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Adam Clayton Visits Students From Music Generation

Adam Clayton, Music GenerationAdam Clayton visited with students from Music Generation in support of the program and a recent donation made by U2, along with the Ireland Fund.

These donations ensured that the program will continue to run through 2020 and beyond. The program has also received a commitment of additional funding from the Department of Education, who have committed ongoing funding, allowing the music initiative to expand.
Adam Clayton, Music Generation
The program currently reaches 26,000 children and young people annually who would otherwise not have access to music education.

“Five years in and Music Generation is continuing to thrive,” Adam Clayton said. “It is wonderful to see this further commitment from the government which will bring us closer to achieving the goal of access to music education for every child and young person in Ireland. The support we received at school was very important to us as young musicians, and we are very proud of our part in this program.”

U2 & the Ireland Funds Donate 3 Million Euros to Music Program

U2 on TFI

U2 In Talks To Lead Paris Benefit Concert

U2 Visit Bataclan Theatre To Pay Respects [VIDEO]

Bono Speaks About Paris Terrorist Attack: ‘I Can’t Wait Till We Get Back To Paris & Play’

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Adam Clayton, Music Generation

U2 Talks To the New York Times About SOI & the Upcoming Tour

For those who missed Sunday’s article or don’t get the New York Times:

Bono on finding an audience for the new album: “The idea that there may be a whole swath of audience out there that don’t yet know they like the band is really turning us on. It makes us want to go out and find them if they’re there. [pause] They may not be there… On May 14 we’re going to find out if the album worked and if the experiment worked. If people know those words and feel those songs, then the experiment was right.”

Adam on fitting into today’s music scene: “We wanted to think that we could make songs that were contemporary to what radio plays now, but in reality we come from a different place. We have to write from the perspective of that journey, that 35-year journey.”
U2, Bono
Edge on fitting into today’s music scene: “Just to puncture public consciousness at this time is really, really hard, so we were trying to think of ways that would get our album through to people. The prospect of putting it out and have it just disappearing down a rabbit hole, which seems to happen to so many albums now — that would be soul-destroying.”

Bono on the reaction to Apple giving the album away: “I think Apple and we got a lot of the backlash that was headed to Big Tech for knowing too much about us. But in fact, Apple is not interested in every search you ever made — it’s only interested in your music, so it’s not fair to tar them with that brush. And as a person who’s been a lifelong member of Amnesty International, of all human-rights crimes I think that this kind of unwanted mail, if it’s at the top of your list or even halfway up it, your life is really fantastic.”

Edge on figuring out the tour & arena set-up: “The songs are the boss. They tell us what to do and they tell everyone in this building what to do. We’ve just got to unlock what the songs are asking and telling us what to do.”

Edge's pedal board.

Edge’s pedal board.

From the New York Times: The initial idea was to work up two entirely different concerts, but U2 worried about leaving out staples or having fans think they’d gotten the second-best show. As of last week, it planned instead to have a relatively fixed first half and a varying second one — separated, for the first time on a U2 tour, by an intermission. The band is also planning to work the entire room. Running nearly the length of the coliseum floor was U2’s triple platform: a large rectangular stage (a strip of which could light up as “I” for Innocence), a smaller round stage (“e” for experience) and, between them, a walkway that’s wide enough to become a third stage, sometimes sandwiched between LED video screens.

The tour’s most striking innovation isn’t immediately obvious. U2 has moved its sound system to arena ceilings: an oval of 12 speaker arrays that sends the music downward evenly everywhere in the arena. When I walked all around the coliseum as the band played, the music was uniformly transparent and strong, the volume constant from front to back. “If you’re trying to blast sound the length of the venue from the stage, the venue sometimes wins and you get mud,” the Edge said. “With this, you don’t have to have it so loud — you’re getting good quality sound from something that’s much closer to you than normal.”

