White Collar – Season 1 – Episode 7 – Free Fall

Peter Burke, Tim DeKay, Garrett Fowler, Noah Emmerich, White Collar

White Collar – Season 1 – Episode 7 – Free Fall

Peter calls Neal with a case. The most expensive clothing boutique in the city “may or may not” have been robbed. Elizabeth tells Peter that they are having a promotion where they are displaying the world’s most exotic pink diamond.

When they get to the store, they find the owner is concerned that the diamond they have on display is a fake. She shows them security footage of a masked man in the vault, causing Peter to close down the store because it’s a crime scene.

Neal acts as Peter’s “appraiser” and determines that the diamond is fake. When they get back to the FBI office, OPR, or the Office of Professional Responsibility, the FBI’s version of Internal Affairs, is waiting for Peter in his office with Agent Garrett Fowler.

Fowler thinks the jewel heist was an inside job and suspects Neal. Peter tells Fowler Neal didn’t do it, as he has a tracking anklet, and Fowler reveals that six hours of data from Neal’s whereabouts have been erased from the database.

After visiting the first suspect, Peter asks Neal why he never signed his forgeries. Neal tells him to check for his initials under iodized light. When they get outside, Peter asks Neal about his whereabouts from the night before. Neal tells him that he doesn’t have an alibi, but realizes that he is probably at the top of OPR’s list. He then realizes that he is the list. Peter flat out asks him if he did it. Neal tells Peter that he didn’t do it.

Moz is helping Neal investigate the FBI, and he asks Neal if he took the necklace. He offers his services as a fence.

Fowler shows up and puts Neal under arrest. They found the same initials on the fake diamond that Neal described on the bond. At the FBI, Neal’s lawyer (aka Mozzie) requested all the files the FBI has on Neal. The judge ordered them to comply. Peter smiles.

Mozzie visits Neal and gives him papers that Fowler shredded. Mozzie tells Neal the judge has a private office on Mott Street. Neal tells Mozzie to liquidate some assets and buy a bakery.

Peter finds out that Neal is going to confess and won’t do it in open court, so the proceedings have been moved to the judge’s private chambers. In the chambers, Neal “confesses” that he didn’t do it, sees Peter, shrugs, and runs into a van. As the van drives off and security calls it in, describing the van. Peter smiles and says, “He’s not in the van.”

Elizabeth gets a call from Neal and when Peter gets home, Elizabeth tells him that Neal’s in the kitchen. Neal has the shredded documents from Fowler and shows them to Peter. They are a transcription of the phone call between Peter and Neal at the beginning of the episode, which took place on Peter’s home phone. Neal shows him the FBI-issue bug on the table. He also found that after Peter accessed the files on the forged bond to check the initials, Fowler checked the same files.

Peter tells Neal to meet him at the crime scene and they discover an old Prohibition tunnel that the thief used to escape.

Kate Update:

Kate calls Neal at the FBI and tells Neal that the man is close to him at the FBI. She wants him to just give them man what he wants. She very helpfully says nothing else and hangs up.

Mozzie gives Neal a hotel number connected to the FBI. Neal barges in and it’s Fowler working on something he calls Project Mentor. Fowler tells Neal he isn’t in New York to watch him, and says he didn’t bug his phone, implying he’s in New York to watch Peter. Then we cut to Peter in a hotel room, wearing his FBI ring, meeting secretly with Kate in a hotel room. Dun dun dun…

Best Lines:

“I love your alleged work. Big fan!” – Neal

“He’s a lawyer?” – Peter
“You can check my University of Phoenix online degree. Go cardinals!” – Mozzie

“I didn’t let you down.” – Neal

“The judge actually raised his voice…Turn over every document the government has on Caffrey. They’re sending a truck!” – Mozzie

“You helped him sneak in?” – Peter
“Well I wouldn’t have had to help him sneak in if there weren’t those people outside our house!” – Elizabeth


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