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Supernatural – Season 1 – Episode 7 – Hook Man

Supernatural, Hook Man






This episode opens with an outtake from I Know What You Did Last Summer (not really) with the Jennifer Love Hewitt look alike going to meet her boyfriend, who drives them out into the middle of nowhere to try to have sex with her.

Sam and Dean are also still looking for their father, though Dean is convinced that he doesn’t actually want to be found.

Important Moments:

Dean finds the story of a man who was murdered and the witness says the attacker was invisible. Sam is skeptical, but Dean says they should check it out, invoking the fact that their father would to convince Sam.

They interview a frat boy who knew the murdered boy, Rich, and find out that he had been dating Lori, who is the daughter of a local preacher.

Sam tells Dean that Lori heard scratching on the car and wonders if it could be the Hookman legend.

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Supernatural – Season 1 – Episode 3 – Dead In the Water

Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, Supernatural

Supernatural – Season 1 – Episode 3 – Dead In the Water

Dean comes upon a story about people who have disappeared in a lake and the families have buried empty coffins for closure because the bodies were never found.  They think it could be a case so they head to Wisconsin.

Important Moments:

Sam and Dean go to visit the family of the most recent drowning, the Carlton’s, and the drowning victim’s brother tells them that his sister didn’t drown, but was dragged under. She was a varsity swimmer and the brother insists that there is no way she would have drowned.

Looking at old newspaper accounts of the lake drownings, the brothers find that the sheriff’s daughter, Andrea, has a son named Lucas who saw his father drown in the lake, making him the only eye-witness they know of regarding whatever is happening in the lake. They go to talk to Lucas and after Dean talks to him, Lucas gives Dean a drawing.

Will Carlton, the brother of the girl who drowned in the beginning of the episode, dies by drowning in the kitchen sink and the brothers realize that whatever is in the water can go through the pipes, which means it can get to anyone, anywhere.  They also realize most of the recent victims have a connection to Bill Carlton.  As the brothers are leaving the Carlton house, Dean realizes the front of the house matches the drawing that Lucas gave him. <!–more–>

“Losing him, it’s worse than dying” is said by Bill Carlton and then by another woman who had a son, Peter, who also disappeared.  Peter turns out to have been friends with Bill Carlton.

Bill Carlton is talking to the lake, saying he thinks he finally knows what “you want.” Sam and Dean think Peter might be trying to get revenge for something that Bill Carlton did.  They go to his house and find him out on a boat.  They try to get him to come back to shore, but his boat just goes flying into the air and Bill completely disappears.

The brothers leave town under threat of arrest from the sheriff, but Dean decides to turn around to make sure Lucas is okay.  During that time, Andrea decides to take a bath and the lake monster pulls her under. The brothers arrive at the house just in time to pull her out of the bathtub.

Sam and Dean find an old photo of a Boy Scout troop and both Bill Carlton and Sheriff Jake Barr are in the picture.  Lucas then looks outside as if something is there.  He goes out the door and Sam, Dean and Andrea follow him.  He stops at a spot in the grass.  Sam and Dean dig it up, figuring that’s where Peter is buried, but instead they find Peter’s bike.  Sheriff Jake Barr shows up and pulls a gun on them.  After an argument, he confesses that Peter was killed accidentally when they were playing (dangerously!) and pretending to drown Peter and accidentally held him under water for too long.

Lucas goes near the lake and is pulled in.  Sam and Dean jump in but can’t find him.  Jake walks into the lake, asking Peter to take him instead of Lucas.  Jake is then pulled under by the creepy dead boy, and then Dean finds Lucas, who is unconscious, but alive.

Best Moments:

In the last scene, Dean is talking to Lucas and he tells him that if he’s going to be talking again, there’s a very important phrase.  Dean asks Lucas to repeat it back to him and he says, “Zepplin rules!”

Dean’s Family Moments:

Dean and Sam get into it about the search for their father from their very first scene, where Sam is concerned they aren’t doing enough to find their father, and Dean gets mad at him for saying it, bringing up the time Sam had spent at college while Dean had been with their father.

After hearing what Dean said to Lucas about losing his mother as a child, Sam says Dean never told him that and they have a bonding moment.

Great Performance:

Jensen Ackles gives a great performance in the scenes where he talks to the little boy.  He basically has to carry relatively emotional scenes all on his own, and he does a great job with just vocal inflection and facial expressions.

Ghost Story of the Week:

A creature is pulling people underwater in a lake, drowning them.  The bodies are never found.

Super Creepy Moment:





Lucas goes to get a toy action figure out of the lake and a hand grabs him and pulls him under.  Jake Barr runs toward the lake with everyone else, and the dead boy, Peter, surfaces to look at Jake, who killed him.  Very creepy!

State of the Week:


Notable Guest Stars:

Amy Acker, from Angel, Person of Interest, and The Gifted, appears as Andrea.

Notable Music Moments:

Movin’ On by Bad Company plays as Sam and Dean drive away.

Best Lines:

“We will find Dad, but until then, we’re gonna kill everything bad between here and there.” – Dean

“It must be hard, with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pick up line.” – Andrea

“Oh God, we’re not going to have to hug or anything, are we?” – Dean

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Supernatural: Season 1



Jared Padalecki Launches Tee to Support Orlando Victims

Jared Padalecki, I Am Enough, Always Keep FightingThe new tee, part of the “I Am Enough” campaign, launched at with a line of apparel that includes tees, tanks and hoodies emblazoned with the logo “I Am Enough. Love Yourself First” in rainbow- or solid-colored lettering.

