and Sarah.

Important Moments:

The episode opens with Shaw breaking into a vault to steal a mask. A screw falls from the ceiling, Mission: Impossible style, only here he doesn’t catch it and the screw hits the floor, setting off the alarm. Shaw is trapped and gas starts filling the room. He calls Casey and asks for the Intersect, leading Sarah to show up at the Buy More, where she tells Chuck about the problem.

Chuck has to get into the museum’s server to open the vault for Shaw to get out. Sarah and Casey are trying to pry the door open while Chuck tries to get into the server. Suddenly, Hannah shows up in the room. Chuck just puts her to work helping him.

Meanwhile, it’s taking too long so Shaw tells them to blow up the hatch, a somewhat dangerous proposition that could gravely injure him, but his oxygen is getting dangerously low as well. Chuck hears them and yells don’t, creating a mildly embarrassing moment, but he’s able to reboot the system and open the door for Shaw to get out.

The museum curator then hires them to work the event that will host the unveiling of the mask of Alexander. Shaw informs Chuck that he and his new partner, Hannah, are going to help him steal the mask.

Shaw lays out the mission and it involves Shaw and Sarah going as guests with Chuck on the computer. Everyone but Shaw looks slightly taken aback by this plan.
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Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 6 – Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler

Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Walker, Chuck Bartowski
Chuck: Season 3 Rewatch Recap

Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler

This episode is about deception, from the initial deception of Chuck by Sarah to Chuck learning how to use deception himself, and feeling the pain that results from betraying someone you convinced to trust you.

The episode opens and closes with a flashback to the first time Sarah walked into the Buy More, beginning with it as a look back at where they started, and ending as a look at the innocence that may be lost, corrupted, as Sarah sees it.

Important Moments:

The episode opens with a flashback to the pilot when Sarah walked in, cutting to Morgan looking at Hannah. He clearly has a new crush.

General Beckman calls a meeting in Castle to talk about a guy, Manoosh Depak, that Chuck is supposed to develop as an asset. When Manoosh walks into the Buy More, Hannah is helping him and Chuck ends up creeping the guy out and making him mad because he thought he was getting somewhere with Hannah.
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Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 5 – Chuck Versus First Class

Zachary Levi, Chuck
Chuck: Season 3 [Blu-ray]

Rewatch Recap Season 3 Episode 5

Chuck Versus First Class

Thematically, this episode explores going out on your own and the dependence or attachment you have to those you have left behind, and how those relationships define you, personified by Shaw and Chuck, who both can’t escape aspects of their fate and the effect those relationships and circumstances have on their life.

Important Moments:

Chuck asks Casey about any information that may have come up about Shaw. Casey tells Chuck it’s even worse, and that in these situations, with new agents coming in and taking over an investigation, they conduct a review. Shaw is in Castle at the moment, interrogating Sarah. Continue reading

Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 4 – Chuck Versus Operation Awesome

Ryan McPartlin, Chuck, AwesomeChuck Rewatch Recap Season 3 Episode 4

Chuck Versus Operation Awesome

The theme of this episode is fear of pulling the trigger, or fear of addressing and dealing with a situation directly, to put it in less obviously metaphorical terms, both literally, as in the case of Chuck, and figuratively, as in the case of Morgan, who is adjusting to his new role as assistant manager.

The episode picks up right where the previous one left off, with Awesome’s disappearance.

Important Moments:

Awesome is tied to a chair on a rooftop. A Ring agent named Sydney is talking to him and is under the impression that he’s a CIA agent.

Back in Castle, Chuck is freaking out about Awesome’s disappearance. They figure out that Awesome’s last patient was a Ring operative. At that moment, Sarah sees Awesome walk into the Buy More. Chuck hugs him, very relieved that he’s okay, when Awesome tells Chuck that the Ring thinks he’s a spy.

They are all having a meeting with General Beckman back at Castle. They learn that Awesome’s kidnapper is Sydney Prince, a Los Angeles Ring operative. She gave Awesome a Ring communication device and said she would be in touch. Chuck wants to take Awesome home, but General Beckman wants to use him. Chuck and Awesome both start freaking out, but even Sarah agrees it’s the best way to keep him safe. Awesome says he trusts Chuck if he says he can get him through it.
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Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 3 – Chuck Versus the Angel of Death

Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, ChuckChuck Rewatch Recap Season 3 Episode 1

Chuck Versus the Angel de La Muerte

This episode is a lighter episode of Chuck, with more comedic situations involving mistaken identity and that kind of pratfall humor, but done well, making it a very entertaining episode, even if it doesn’t really forward the arc of the season plot or address the Ring at all until the very end.

The episode opens with a flashback of when Ellie and Awesome met in med school. Then it skips to today, nine years later.