The band calls the walkway the divider stage because that’s what it does midway through the concert — turning into a barrier that separates the audience completely. The division is part of the concert’s underlying narrative, a passage from innocence to experience inflected by Irish memories. “Songs of Innocence” is U2’s most specifically autobiographical album; its titles include “Cedarwood Road,” where Bono grew up, and “Iris,” named after his mother, who died when he was young. At the start of the concert, the band is illuminated by a lone swinging light bulb, as Bono was in the room in 10 Cedarwood Road where he started to play music. There’s another idea as well, Bono explained: “After all the scale and sculpture of ‘360,’ to begin the next tour with only a single light bulb.”

The concert’s bleak midpoint — “the end of the innocence,” Bono calls it — is “Raised by Wolves,” a song from the album about a terrorist car bombing in Dublin that killed 33 people on May 17, 1974.

At the intermission, Bono said, half-seriously, “people will walk out into the aisles not buying T-shirts but having counseling, and wondering, ‘Where did the fun go?’ ” The second half of the concert breaks down the divide and, true to U2’s past, promises healing and love. “When we undo that division, we’ve got to really glue them together,” Bono said.

Gavin Friday on the way they all grew up: “We grew up in a culture where random terrorism was a horror. It’s now part of everyday life worldwide. The way the album was released, Apple overshadowed the whole thing, so the album was never really listened to. I was told to make the song really real.”
Edge on the next album: “At the very end of an album you’re at the height of your powers in terms of writing, arranging and performing. It’s a shame that you have to stop then and start the other phase of what we do, which is playing live. This time we haven’t really stopped. Bono is trying to capitalize on that momentum and that sharpness.”

Bono on the next album: “We’re keeping the discipline on songs and pushing out the parameters of the sound. They’re very basic earthy things, irreverent. They’re not lofty themes. One of the things that experience has taught us is to be fully in the moment. What’s the moment? Pop music.”

Other notable things:

-HBO is shooting a tour documentary.

-The band is working on Songs of Experience in a mobile studio during the tour.

U2’s Famous Windmill Studios Demolished

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U2 Contribute to Irish Hospice Foundation Book

U2U2 are among the contributors to a new book, Sons+Fathers, supporting the Irish Hospice Foundation. Other contributors include Bill Clinton, Colin Farrell, Roddy Doyle, Joseph O’Connor, Colum McCann, Salman Rushdie, Neil Jordan, Gabriel Byrne, and Daniel Day Lewis, according to Hot Press.

The book “celebrates the unique relationship between a man and his child,” and was inspired by U2 frontman Bono, who has donated drawings of his father towards the end of his life to the book. The other members of U2, as well as their former manager Paul McGuinness also contributed, along with his son Max, Julian Lennon, Paul McCartney, Bob Geldof, and Gavin Friday.

“Bono planted the seed for this book with his generous gift of the drawing he made of his father when he was dying,” Sharon Foley, the CEO of the Irish Hospice Foundation, said. “He asked if they could be used to raise money for the Irish Hospice Foundation, so we decided on a book, and the net was cast wide and far. We were blown away by the response and generosity of the participants, all who are very busy, well-known people.”

The book is due to be published on Irish Fathers Day, June 21. All proceeds from Sons+Fathers, with a foreword by Colm Tóibin, will go towards The Irish Hospice Foundation’s Nurses for Night Care Programme. The service provides over 1,400 nights of free nursing care at home annually to people with a non-malignant terminal illness.

U2 Covers Rolling Stone

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Benedict Cumberbatch on Photobombing U2, Tom Hiddleston & Wet T-Shirts

U2, Benedict Cumberbatch
U2 were nominated for an Academy Award for best song for “Ordinary Love” at this years ceremony, so the band were in attendance. Perhaps their most notable, and definitely their most widely seen moment, involved actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who jumped behind them, photobombing them.

Cumberbatch recently did an interview with Time Out London, where he discussed the humorous incident.