The campaign was developed as a fundraiser to benefit OneOrlando and the official Pulse Victims’ Fund Page for Equality Florida — a GoFundMe project that has raised nearly $6 million in eight days for the shooting victims and their families. The ‘I Am Enough’ campaign will donate $1 for every shirt sold.

“In light of all the tragic events that have happened lately … we are coming out with our most recent … variation of the Always Keep Fighting campaign,” Padalecki said on Facebook. “It’s been meaningful to me, and I hope it will be meaningful to you.”

“I know sometimes you feel like you can’t fight, and I know sometimes you feel like you can’t love yourself,” Padalecki said. “And when that happens, I want you to remember that you’re enough.”

Jared Padalecki plays Sam Winchester on Supernatural and began the Always Keep Fighting Campaign.

Supernatural Sunday – Misha & the Guys

Supernatural Sunday – Jared Padalecki

Supernatural Sunday – Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles & Misha Collins Launch ‘You Are Not Alone’

Jensen Ackles Talks About ‘Always Keep Fighting’

Jensen Ackles Sings ‘Sister Christian’ [VIDEO]

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Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 22 – Devil’s Trap

Supernatural: Season 1 – Devil’s Trap

In this episode, the brothers learn about a lot of new things, like demonic possession of humans and trapping demons with a devil’s trap, but the episode’s title is very metaphorical here, too, as many situations occur that put the brothers in proverbial devil’s traps, where they are faced with moral decisions that have no good outcome. Whichever action they chose, something bad will happen. They are left with choosing which level of bad they can live with.

This episode is the season one finale and it picks up right where the previous episode left off.

Important Moments:

Dean tells Sam they’re leaving Salvation. Sam argues they should stay and finish the fight. Dean says they’re no good dead, and Sam wonders if their father may already be dead. Continue reading

Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 21 – Salvation

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
Season 1 Episode 21


The episode opens with Meg walking into a church in Blue Earth, Minnesota, where she tells a priest she needs to talk. She reveals herself as a demon to the priest, who says she can’t be there because it’s hallowed ground. She responds that it doesn’t work with her, implying that she’s a higher-level demon.
Important Moments:

Meg asks the priest about the Winchesters, and the priest apparently knows John, but he says he would never tell her, so Meg slits his throat.
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Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 20 – Dead Man’s Blood

Season 1 – Episode 20 – Dead Man’s Blood

This episode opens with a hand hovering over a journal covered with weird writing, and at first you think it’s Sam or Dean, because it’s clearly a hunter’s journal, but as the camera pans back, it’s an older man we learn is named Daniel Elkins. He is presumably also a hunter. A group walks in, younger and wearing leather jackets. Mr. Elkins doesn’t look happy about their arrival.

This episode also marks the first appearance of the infamous Colt.
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Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 19 – Provenance

SupernaturalSeason 1 – Episode 19 – Provenance

This episode opens with a couple hanging a newly purchased painting of a family. The painting is incredibly creepy looking and after the couple leaves the room, we see a man in the painting move.

Important Moments:

The couple goes upstairs to bed, where the man finds the woman dead and covered in blood and then is also killed.

Sam is telling Dean about the murder, where the couple was found with their throats slit. Sam points out that their father had made notes about murders with a similar M.O. in the same area of New York.

Sam tells Dean he checked the house with EMF and it was clean. The dead couple, the Telescas, also checked out. They had no strange history. The only weird thing Sam found was that the house was literally cleaned out. The Telescas had no possessions. It turns out all of their things are being auctioned. Sam and Dean find the super creepy painting at the auction.

Dean convinces Sam to take Sarah Blake, the daughter of the auction house owner who also works at the auction, out on a date so he can get more information from her. He comes home with the provenances. They compare the names of the owners of the paintings with the names in their father’s journal. The owners of the paintings are all the same names as the murder victims.
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Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 18 – Something Wicked

Season 1 – Episode 18 – Something Wicked

The episode opens with a little girl saying her prayers before bed. After her father tucks her in, the little girl is sitting up in bed in the dark while something keeps tapping at her window. She pulls the curtains shut, but it looks like a claw. Then it opens the window. It’s some kind of demon reminiscent of the demon Buffy fought that was killing children in season 2.
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Supernatural Rewatch Recap – Season 1 – Episode 17 – Hell House

Season 1 Episode 17 Hell House

This episode opens with a group of teenagers approaching an abandoned and dilapidated house. When they go inside, there are symbols on the floor. One of the boys keeps talking about things that ‘they say.’ Whatever it is, they say it’s in the basement. When the teenagers go into the basement, they find a dead girl hanging from the ceiling.

Important Moments:

The brothers are driving in the car and going over the story about the house in Texas. Sam tells Dean about the spirit that hangs girls.

When they arrive in Texas, the brothers find the teenagers at a drive-in diner and interview them. They all have different stories, telling them that the dead girl’s hair was black, blonde and red, depending on which kid was talking. All the kids said another boy named Craig told them about the house, and the brothers find him working at a local record store.

Craig tells them that supposedly a farmer named Mordechai Murdoch lived at the house in the 1930’s. The family had no money so the farmer thought it would be better to kill his daughters than for them to starve to death so he hung them. Craig is clearly freaked out over the dead girl in the basement and says that he didn’t really believe the story was true.

Sam and Dean pay a visit to Hell House. Dean says they aren’t getting a correct EMF reading. They go inside the house and find symbols spray-painted all over the walls. The weird thing is, one of the symbols didn’t exist until after the death of Murdoch. There is one symbol that Dean recognizes, though he can’t quite place where he’s seen it.
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