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Woman Crush Wednesday – Maggie Q

Maggie Q is one of very few (maybe three if you include Angelina Jolie and Scarlet Johansson?) female action stars in film or television. That alone makes her notable. She goes by Maggie Q because she started out working in Asia, where they had trouble with her full last name, which is Quigley. Margaret Quigley? A very Irish name, that.

Maggie Q, Nikita

Why She Is Awesome:
Maggie Q does a lot of work with animals. She works with the Best Friends Animal Society, Global Animal, Animals Asia and PETA.
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Woman Crush Wednesday – Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde has participated in many non-profit organizations and is known for her activism almost as much as for her film and television career. She also based her stage name on the write Oscar Wilde. what’s not to love about that?

Olivia Wilde

Why She Is Awesome:

Olivia Wilde is the daughter of journalists and grew up listening to politics and hearing about issues. As an adult, she has worked with organizations to help with rebuilding in Haiti. She is also outspoken about many issues, writing articles in magazines such as Glamour. Wilde supports organizations including Artists for Peace and Justice, the Millennium Campus Network, water.org and Art of Elysium.
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Woman Crush Wednesday – Sophia Bush

Social 25 has announced its list of the year’s “25 most outstanding individuals, companies, and brands influencing the future of social media.” Sophia Bush, an actress best known for her roles on Chicago PD and One Tree Hill is among this years honorees. An event will be held to celebrate the honorees in Los Angeles on September 22, which is also the opening night of Social Media Week Los Angeles.

Sophia is being recognized for her work as an online activist, including through the use of her Twitter account, which she frequently uses to bring attention to important causes and issues.

Sophia Bush

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Woman Wednesday – Jennifer Lawrence

This week, I’m reposting the third Women Wednesday, as it featured Jennifer Lawrence. Considering the invasion of privacy that has occurred, I thought it appropriate to focus on the real reason she is famous, which has nothing to do with her personal photos, but with her talent and personality, as well as the work she does to help others, including through her own foundation, the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation.

Jennifer Lawrence
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