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headshotWelcome to Music In the Dark.

Music In the Dark is an entertainment and lifestyle web site that combines a love for pop culture and entertainment fandom with a desire to have a positive impact on the world around you.

We aim to connect entertainment and pop culture to important causes and issues, such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, education and women’s rights, creating a place where fans can stay up to date on entertainment news, some direct from the red carpet, while also participating in learning about or acting on the issues that your favorite celebrities and entertainers are passionate about. We provide information on many non-profit organizations such as UNICEF, enough, the End It Movement, the ONE Campaign, CARE, Bring Change 2 Mind, Heifer International and many others. These are organizations that are doing important work to eradicate poverty and improve education among the world’s most impoverished people, as well as to educate and assist those who suffer from mental illnesses, such as anxiety, depression and addiction, and the stigma that comes with them.

Currently, the site features recaps of television shows, photo essays and entertainment essays. We will provide links to projects or activities that will allow individuals to participate in both small ways and as part of larger campaigns. We will also feature interviews with celebrities and people active in the aforementioned non-profit organizations.

With Music In the Dark, you can enjoy your favorite entertainment while also participating in having a positive impact on the world, even in small ways, such as through a financial contribution or an act of goodwill through volunteer or grassroots work. The site will provide links to help you find ways to participate. This way, you can enjoy entertainment, from lowbrow to highbrow, without feeling like it’s a guilty pleasure, as nothing that brings you pleasure should make you feel guilty!

Remember, even Shakespeare is part of pop culture!

We will focus on celebrities with a more positive impact. Some examples of fan groups with positive impacts include U2 fans that began the African Well Fund, fans of Zachary Levi and the television show Chuck, who regularly raise money for Operation Smile and fans of Tom Hiddleston who raised money for UNICEF for his birthday.

For anyone interesting in contributing to Music In the Dark, e-mail admin@themusicinthedark.com.

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