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Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 4 – Episode 6 – Yellow Fever

Supernatural – Season 4 – Episode 6 Yellow Fever Plot Summary: The episode opens with a funny scene that shows Dean is far from over the psychological trauma of going to Hell. Sam and Dean are in Colorado to investigate the deaths of people that should have been perfectly healthy dropping dead of seemingly natural causes. They ask the coroner… Read more →

Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 22 – Devil’s Trap

Supernatural: Season 1 – Devil’s Trap In this episode, the brothers learn about a lot of new things, like demonic possession of humans and trapping demons with a devil’s trap, but the episode’s title is very metaphorical here, too, as many situations occur that put the brothers in proverbial devil’s traps, where they are faced with moral decisions that have no… Read more →