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James Marsters Talks to the Miami Herald About ‘Buffy’

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James Marsters
Actor James Marsters has always liked going to comic conventions. At 13, he even went dressed as a Vulcan, “gutting it out,” he jokes, when such a thing wasn’t even close to cool.
“What I found was a place where everyone was beautiful and safe and you could be whoever you wanted to be,” says the man who was Spike, the vampire on Buffy the Vampire Slayer who fell in love with the hero he was trying to kill. “I felt love. There’s a high amount of tolerance for diversity. People at a con are not protecting themselves with cellphones. They’ll take one out to take pictures, but that’s it. Most places I go, people have their heads down staring at their screens. It’s kind of nice to be where there are hundreds of people just being together.”

These days, Marsters, 54, sees conventions from the other side. He’s one of the guests this weekend at the Paradise City Comic Con at the Broward County Convention Center, along with Billy Dee Williams (The Empire Strikes Back), Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and celebrities from shows and movies like Star Trek and Sharknado, anime artists, comic book authors and anybody who likes a bracing dose of cosplay. Continue reading

Buffy Reunion

Emma Caulfield, Nicholas Brendan, BuffyThis weekend, Emma Caulfield and Nicholas Brendan, known to Buffy fans as Anya and Xander, had a mini Buffy reunion at a fan convention in Australia. However, theirs is far from the first of recent Buffy reunions. During the convention, the pair did an interview with the Brisbane Times.
Emma Caulfield, Nicholas Brendan, Buffy Continue reading