On photobombing U2: “Yes, I photobombed U2!,” Cumberbatch said. “But that was all Ellen DeGeneres’ fault because she plied everyone with vodka on the red carpet. Her team was handing out these miniatures. A friend really wanted me to get a photo with U2 so I just saw the opportunity and I’ve never felt an impulse like it. I spotted them all standing around and I thought, ‘Perfect!’ It wasn’t preordained or anything. I just did it.”
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U2’s The Edge Given Permission To Build Five Malibu Homes

la-142939-me-1111-green-05-rrd-jpg-20140919U2 guitarist the Edge has been trying to build a new home(s) in Malibu since 2006, when he first began trying to obtain permits from the city for the environmentally friendly design. The homes were met with resistance from the Malibu community, prolonging the process for years. Local residents expressed concerns that the original proposal would cause irreparable harm to habitat and views and erode the coastline.

However, the Malibu commission has announced via its web site that The Edge has received the permits to proceed with the development and construction of homes, as well as an access road on Sweetwater Mesa in the Santa Monica Mountains where Malibu sits.

The development will be smaller than the original proposal, a compromise made to reach agreement. There will also be other concessions based on ecological preservation, though specifics were not provided.

Edge originally attempted to gain the permits in 2006. The plans were rejected in 2011 because of concerns from the commission that the contraction of five mansions would disturb the environment and mar what is currently an undeveloped portion of the Malibu coastline.

The plans for the house, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, was to include a 12,785-square-foot mansion called “Leaves In the wind,” named for the green roof designed for the homes and intended to mimic the appearance of fluttering leaves. The homes were designed to meet the highest environmental standards by incorporating recycled and renewable materials, including rainwater catchment systems, solar panels and native landscaping.

“We’d like to be treated fairly, like any other applicant that comes before the Coastal Commission,” Fiona Hutton, a representative for the Edge, said in 2011.

After that meeting, they “worked hard to adhere to all the conditions laid out by the commission,” Hutton said. She described the design of the homes as “dramatically different” and “built to fit into the natural contours of hillside.”

Even with the approval, there are still many legal issues that could arise, and local residents are still expressing concerns about easements.


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The (Almost) Complete Compendium of U2 Interviews Promoting ‘Songs of Innocence’

U2, Songs of InnocenceThere has been a lot of press, with the band members, especially Bono, making the rounds to radio stations and music magazines everywhere. I’ve attempted to compile them onto one page so they can be browsed. (I want to give a mention to atu2.com as they had noticed some articles/interviews I had missed)

Before getting to the band, there is an interview with U2’s manager, Guy Oseary, on Mashable, where he discussed the new U2 album and the method of distribution.

On the new album and sales: “I’m blown away by it. The [U218 Singles] album is top 10 in 46 countries. A day before the Apple event there was not one U2 album on the iTunes chart. Two days later, there’s 26, so that’s very exciting for me to think that new people are discovering this band and some are rediscovering it. From what I hear, a lot of people are listening to the new album, which is great.” Continue reading

All the Info on the New U2 Album ‘Songs of Innocence’

U2, Songs of InnocenceU2 released their new album today, giving it out for free to millions of iTunes users (approximately 500 million worldwide, to be specific). It is the largest album release in history. The album features 11 new songs and is their first studio album in five years. They have recently released two other songs, “Ordinary Love” from the Film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, for which they received an Academy Award nomination and “Invisible,” which was done in partnership with Bank of America to support the (RED) campaign. In addition, there will also be another album, Songs of Experience, which will be an accompanying album, though no release date has been given, other than “soon.” The announcement was made after the band performed their new single, “The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)” at the Apple event where the company unveiled their newest products, a larger iPhone (after they keep making them smaller, now they are making them larger? what?) and the Apple Watch.

Ordinary Love

Invisible – (RED) Edit

The new album is titled “Songs of Innocence,” and will be available for free until October 13. Apple will have the performance available online soon. Photos are already available on the site.
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