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Chuck has officially begun the search for Orion. He asks Sarah for progress and she reports none. We then see Chuck’s webcam is active and someone in Hong Kong is watching him. This search is not something Chuck will let go anytime soon.


Important Moments:


Chuck has begun searching for Orion in secret and someone is watching Chuck through his computer webcam from Hong Kong. We only see them from behind before they get an alert, press something, and leave the room quickly. Fulcrum agents barge into the room with guns. They note there is still ice in a glass, meaning Orion couldn’t have been gone for long so they know they’re close. Whatever Orion left starts beeping, and agents run out of the room shouting, “Incoming.”


Chuck is at the Buy More when the computer goes a little weird. It then starts talking to him. It’s Orion and he knows Chuck is the Intersect and wants to meet with him. Chuck brings the information to Sarah and General Beckman and has to admit that he’s been searching for Orion.


Sarah and Chuck show up at the Buy More to see if the computer has arrived yet, not knowing it has and that Lester told the delivery man he was Chuck. They discuss the situation, and Sarah is mad that Chuck didn’t tell her he was searching for Orion on his own. She thinks he should have trusted her.


Jeff and Lester think they’re playing a video game and launch a predator drone headed for the Buy More. Casey thinks Orion sent it. Morgan wants to target the Beverly Hills Buy More location instead, so they reroute the target there. Chuck calls Morgan and tells him to stop playing the game and then Chuck has to fight with him to get it back from Jeff. Chuck is able to enter the code to cancel the drone strike just in time.


The Fulcrum agent, Vincent, shows up in Big Mike’s office while Chuck is stealing the computer and Chuck flashes on him. Vincent pulls a gun on him and demands the computer. Casey ends up shooting Vincent, but before they can get any information out of him, he takes a cyanide capsule and kills himself.


When they return to Castle, General Beckman chews out all three of them for screwing up the operation. She thinks Fulcrum knows Chuck’s the Intersect and that they walked into a trap. The general then says that she’s taking over the operation and will be arriving in Burbank to do it in person.


Orion calls Chuck on the phone to find out what happened to the computer that he sent to him. Chuck tells him it’s locked in a secure facility because his handlers think Orion is Fulcrum and that he’s on the fence, himself. Orion tells him to look at his computer, where a symbol appears. Chuck flashes on the symbol. Chuck asks how Orion knew the symbol was in the Intersect and Orion says that he put it there. Chuck is then convinced that he really is talking to Orion.


In Casey’s apartment, General Beckman reveals to Sarah and Casey that Chuck really did find Orion. Orion is telling Chuck that he can’t trust Sarah and Casey and opens surveillance footage of the conversation they are having. Chuck learns that General Beckman doesn’t want the Intersect removed from Chuck’s head and swears Sarah and Casey to secrecy. Orion tells Chuck to make a run for it, so he leaves his watch with the tracker in it and runs.


Chuck shows up in Castle where Orion talks to him on the computer there. While they are making plans to meet, Vincent is climbing out of the body bag in the background. After Chuck gets the address from Orion, Vincent pulls a gun on him.


Sarah and Casey suspect Chuck isn’t in his room and check. When they see he isn’t there, they check Castle, where they see Chuck walking up the stairs at gunpoint followed by Vincent. Sarah says to run the tape back because Chuck would leave them a clue. They rewind and see the address that Orion sent on the screen.


While being interrogated by Vincent, Chuck learns that Orion was coming out of the cold for him, news that comes as a bit of a shock. Then Chuck gets a message from Orion asking if it’s safe. Vincent says to tell him it’s safe. He has pictures of Ellie, Sarah and Awesome and he’s clearly threatening them. Chuck says it’s safe and a man that looks like an extra from The Untouchables is crossing the street and types ‘downstairs,’ before being attacked from all sides. Chuck then gets a message from Orion to run. Just then, Sarah and Casey show up in a car.


With Sarah and Casey’s help, Chuck is able to get away from Vincent, but Vincent also escapes in the melee.


Chuck wakes up in his bed and finds an envelope of cds under his pillow. It’s from Orion. He tells Chuck that the cards in the envelope are the schematics for the new Intersect. Orion also tells Chuck it’s possible to get the Intersect out of his head.


Sarah comes in the window a moment later. She asks Chuck if he still trusts them. He says he does, but pushes the cards with the Intersect schematics away, not telling her about them.


Beckman has a private meeting with Casey, where she has a mysterious plan for Chuck. She asks Casey if Sarah is on board, and is concerned about her feelings for Chuck. Casey is told to give an unedited report on Sarah and Chuck, as well as video surveillance.


The last scene has Chuck reading a comic book. He has taped all the schematic cards onto the pages so that he can study them without anyone knowing.


Coolest Action Sequences/Chuck Accidentally Saves the Day:


Right after the attack on Orion, Vincent puts the gun to Chuck’s head. He hasn’t realized that Sarah and Casey are there, but Chuck saw them. He backs up so that Vincent ends up standing in front of the window, allowing (presumably) Casey to shoot Vincent. He’s only hit in the arm, so he runs away. Chuck grabs the computer from Orion and runs into the hallway where he literally runs into Sarah and Casey.


Chuck tells Sarah and Casey that Fulcrum is taking Orion to the roof. He runs up the stairs to save him, Sarah protesting. Chuck checks the computer and it says ‘Emergency Protocol.” They don’t know what that means, but Casey gets a message in his earpiece that a predator drone is headed for the building they’re in and they have to run. Chuck realizes that Orion is trying to take himself out, so Chuck says he can reprogram the predator. He is locked out of the program and as they watch, the drone hits the helicopter.


Best Moments:


Sarah finally stands up to General Beckman for Chuck’s interests. She says that he isn’t a spy and he’s not going to just sit in his room when he wants to find Orion.


General Beckman tells Chuck she thinks whether they beat Fulcrum will rest solely on Chuck and tells him it’s time that he becomes a spy. It’s a somewhat surprising vote of confidence.


Funniest Moments:


In a moment doubling as most disgusting, Chuck, Sarah and Casey went on a mission to gather intelligence that apparently involved picking up excrement.


After Orion leaves the room, he threatens the Fulcrum agents through what looks like an ancient computer.


Jeff and Lester plan to steal the computer from Big Mike’s office. At the same time, Chuck, Sarah and Casey plan to rob the Buy More. Simultaneously, Vincent has tracked down the computer and is planning to steal it. We all know how this will go.


Notable Guest Star:


Arnold Vosloo, also known as Imhotep from the Mummy movies, plays Vincent Smith.


Tony Hale is back as Emmett.


Best Lines:


“You should have trusted me!” – Sarah


“Don’t scream. I have a splitting headache.” – Vincent


“A modified poison extracted from blowfish. Fulcrum agents are taught to survive its near death state.” – Vincent

“That sounds like a fun class.” – Chuck

“Not really.” – Vincent


“It would be unprofessional not to.” – Vincent and Chuck


“Chuck, I hesitate to say this.” – General Beckman

“Please, hesitate.” – Chuck

“We are in the midst of a secret war with Fulcrum and I believe the outcome of this fight will rest squarely on your shoulders.” – General Beckman


“I’m no spy.” – Chuck

“Do you know how many agents I’ve lost to Fulcrum? How powerful they are? Only this operation, only you [Chuck] have found a hole in their armor. See, I can’t lose you, Chuck. I need you. It’s time for you to become a spy.” – General Beckman


“Don’t you trust me?” – Casey

“I don’t trust anybody.” – General Beckman


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