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Only Lovers Left Alive Review

Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton, Only Lovers Left AliveOnly Lovers Left Alive

Only Lovers Left Alive [Blu-ray]

Only Lover Left Alive is a film for people who love film. By that, I mean it has clever writing and dialogue and is shot with a style that reminds the viewer how a film can be art and beautiful and not just big explosions. Written and directed by Jim Jarmusch, it’s filled with symbolism: of light and dark, of good and evil, of using your time wisely, both literally and figuratively. The movie is a drama, but it has some surprisingly funny moments strewn throughout it.

Representing darkness is Adam (Tom Hiddleston), a centuries old vampire with long black hair who spends the majority of the film in black or dark colors. He has been writing and recording music, including famous pieces that have been credited to other musicians – because that’s the way he wanted it. He wants the work out there, but not the attention that goes with it. He feels the pain of living acutely, and feels the waste that many make of their lives in an almost personal way. Continue reading