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Eduardo Castro Talks Designing the Costumes of Once Upon a Time

Jennifer Morrison, Emma Swan, Colin O'Donoghue, Captain Hook, Killian Jones, Once Upon a Time, OUATI had the chance to talk with Eduardo Castro, the Emmy-nominated costume designer for Once Upon a Time, and the person behind some of those amazing, beautiful, and crazy costumes we have seen on characters ranging from Rumplestiltskin to Snow White. Castro, the winner of a Costume Designers Guild Award, talked about a range of topics, from the pilot to what to expect for the rest of the season.

Music In the Dark: Red has been very present throughout the show, with Emma in the red dress in the opening shot of the pilot, and then the red leather jacket, and Charming’s red leather. What made you choose to use that color as the sort of signature color? Continue reading

Emma Swan on Once Upon a Time

Played by Jennifer Morrison

Played by Jennifer Morrison


On Once Upon a Time, there are a multitude of female characters that are strong individuals in their own right, apart from their gender, which often leaves women to serve as a token female character.  There is Emma Swan, the main character, Regina Mills/the Evil Queen, Snow White/Mary Margaret and Belle.

The main character, Emma Swan, is a good example of a strong character and the one we will discuss.  She is independent and self-sufficient, yet still has considerable flaws, among them being deeply cut off from other people.  She doesn’t depend on men in any way, and doesn’t make decisions based on possible repercussions with a love interest, which is very rare on television.
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