Supernatural – Season 2 – Episode 7 – The Usual Suspects

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Season 2 – Episode 7 – The Usual Suspects

This is a fun episode, done with a nod to the style of The Usual Suspects, complete with an Exorcism reference at the end.

The Usual Suspects

The episode opens with a cop receiving a fax. He’s on the phone and immediately tells whomever he’s talking to that he has to call them back.

Important Moments:

The camera cuts to a SWAT team simultaneously approaching a hotel room. As the detective keeps talking to someone in the room with him, we realize he must be talking to Dean. The SWAT team breaks into the hotel room, where they find Sam. Then the camera cuts back to the interrogation room where we get confirmation that the detective is indeed talking to Dean, and he sounds like he really has it in for him.

Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Supernatural
Sam is in an interrogation room, where a policewoman is trying to get him to talk about Dean. They know that the shape-shifter that died wasn’t him, though not knowing about shape-shifters, they think Dean faked his own death. Sam sticks with the usual story that he’s on a road trip with his brother. The scene is shot really well, almost in a nod to noir, as the detective tells Sam that Dean is finished and since she already has the needed proof and knows their life story, she just wants Sam to fill in some blanks in exchange for not going to jail, which he then proceeds to do…or does he?

Sam tells Detective Diana Ballard that his father and Anthony Giles, the dead guy Dean is accused of killing, were old friends and Dean and he came as soon as they heard about his death.

Cut to:

Flashback: Dean is reading the paper, looking for a new case. He sees the article about the death of Anthony Giles and says the name out loud. “Who’s Anthony Giles?” is Sam’s immediate response. Apparently, he is a lawyer in Baltimore who was working late and had his throat slit. There is no evidence of anyone entering the office, making it an invisible killer, or, as Dean puts it, “My favorite kind.”

Sam tells the detective that they went to check on Giles’ wife, Karen. He says she was barely holding it together and they just wanted to be there for her.

Sam and Dean are talking to Karen Giles, who thinks they work for the insurance company. They tell her they have to conduct their own investigation and ask her if there’s anything strange she can tell them about the night her husband died. She tells them he had a nightmare and woke up and saw a woman with pale skin and dark red eyes at the end of the bed, though she says that after getting annoyed with them for their stupid questions.

Sam tells the detective that they gave Karen a hug and told her to call if she needed anything. The detective says they were caught breaking into Giles office. Sam tells her that Karen asked them for some things and she had given them a key.

Sam and Dean are breaking into Giles office by picking the lock. In the office, the brothers find ‘danaschulps’ written everywhere. It’s even on the desk from the oil from Giles fingers. The brothers can’t find a Dana Schulps anywhere.

Detective Ballard says that Dean left Sam to go kill Karen. When Sam protests, Ballard says she heard the 911 call and that Karen was terrified and said that someone was in the house.

Dean arrives at the Giles’ house right after Karen is killed. He is examining her to try to get a better clue as to what killed her. He picks up her arm and sees that her wrists have bruises and slits, in addition to her throat. Since she just made the 911 call, the police arrive right then, making Dean look guilty.

Detective Ballard is talking to the detective that had been interrogating Dean, Detective Pete Sheridan. They note that both brothers’ stories match to the last detail. Ballard is having some doubts, wondering where the murder weapon is and what the motive could have been, saying their evidence is circumstantial, but Sheridan is confident a jury will convict.

Ballard is working at her computer, typing, when her computer starts typing danaschulps over and over again like it did at both murder scenes. Then it just goes away.

Meanwhile, Lawyer Jeff has gone in to see Sam and hands him the note about the street. He uses code names ‘Hilt’ and ‘McQueen,’ referring to Steve McQueen’s character in the film The Great Escape. I think Dean’s giving you a hint there, Sam.

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural
Ballard calls Lawyer Jeff into Dean’s interrogation room, where he is going to confess.They turn the camera on and he tells them the truth, vengeful spirit and all. He mentions danaschulps and tells them that whatever is going on probably started on Ashland Street. Sheridan gets really angry and tells them to lock Dean up, and when they go to talk to Sam, they find he has escaped out the window.

Ballard catches the film reference and then goes into the restroom, where the creepy dead woman shows up and turns on the hot water and writes danaschulps on the mirror. She tries to speak to Ballard, but her throat is slit so she can’t.

Ballard then goes to talk to Dean about vengeful spirits. She says it’s hypothetical, but while she’s talking, Dean notices bruises on Ballard’s wrists. Dean says Karen had the same bruises on her wrists. Dean tells Ballard to find Sam and he will help her.