Important Moments:

Ellie and Awesome are trying to unpack, and Ellie is getting really upset that Chuck didn’t show up to help. Ellie hears a helicopter outside and points out that there have been a lot lately. Cut to Chuck sneaking into his bedroom in the dark, wearing a brace that definitely gives the appearance he may have just jumped out of a helicopter.

After Chuck sets up the television for Ellie and Awesome, he flashes on a newscast about a Costa Gravan leader. Right then, Awesome gets a page from the hospital.
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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Best Celebrity Videos

A lot of people have been participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for Project ALS. Here is a collection of some of the best videos posted by celebrities accepting the challenge.

Tom Hiddleston

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Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 2 – Chuck Versus the Three Words

Chuck, Zachary Levi, Yvonne StrahovskiChuck Rewatch Recap Season 3 Episode 1

Chuck Versus the Three Words

The episode opens with some bad guys killing a man with a briefcase. It then quickly takes a turn into the episode’s theme, which is buried emotions, a theme carried out through Carina, who has no interest in accessing her emotions and is in a fake relationship, as well as through Chuck and Sarah, who still have quite a bit of unresolved issues between them stemming from what happened in Prague.

Important Moments:

Sarah is out at a nightclub with her old partner, Carina, who quickly picks up on Sarah’s unresolved feelings/issues regarding Chuck.

Chuck and Morgan are playing video games in their apartment, which has almost no furniture. Morgan then convinces Chuck to go out to a nightclub. Coincidence?

I think not, as it’s the same nightclub that Sarah and Carina are at. Then, Karl walks in and Carina tells them that they’re engaged. Carina introduces Chuck as Sarah’s boyfriend. They both just go with it. The interaction between Carina and Karl that follows is nauseating.

Chuck tells Carina that her and Karl seem so in love. Sarah is basically rolling her eyes. Chuck then flashes on Karl and starts to tell Carina that he’s an arms dealer, but Carina beats him to the punch. Sarah is really rolling her eyes now.
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Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 3 – Episode 1 – Chuck Versus the Pink Slip

Chuck Rewatch Recap Season 3 Episode 1

Chuck Versus the Pink Slip

The season three premiere starts six months after the events in the season two finale. It opens in Prague, where Chuck is tied to a chair with a bag over his head. But he does have a better haircut, so that’s something.

Important Moments:

Chuck uses the Intersect to attack his captors and take the briefcase that it’s his mission to retrieve. He runs out of the building and General Beckman tells him through a headset to zip line off a roof, but he doesn’t flash. Then the bad guys say he’s dead and spotlights turn on. It was a simulation. Chuck failed it and General Beckman tells him it’s not working out with him as the Intersect because it was designed to go into a real spy. Ouch!

Chuck flashes back to six months earlier, when Casey told him he would be sent to Europe for training. Sarah then told him if he became a spy he wouldn’t be the same person. She offers to run away with him and leave the spy life. He agrees to do it.

We go back to today and Chuck is on Ellie’s couch, saying he lost Sarah. We see Sarah is in a pool in Europe with a man, and when she sees Chuck calling, she first ignores the call and then throws the phone into the pool. Clearly, she’s upset.

Chuck has meanwhile been sitting on the couch, not aware that Sarah has since returned to Burbank until Jeff tells him that she was in the yogurt shop. Chuck walks to the shop and is knocked over, spilling his cheese balls everywhere. He looks up to see Casey.
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Chuck Rewatch Recap – Season 2 – Episode 22 – Chuck Versus the Ring

chuck222Chuck Rewatch Recap Season 2 Episode 22

Chuck Versus the Ring

This is the season two finale and the episode has the theme of the future running throughout. It begins with Chuck and Casey quitting their jobs at the Buy More.

Important Moments:

General Beckman asks Chuck about his plans for the future. When she finds out Chuck has no particular plans, she offers him a job working on the new Intersect project as an analyst. Chuck declines the offer.

General Beckman informs Sarah that she will be leading the new Intersect program. She will be working with Bryce Larkin. This time, the Intersect will be going in his head. Sarah doesn’t look very excited about it. (Maybe she needs glasses?)

It’s Ellie and Awesome’s wedding day, and Chuck tells Ellie that he quit the Buy More. Mrs. Woodcombe is wandering around the bridal dressing room like a drill sergeant in the meantime.

After Sarah turns Chuck down on his offer to go on a vacation together, he starts to get drunk but realizes something is wrong and looks under the table where he finds two dead caterers. Ted Roarke sits down next to him and says he’s going to kill Ellie if Chuck doesn’t get the Intersect cube to him in 30 minutes, 40 minutes tops (because of traffic).
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