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Naomi Watts Covers The Edit

Naomi Watts, The EditOn her film career: “I’ve been in violent films, I’ve been in provocative films and incredibly weird, twisted films. Now that I have kids, do I want to do cookie-cutter sweet? No. I am authentically who I am. Your taste is your taste, and you connect with that. Even though I’ve tried a bit more comedy lately, I’ll always come back to that [intense] kind of role, because I think it’s funny and juicy and different.”

On her childhood: “[There was] lots of adventure [growing up]. Lots of spontaneity and travel and packing up and going places. At the time, you didn’t really question it, because it’s what you know, and you just follow the lead of your parents… It always felt like we were on the road.”
Naomi Watts, The Edit
On being a mother in the entertainment industry: “I definitely would like more structure for my children. But I really don’t want to overcompensate, and I think there is a tendency to do that when you’ve had certain things go on in your childhood.” Continue reading

Behind the Scenes of the SAG Awards

Eddie Redmayne
Eddie Redmayne

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