Ballard shows up at Sam’s motel room and he shows her booking and crime scene photos related to Ashland Street. There’s a woman that Ballard recognizes as the spirit, but she doesn’t know her. Sam asks Ballard if she ever worked vice since the woman, Claire, was busted for drugs. Ballard worked it with Pete. They go to the house where Claire was last seen. While they are exploring the house, Claire appears to Ballard, walking towards her, reaching her arm out. Ballard then calls for Sam. When he gets there, Claire is gone.
Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, Linda Blair, Supernatural
They find a window with lettering that says ASHLAND SUP, explaining the extra letters in danashulps. Sam digs into the wall where Claire’s body is, but questions why a vengeful spirit would lead them to the location of their body. They find a necklace on the body, custom made locally, and Ballard has the same one. It was a gift from Pete.

Sam then says everything makes sense. Claire isn’t a vengeful spirit, but a death omen. She’s trying to warn the people before they die. Sam explains that sometimes spirits don’t want vengeance, but justice, which explains why Claire led them to her body. She wants them to know who her killer is.

Sam asks Ballard about Pete and Ballard tells him that a year ago, heroin went missing. It was obviously a cop, but they were never caught. They realize the cop would have needed someone to fence the heroin, which is where Claire came into play.

While Sam and Ballard are solving the spirit issue, Pete has decided to ‘extradite’ Dean to St. Louis, driving Dean the 800 miles himself at two in the morning.

Ballard finds out that Pete took Dean from dispatch. Sam tells her to get the lo-jack turned on so they can find Dean.

Best Moments:

The detectives leave each brother in a separate interrogation room, where they individually puzzle over what danaschulps could refer to. The scenes are run together so it’s almost like they are talking to each other. Dean posits that it may not be a name and then Sam suggests an anagram. Sam starts trying things with the name, and Dean’s lawyer walks into his room. Dean asks him for a pen and some paper and begins doing the same thing, pretty much ignoring the lawyer. The lawyer recognizes part of a street name and Dean gives him a note to give to Sam.

We learn that Sam and Dean find each other by going to the first motel in the yellow pages and asking for Mr. Rockford. Dean directs Ballard to do this, telling her she can arrest Sam, or she can let him save her life.

Action Moments:

Karen sees a really creepy looking pale blonde woman outside her window, possibly streaked in blood. She goes upstairs to her bedroom and calls 911. The printer starts and is just printing danaschulps over and over. Karen looks for a flashlight in the closet and when she turns around, the creepy woman is right there.

Pete has pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road, giving the impression that he plans to murder Dean, an impression Dean shares. Pete pulls a gun on Dean and tells him that he isn’t going to make it to St. Louis, but instead will die “trying to escape.” Right before Pete shoots Dean, Ballard and Sam show up. She pulls a gun on him, but he won’t put his gun down.

Pete tells Ballard that they can pin the whole thing on Dean and she seems to agree, lowering her gun, but when Pete goes to shoot Dean, Ballard shoots Pete. She then walks too close to him and gets tackled, losing her grip on the gun. Pete stands up with the gun, and then the other three see something behind him. It’s Claire. While she distracts Pete, Ballard picks up her gun and shoots Pete again, killing him this time.

Funniest Moment:

Sam is trying to find Dana Schulps online and Dean is just sitting there waiting, kind of staring at Sam. Then he starts making farting noises and Sam gets pissed off.

Impersonation of the Week:

The brothers pose as insurance company investigators.

Notable Guests Star:

Linda Blair plays Detective Diana Ballard.

State of the Week:


Best Lines:

“We saw the second largest ball of twine in the continental U.S. Awesome.” – Sam

“What do you think, Scully? Want to check it out?” – Dean
“I’m not Scully. You’re Scully.” – Sam
“No, I’m Mulder. You’re a red-headed woman.” – Dean

“Seriously, what the hell?” – Dean

“You getting anywhere with him?” – Detective Ballard
“No, just a lot of wise ass remarks. You?” – Detective Sheridan

“I’m your lawyer.” – Jeff
“Oh, thank god. I’m saved.” – Dean

“Yeah, thanks for the law review, Matlock.” – Dean

“Sure thing Matlock.” – Sam
“You two really are brothers.” – Jeff

“I want to know more about that stuff you were talking about earlier.” – Ballard
“Time Life, mysteries of the unknown. Look it up.” – Dean

“Well, we’ve got to salt and burn her bones. It’s the only way to put her spirit to rest.” – Sam
“Of course it is.” – Detective Ballard

“You know, this is bothering me.” – Sam
“Well, you are digging up a corpse.” – Detective Ballard
“No, not that. This is pretty par for the course, actually.” – Sam

“Pee break? So soon? You might want to get your prostate checked.” – Dean

“Nice lady.” – Sam
“Yeah, for a cop. Did she look familiar to you?” – Dean
“No, why?” – Sam
“I don’t know. It’s nothing. Anyway, are you hungry?” – Dean
“No.” – Sam
“For some reason I could really go for some pea soup.” – Dean

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